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So last night I went to the gunsmith...

Guest Guest176525326

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Guest Guest176525326

Only to find out that Rockstar hasn’t added any new guns to Single Player.


Thank you again Rockstar for your amazing support for SP. 

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On 9/11/2019 at 8:38 AM, O.Z said:

Only to find out that Rockstar hasn’t added any new guns to Single Player.


Thank you again Rockstar for your amazing support for SP. 

Hell will freeze over before they add more content to SP.

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Seems like Rockstar will stick to this philosophy for every game they release from now on. Keep the story as is, then gradually move from making fixes to both modes towards neglecting Story solely catering to Online, even though most people who buy RDR2 acquired it for the Story and not the Online.


We shall see which annoying Story mode bugs they’ll neglect, it’s already obvious on my end. Hosea is being unstable in my current play-through, some missions with him that require a soft-lock and cinematic cameras for long trips towards locations, like the legendary bear or back to the camp after robbing the Crawford household, cause me to either soft-lock alongside Hosea or have him stand over there staring into the distance with no response. I was lucky to not experience the soft lock with the bear hunt when I restarted the game, but he’s broken whenever I agree to go back to camp with him.


We’ll soon see Dutch or any other essential mission givers run away for their lives when you approach them, or perfect pelts and carcasses not registering when you sell them to the trapper. Three perfect panthers have been sold, and only one got counted.

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I have noticed that the whole panther carcass can also disappear from your horse, assuming you ride more than one.  It does, however, show up for sale at the trapper. 


I'm not sure that the predicted move towards only online content is going to fully happen, especially if they stay so miserly with the ways to actually afford gameplay.  For me, bugs and all, the story was still the best videogame I have played, hands down.  Much of the playerbase has jobs, kids, travel, etc., and are not able to log in consecutive days for weeks on end, simply to get a multiplier up. If they go away from stories, which is, honestly, what sets the R* games apart from the rest, then their profits will inevitably decline.  





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Your only hope of getting these guns in Singleplayer is if someone notice a glitch to get them. But once Rockstar get the wind of such a glitch they will fix it in order to prevent new content to be used in singleplayer. They did that with GTA 5.

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In the dlc thread their is proof of Rockstar adding the zombie models to singleplayer. So hopefully these guns and maybe some other ones may come next month.

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