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Looking for a crew to join.

BMR Corkey

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I'm normally play gta v solo but finding people to do missions are so hard. So I'm looking to join a crew to join and start to enjoying gta v again.

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XBOX ONE ONLY We are recruiting We do everything we grind apart from b2b as it causes arguments if someone says they have it you host first if you host first then after the host does it then the other player didn't have it 18+ a active player and under no circumstances any crew killing or they will be removed.
If u r interested in joining comment at bottom UK We have a Facebook messenger crew chat where all crew members can get to know each other and ask to see what people need help with or anything  open to all join mic optional thanks

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On 9/8/2019 at 3:45 AM, BMR Corkey said:

I'm normally play gta v solo but finding people to do missions are so hard. So I'm looking to join a crew to join and start to enjoying gta v again.

 Hello, DMR. Die Hydra Empire is a Forming Structured GTA 5 Military Crew recruiting members to effectively carry out positions from Soldiers, to Command Positions with the Goals of Securley making Money, and spreading our influence to grow the Empire.

There are no player level requirements. However, there are Uniforms for different  Ranks/Positions

If interested, or if you have any questions, View the Social Club or contact me.


SocialClub: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/die_hydra_empire/wall

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looking for a really active crew that streams content, missions, sells, Mc or gang that gets together consistently but not too strict on rules either. Looking to build on YouTube channel or whatever streaming platform the crew uses for public view. Wanting to learn more about producing videos, streams, and much more. Thanks. Add me on PSN interested in putting in some serious work and building while chilling smoking and having fun!!!

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