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I never got a good awnser. Why can't I swear?

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What is this the f*cking kids table? I can swear on Reddit.


This is a fourm for 17+ games what swear all the time. If you don't like it, or can't handle it.... WELL I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE AND QUSTION YOUR GAME CHOICES.



Oh and to the one mod. (You know who you are) grow up, don't make fun of usernames. It makes it look like you've been picked on in School.

Edited by XxX19Dude95XxX

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@sivispacem I think he likes you.

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Just now, Spider-Vice said:

@sivispacem I think he likes you.

You say that name like it has meaning.

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Your question was previously answered, both in your original thread and in a myriad of previous ones that a simple search would have found.

Under the terms of AdSense (who are the forum's advertising provider), profanity is prohibited; it's as simple as that.

If we remove the blocks on profanity in the public forum, then no more ad revenue, which would rapidly mean no more forum unless members were happy to keep it alive through their own contributions.


I do wonder why people get so hung up about the ability to swear. Does having vowels replaced with asterisks actually inhibit your ability to express yourself?


As an aside...


I'm not sure why you thought my comment on your username looking like something from MySpace circa 2003 was so offensive to you either.

It was clearly in jest and absolutely not an insult of any kind- I look on the fledgling social media scene circa the early noughties with a degree of nostalgia (though I never had a username like yours).




Now you have your answer, I'm going to 


On 8/28/2019 at 4:40 AM, XxX19Dude95XxX said:



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