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Question regarding office clutter


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I'm well aware that you can't remove or manage the clutter in your purchased office, but say you were to buy a second or third separate office with the same character. Would the clutter transfer to the newer offices or will it be clean until you start doing missions? 

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24 minutes ago, Geisterfaust said:

It will transfer, sadly.

thanks for saving me $1 million lmao

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I love the mess in my office.


Is buying a safe going to reduce the amount of money lying around?

Edited by SummerFreeze
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El Diablo 702
1 hour ago, SummerFreeze said:

I love the mess in my office.


Is buying a safe going to reduce the amount of money lying around?

Unfortunately no,  they need to add the option to clean the place like the penthouse.  A little bit of cash/drugs lying around wouldn’t bother me but the huge piles of money, TVs, etc just irks me. 

I believe the wall safe is related to your cash in the bank while the clutter is related to how much you’ve sold via the crate warehouse. 

Edited by El Diablo 702
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I'm not sure if it still works after recent updates but the trick to getting rid of the clutter is to transfer all the cash in your bank account to your 2nd caracter and switch back. It's a pain to withdraw it all if you're rich since there is no "withdraw all" option.

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Piles of money on the floor like a 6 yrs old version of rich is the only reason i visit my office nowadays.. oh n free snacks! :pp

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Since the release of the Terrorbyte I've only been extremely rarely in my office, so that I do not have to look at this mess, thankfully. I only check by to fill up snacks if I do mod some cars in the office garage workshop. It's a shame, I always liked the concept of the office and it's interiors but I detest the clutter.

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