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Strange bug in GTA San Andreas


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Hello community, I have a bug in my GTA SA. When I'm in anywhere in the map, appears a strange and huge texture flickering and blocking my vision.

This bug disappear if I move the mouse quickly, but it reappears again.

I noticed that this texture always is coloured depending the hour of the day (black in night, light blue in noon for example).

My PC:

Processor: Intel Core i3 7100

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630


SO: Windows 10 Pro


-I have installed several mods:


-Vehicles, skins, textures, maps, etc. (I use Modloader)

-Cleo scripts (Cleo v 4.3)

-ENB series v0.074g ps_1_4

My GTA SA folder size is 12,6 GB


I hope you can say why it happens and how I can solve it.


Edited by lil weasel
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Remove all the mods make a clean installation.

Play the game to ensure it works.

Then Install your Downgrader, Play the game to ensure it works.

Next install the mods One-At-A-Time,Play the game to ensure it works.

and repeat until you find the one causing the problem, don't use it. OR do it all over again, this time installing the mods in a different order.

  •  the Game do you have?

1.       Console. (which one)

2.       PC DVD v1 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

3.       PC DVD v2 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

4.       STEAM Registered Down Load v3 [Must be connected to the internet]

5.       Mobile (Android or iOS)

6.       Stolen, (Warez, Torrent, Pirated), Game: No fixes to be found here there are too many reasons for the game to not work. The Pirate may have corrupted the games files. The Pirate removed the security code to allow the game to play without the DVD, and may have elimanated necessary code line to make it quicker to upload.  Ask at the Source Site. Or buy the real Game.

[This site does not support Piracy.]


You don’t need to quote this large post, just posting   answers will be fine.


So Sad...

The GTA San Andreas forum is NOT for Modding, Modding questions, Modding problems, nor Modding discussions.

Please, repost in the proper section of the GTA Mods Forum:


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