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Western County RP | FiveM | Website | Professional | Realistic Training | Custom Cars & Skins

Western County RP

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Western County RP

Welcome Everyone!

Thank for you viewing the Official Western County RP Thread! Western County RP is a family style, Police based, professional and realistic roleplay community on FiveM. 


Western County RP has its OFFICAIL WEBSITE! Members can now apply and join with the website: https://www.westerncountyrp.com


What departments do we offer? As of right now, we have the following: 


  • Blaine County Sheriff's Office
  • Civilian Operations
  • San Andreas Communications Department


We will have San Andreas Highway Patrol & Los Santos Fire Department OPEN IN THE FUTURE! 


Why Should I join?


Everyone should join because we offer realistic training, an organized and protected community, a Whitelisting, and structure community for any member to enjoy!


ANYONE CAN PATROL. Once you compelte your orientation and training, you can patrol whenever! The server is open 24 hours a day; 7 days a week! 


What else do we offer?

  • Room to Grow! 
  • Staff and Administration positions open (THEY ARE EARNED // NOT GIVEN OUT)
  • Custom Vehicles 
  • Custom Vehicle Skins
  • Department Structures
  • Sheriff Position Open!!!!!! ((AGAIN EARNED))





This thread will be contiusly bumped so enjoy, comment, and join today. We will not let you down.






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Western County RP

We are a FiveM community still looking for its members! Join today by following the website, signing up, and applying! 

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Western County RP

Good morning everyone! A good day to start recruiting! We just put in our new Sheriff skins and OOHHHH they are beautiful. Want a sneak peak? Go to our website, and view our photos! https://www.westerncountyrp.com 


Join today! 

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Western County RP

If anyone has questions before wanting to join, please feel free to ask! Message me here on the fourms or on our website at www.westerncountyrp.com


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