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RDR2:O Breakdown- Naturalist + All Roles


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4 hours ago, Tez2 said:

Same, I only got 100 Role XP and $1, not sure if I even got gold for it.

nope, i even waited until there was 30 second left, i got the same 100xp and 1 dollar

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I discovered a different card in the same spot yesterday. Another card was discovered the day before. So, it is somewhat haphazard. You cannot search for a specific card because the locations where some cards spawn are random. However, there are some locations where specific items occasionally spawn in slightly different locations.

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Yesterday, I found a different card in the same location. The previous day, a different card was found. So, it's a little random. Because certain cards sprout in random places, you cannot search for a specific card. But in other places, particular things sometimes sprout in slightly different places.

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I thought of another scenario, possibly a glitch. When they stopped me, the crawl instructed me to wait while they looked at my wagon, but nothing changed, and I was never let go. As the timer ran out, I had to leave. I fired a few times, but they didn't follow me.

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The hunting and bounty hunter waggons are available for purchase at the stable. These can be called and ignored as the owned horses and used as needed. The only time you use the delivery carts in camp is when you sell something as a trader. You can sell more things in a single journey as a result of that.

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