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Garage AddOn Discounts


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I'm about to buy an Office-Garage, cause garages and garage-addons are on sale this week. But I'm wondering now, if the prices for the interior/lighting and logo and the vehicle workshop, which I can choose are also on sale for you? For me it's not discounted.. Is it a mistake for me or is it not discounted for everyone?


And also: What are Garage-AddOns directly? I mean, if the addons i have mentioned above are not on sale, which one then?


Greetings and have a nice day


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I have an office garage, but I am wondering the same. Are there some kind of new add-onds for garages or something?

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39 minutes ago, Owndyouhard said:

I have an office garage, but I am wondering the same. Are there some kind of new add-onds for garages or something?

Yeah I was thinking about that and in the end I've asked myself: "What are Garage-AddOns?" XD

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Hi everybody, like Creepix I was asking myself just what qualifies as a 'Garage Add-on' and is therefore subject to discount? As far as I can work out after shopping around, the discount applies to the actual purchase of garages (which we already knew) and any additional floors you buy for that garage and also the interior you choose for that additional floor. It does not apply to lighting or signage like dieseltech20 pointed out and disappointingly does not apply to the custom auto shop either. Hope this helps.



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I renovated my office garage last night and changing out any of the cosmetic stuff was not on sale. As in the lighting, signage, and overall look of the garage.


i believe it is just simply for purchasing the additional garage and or garage properties purhaps.....

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Yeah I think 'Garage Add-On' means the additional garage floors for places that have multiple floors available like Offices and Arena War.

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