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Hi there 

Since I updated the game with the frontier pursuits update, I have been experiencing in game crashes which require me to restart the game. 

As I am playing the game it will just freeze and I will get a buzzing sound through the speakers and then I will crash to Xbox one dashboard. I have tried clearing the cache on the Xbox one and unplugging it for 30 secs, however this has not resolved the issue. I even reinstalled the game and still it freezers.


This never happened before the update.

I'm playing red dead on Xbox one X and I have the disc version.


Has anyone else experience this? 


Contacted rockstar, they informed me that it will take 72hours for everything to Return to normal  As some errors are being found.





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Unpleasant Nerd

Same. Played around 6-7 hours and the game crashed at least six times.

Edited by Unpleasant Nerd

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Pocket Fox

Had this happen once, after a really long session.


It used to be happen more during beta.

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Just got it on the Xbox so i dont know how it was before.


This happened me once during the first hour after the update, but after that i have played it for another 8 hours or so with just one disconnect error message.

Btw the grapics is amazing on the one x :p 

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I get disconnected about every 30 minutes, no matter the time of day.  It just says the same error every time 0x20010006.


It makes no sense, before this update I have played for hundreds of hours without a single problem now the game is unplayable.

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Just an update, played for about an 1 and half last night and it didn't crash at all. So it could of been something on rockstars end.

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