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After some work on the overall plot and the first 2 missions (which still need to be fleshed out a little bit more before being published) i'm happy to finally publicly announce my first story-driven Mission Pack!

The MP introduces a universe, referred to as "Isolation Universe", which is set in an alternate reality San Andreas.


After a Second American Civil War, the United States were split in two. San Andreas was abandoned to its fate, and with time several factions rose and established their dominance over some territories. The different ideologies, the competition, the ambition of some leaders, and other factors make for a dynamic arena.


Other states are unwilling to change the status quo, as some companies, especially weapons manufacturers, conduct profitable business in the area, and sending undesired people in exile to San Andreas is a common habit of totalitarian regimes.







The player steps into the shoes of Myles, an 18 years old boy who lives with his parents in a farm between Montgomery and Dillimore.


They are among the  so-called Outsiders, people who populate the countryside, who decided to keep away from the rest of the world and the factions' politics and rivalries.


Myles lives a safe, although boring life, helping his family and hanging out with a girl from Dillimore, an Outsider like him, often wondering what happens outside their small rural town.

All goes well, until one day, while he is away from home, an unknown group murders his parents and burns their farm down.


Myles is rescued by a band of bikers, conveniently passing by the area. They call themselves "Vagrants".


Lost and confused, Myles has to stick with them, to learn how to survive and maybe one day find his parents' murderers and exact revenge.

Will Myles succeed? Will he find a new purpose and a place in the world outside his hometown? Will he give up or fail? Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell?

















And hell yeah i will finish this sh*t no matter what and then probabily go back to that whole "Bring Down Leatherface" thing to completely rebuild it from the ground up. I bet i could make some real paranormal weird sh*t with DYOM# object don't you think? Something like DUSK maybe, play it if you haven't, that game is AWESOME.

Edited by VikingEVM

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About time! I am tired of playing as Sloan Burt, finally I can play as his stunt double, Moan Slurp.

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The poster looks amazing, and the premise is enthralling! Good luck on this!

Edited by RithRake24

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Brilliant thread design. From what I can see, a great story with tons of potential too. I can't wait for this MP! 

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