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Inside Track: Research Information & Bypass for Odds Hotfix

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Since the Inside Track was launched as part of the casino update, there have been a few glitches discovered which allow an unintended advantage for obtaining chips. Rockstar have obviously been inclined to monitor online forums and YouTube, with the amount of effort and money put into the development of the DLC, which for the first few months of launch is a golden opportunity for them to receive a return through Shark Card purchases.


Glitch 1: Changing Odds


This is the method of opening and closing the betting computer screen, which randomizes the odds, until a desirable selection is met. This is often Horse 1 - Evens and it can be argued that they have scripted Inside Track to be extremely predicable in its behavior and probabilities. Since this practice was demonstrated by YouTube creators, Rockstar decided to create a script pushed through their server-side RPF file which is downloaded on each game boot. 


This "band-aid" script can only modify the game environment to a certain extent and without a patch to modify existing game files, it cannot eliminate the root of the glitch completely. In the next title update, the most likely scenario is them changing the odds system to prevent a user-initiated refresh, most likely only changing once after each race, as opposed to each time the betting screen is opened and closed.


What this OTA script is designed for, is to track the number of times that the betting screen is opened; and if a value of 4 is exceeded, it creates a false positive using an existing native for the player having insufficient chips. The ability to access Inside Track is then disabled by a separate function for around 2-3 minutes. The OTA script is basic and is only using functions already in the game as a method of making this glitch difficult to perform. It is not designed to catch people out in terms of casino or game banning, as the number of times you are disabled is not recorded nor can the time it takes to access Inside Track again actually increase. There is a completely separate system in place for disabling the casino's activities for game manipulation which is reliant on the stats generated from gameplay.


OTA Script: Over-The-Air Script (No Downloadable Update Required)


Bypass Method: ONLY TESTED ON PC


As I mentioned before, the OTA script is only calling functions already in the game elsewhere, essentially recycling, so it cannot set any advanced specific rules or exceptions, which in this case is a good thing. You can in fact evade the lock-out from Inside Track completley through the following steps:


1. Open the Betting Screen.


2. On the left side, there is the option to place a bet on the multiplayer version.


3. Place a bet of the lowest value, unless wanting to make a genuine bet if the odds are good.


4. Once the bet is placed, do not leave your chair on Inside Track (meaning do not press B / Circle to exit)


You are now free to open and close the betting screen an unlimited amount of times for single racing, even after the multiplayer race has finished, so long as you remain in your seat and do not leave the computer. If you do leave the computer before or after the multiplayer race since doing the glitch, the lockout will apply.


This is because once you have initiated a multiplayer bet, there are different script functions activated in the game which overrides the hotfix. The number of times that the betting screen is opened and closed is not recorded on your account; therefore it cannot result in a casino or game ban independently. You are simply able to randomize the odds even further to have a better chance of winning without worrying about being kicked out of the mode.



Glitch 2: Manipulating Game Mechanics


This glitch is a bit more controversial and therefore attracted a more harsher response from Rockstar, which I will explain further down. It is essentially exploiting a game mechanic to make a bet for the lowest denomination and then receiving the maximum payout. On console this was done through manual control, but PC users were able to download a program which looped the glitch for them, sometimes over 300 rounds in a row.


Whilst this is not technically classed as modding, despite the PC version having a tool to do it automatically, it is viewed highly negatively by Rockstar and some players have been temporarily locked from using Diamond Casino activities or banned from the game completely, although the second is much less frequent, it depends on how far people have taken it.


Rockstar's immediate response to this was a separate OTA script, which the information it collects for use is stored for use in memory until GTA Online is completely exited back to the Story Mode or the game is restarted. Your expenditure versus winnings is tracked and after X-Y-Z amount of chips have been won with only X-Y-Z spent on obtaining it, the script calls a native which abruptly forces the session to disconnect with an instruction to return to Story Mode. Despite claims that genuine players are being affected, it is not feasible unless you are using this exploit to win exceedingly greater than what you spent. 


This OTA script also attempted to fix the exploit through a cursor delay on hitting the Place Bet button, rendering it extremely difficult for the player to perform the actions needed to complete it in the short time between transitioning. Like with the OTA script from Glitch 1, it uses existing game functions to wire these diversions and so the root of the glitch still exists. There is one specific program out there at the moment for PC players (which you can find independently) which uses auto-key to perform a watered down version of the glitch, in an attempt to evade being kicked from the session and reaching the set spent to win ratio, which was the most effective barrier put in place to prevent mass earnings.


Predicted Patch Methods:


A. Remove the randomization of odds on each load-up of the betting screen and fix them in place until a race is completed, at which point the odds can refresh again. You could technically still evade this through changing sessions, but the length of time it would take would not generate any profitability and Rockstar know this.


B. A simple fix of the interface for Inside Track, removing the cursor or its ability to move once the Place Bet button is pressed.


C. Various changes and fixes, a general behind-the-scenes overhaul to implement them and new built-in measures to help prevent future unbalanced winnings.



Please be advised that all winnings are tracked and set against a separate statistic which has measured the amount of chips you have spent, so if there is an anomaly due to the use of the second glitch, it is most likely that the block from casino activities will be placed on your account or if profitability is extensive, perhaps a game ban instead.


At this moment in time, I don't have any suspicion that there is an independent system in place focused on detecting unusual activity in the Diamond Casino, but there are reports of players being blocked from using it and therefore something does currently exist, in whichever form that is, to filter-out the hardcore abusers from the casual cheeky glitcher. The game's current anti-cheat covers the casino by default, hence the occasional report of a ban, but the separate block is most likely triggered in real-time once a threshold has been reached, meaning it works similarly to Bad Sport.



I hope that this thread has been an interesting read for you and have fun playing the Diamond Casino.

Edited by TheWhiteStar

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Agatha Baker

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3 hours ago, Agatha Baker said:


Nothing in there is advertising a mod menu or tools.


At best, this thread is explaining how the "fixes" to the betting odds are applied by now and how they work.

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On 9/7/2019 at 8:35 AM, Agatha Baker said:

obnoxious image.

Use the report button if you think OP is driving outside of their lane. That enables staff to do staff things. We don't need random Johnny spamming "da rulez pics" every time a post scares him. 👍



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On 9/7/2019 at 1:35 PM, Agatha Baker said:



I am not posting anything about GTA Online modding, mod menus or tools. This is information of vulnerabilities within the game client, which can be executed by the player as a "glitch" without the need for any third-party software or interference which would fall under "modding". Any "tools" which can be used alongside those vulnerabilities are not being linked to, advertised for or otherwise endorsed here.

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The only thing I know is the favorites seem to win a lot less now than they did...

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That is correct. The developer has a certain level of control over the game variables without releasing an update, however in the next full patch, there will most likely be a range of changes in that respect. Although, it is quite strange how the odds were so imbalanced on launch in the first place. Making one horse more prominent at winning over the rest is bound to limit the purpose of gambling, with players simply choosing the same unit almost every time, since it *did* win 8 times out of 10 upon release.

Edited by TheWhiteStar

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