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After some work on the overall plot and the first 2 missions (which still need to be fleshed out a little bit more before being published) i'm happy to finally publicly announce my first story-driven Mission Pack!

The MP introduces a universe, referred to as "Isolation Universe", which is set in an alternate reality San Andreas.


After a Second American Civil War, the United States were split in two. San Andreas was abandoned to its fate, and with time several factions rose and established their dominance over some territories.

The different ideologies, the competition, the ambition of some leaders, and other factors make for a dynamic arena.


Other states are unwilling to change the status quo, as some companies, especially weapons manufacturers, conduct profitable business in the area,

and sending undesired people in exile to San Andreas is a common habit of totalitarian regimes.







Step into the shoes of Myles, an 18 years old boy who lives with his parents in a farm between Montgomery and Dillimore.


They are among the so-called Outsiders, people who populate the countryside, away from the wars and politics of the factions that rose after the end of a devastating Civil War.


All goes well, until one day, while he is away from home, an unknown group murders his parents and burns their farm down. Myles is rescued by a band of bikers, conveniently passing by the area.


They call themselves "Vagrants".


Lost and confused, Myles has to stick with them, to learn how to survive and maybe one day find his parents' murderers and exact revenge.


Will Myles succeed? Will he find a new purpose and a place in the world outside his hometown?

















Edited by VikingEVM
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The poster looks amazing, and the premise is enthralling! Good luck on this!

Edited by RithRake24
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Brilliant thread design. From what I can see, a great story with tons of potential too. I can't wait for this MP! 

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  • 3 months later...
23 minutes ago, VikingEVM said:




DUUDE where tf did your mission designing skills come from? It looks so nice.

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Played the first three missions. I am gonna say that while this is a huge shift from your usual gameplay-heavy style, this is fantastic! I loved every second of it. The story aspect and the whole adventure part of it is very intruguing. I love that the main character is fairly oblivious to how everything is outside of his area, so essentially I, as the player, am really able to connect with him. The whole aspect of discovering the vast and varied outside world that Myles is unfamiliar with through the means of tagging along with a group of 'vagrants' is great. I find myself in awe of this new approach to designing from you.

While the action sequences are few they are fun. Everyone knows Viking to be a great gameplay designer. Thus far it feels like every shootout has a purpose and every shootout is designed neatly. They were immensely enjoyable. One suggestion though:


During the part where Myles is required to find and shoot the bottles, a time limit would have worked wonders and made it a true challenge. Also, I personally don't think that a 'shooting range' is usually designed the way you did it. Usually, you're required to stand or crouch in a designated position and shoot at objects at varying distances, therefore improving your aim. The bottle shooting range in your second mission, on the contrary, didn't serve this purpose. The hard part was finding the bottles; shooting was relatively easy since you could go as close as you wanted to shoot them. Hence you could say it was more of a 'find the bottle' challenge rather than a 'shooting range'... But of course, this is a game not real life. You can interpret this in any way as you like and I wouldn't personally rate the mission any lower just because of this.


Overall, great work, I'm immensely impressed by all the technical things: story, cinematography, presentation, etc. Dialogue could be slightly more natural than how it is now but hey that isn't a big issue at all. Loved it, waiting for the entire chapter so I can write a proper review and give you a rating :) 

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the demos... the demos... they are... very... cool



very impressive object placement! as rithrake said, you could a challenge where is time limit to find the bottles; character development is good indeed, they want to share their backstories not in very much detail - leaving the player to discover them. Presentation was great as well, loved the usage of smooth (i think and linear) cutscenes. good luck for further missions!

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just played the full demo, what i'm gonna say? this mp it will be a wonderful masterpiece as i want.

the most mission that liked is the prologue 5/5


myles will become a real professional vagrant

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  • 1 month later...

Thought i forgot about Vagrants? 🌚


Lately as i was working on one of the Act 1 missions, precisely writing dialogue (something at which i think i'm getting better), i noticed my passion for DYOM really coming back, and given that my university and my association's activities are suspended due to the virus i find myself with extra time. This means that Vagrants development WILL continue, and as of now Act 1 is near 50% completion. Also, me and a friend of mine who's also into GTA SA and DYOM have thought about a future DYOM storyline in both italian and english languages, inspired by an italian GTA SA and GTA V movie *saga* i made. And you can bet your culo that The Italian Viking videos on GTA SA, DYOM and more will continue as well 😋


Some screenshots of Mission 4 - Jackal:













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Just read the story. Sounds promising! :D

I'll give it a go and provide you with some not-so-complete feedback. 😛

Edited by Aymunz
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  • 1 month later...
8 hours ago, VikingEVM said:

Guess what?

"Vagrants Act One" is out.








Heils yeah!

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