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Grand Theft Auto: (Retarded) San Andreas 2 [MP]


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Continuing the story of the First GTA Retarded San Andreas, Carl Johnson is having a much different story than before...

CJ is also meeting some characters from the first part like for example the Vagos member from the gym, and his annoying Narrator. Narrator died at the first part, and he was killed by CJ and also had a lots of teabag on his head... but then Narrator's teammate revived him, and now the story continues!

At the first part you were killing a lot of LGBT population to stop the retardation, and you made it 60% while 40% are still naturally retarded, also 1 year later, LV becomes occupated by Africans (Uganda Union and Nigerian Scammers), San Fierro by Indian Scammers and so there's where CJ goes.

What happened behind the scenes??

- Behind the scenes, Narrator decided to get a Original Story Scripted Scenario from his Director, later then, Narrator decided to go outside to flex with Playboi Carti, Director accidently picked up original scenario and put his own Joke Scenario... 2 hours later, Narrator started, and didn't saw any difference (because he didn't played original gta sa cus he have a wife and 3 gf's) later and later, at the half Narrator realised there's something wrong, and then few missions without Narrator, CJ started to pass, and Narrator came at the time to tell CJ it happened a huge mess.

Im gay MP: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/62038




ENJOY! ! ! 

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I look forward to trying this and its prequel MP soon. From the looks of it, it seems to be in the satire and comedy genre, and it's been a while since we've seen such missions. I hope your missions really do make me smile!


I also hope you're enjoying your time in this community. It is also a great idea to go around the Mission Showroom in the forums and have a look around for some good projects, and play them. This will give you inspiration and also help you improve. :) 

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