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Why didn't we at least get a PS4 Pro upgrade for GTA V?

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I cannot think of a good reason for them not upgrading the game. Either to higher FPS or at least a resolution bump through checkerboard.


The game runs great on regular PS, it definitely could have done much better on Pro when I can easily see many newer games, a lot more demanding than GTA V, doing excellent on my Pro.


The only thing I can think of is that a higher resolution might have really showed how low quality the LOD/overhead loading and all of that is, as well as reveal cracks between geometry (you can already see some in some roads and hills seams throughout the map, appearing as little white dots in a straight line along the geometry seams).


Still, even if that is the case, then why didn't they at least give us a better framerate for this game? I know there were rules about same frame rate for PS4 basic and pro models, but that doesn't even apply anymore it seems.


Anyone have any good theories why we never got a PS4 pro, or even One X, upgrade patch?

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I think it's as simple as R* believing they didn't "need" to make a Pro/One X patch. I imagine their train of thought was something along the lines of: "We're busy with RDR2, etc. Why should we put money and manpower into an enhancement patch that isn't mandatory? We will make more than enough bank through shark card sales regardless." Granted, I don't think it would have required too much effort or money (PS4 Pro architect Mark Cerny himself said Pro patches were fairly easy to implement IIRC), but you have to remember that R*/Take Two are focused on making a profit, to put it politely; any money spent on going back to enhance the graphics is profit lost in their eyes. That's just my theory, though.


With that being said, it would have been nice if R* tossed Pro/One X owners a bone in the form of a resolution boost. I remember Sony saying right before the Pro released that 30FPS multiplayer games could not be upgraded to 60FPS to keep things more balanced competitively, so if GTA V did get an FPS boost, it could only work for single player. I'm not sure how strictly devs follow that rule, since you mentioned that the restriction doesn't seem to apply anymore, so who knows?


Edited by CartmanKusanagi

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