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how to get infinite minigun ammo before unlocking staunton island

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hey guys

today i'll tell you a method

how to get the minigun before unlocking staunton

first you have to wait until the mission

portland chainsaw masquerade (where you killed vincenzo)

after the mission you will unlock the slash tv side mission and the overalls

well i hear you're saying :

"well what does this has to do with the minigun tutorial ?"

well the answer is this is where you get the minigun

dress up as overalls

and start the mission

after you complete 5 levels

you will get a random reward

one of these rewards is the minigun (and rocket launcher)

if you are using ppsspp (psp emulator)

there is a trick to get the minigun easily

right when you finish level 5

press esc button

then press the "save state"

and then wait til you get your reward

if it wasn't a minigun


and press "load state"

-be careful: make sure that's you saved state before ancheiving your reward

becuae if you didn't

you will always get the reward you got-

and if you didn't get the minigun again

press load state again

and do it until you get a minigun

take it

you will get 100 ammo

go to your safehouse

save your game

and congrats

you got minigun

"well how do i get infinite ammo ?"  you may ask

well here

-tip: i advise you to do it after you unlock staunton

to make it easier-


get near jd's club/luigi's club

and look around for a parked freeway

hop on it

and you will start  the mission "9mm mayhem"

wait until you see a bike

-important note: make sure not to explode the bike-

press the r button -for psp version-

to activate adrenaline mode

kill the pcj driver

-make sure to kill him near the freeway bike or else the pcj will despawn-

kill your driver

pause the game

put a marker on the map where you killed your driver

and go to the marker

if you find the bike

then congrats

if you have a wanted level or you got the vehicle demaged

take it to the pay n spray

then go to the long street in portland leading to the ocean

and go at full speed and fall in the water on the bike

this bike is waterproof

meaning that you won't drown if you fall in the water on this

and voila

you are teleported to staunton island

here is a full tutorial on this


go to the pay n spray in staunton -if you see smoke emmitting from the bike-

and then go to the shoreside vale bridge

and go on full speed

and fall in the water

you are now teleported to the other side of the bridge


go to the awol angel mission location

and hop on the angel bike

-the location is behind claude's safehouse-

hop on the angel bike

and then kill your driver

you will notice now that's your minigun ammo got doubled

-same thing works with flamethrower-rocket launcher-m60-

go to pay n spray in shorside vale

and go back to the angel location

and do the same thing over and over again

until you get 9499-500 ammo for your minigun

now you're done

go back to the bridge of staunton

and do the same thing you did before

and then go to atsuka's condo

to get a boat

and then go to land

and then go to your safehouse

and save your game

and voila

you got infinite minigun ammo

now be careful

you will have it until the mission "friggin the riggin" for donald voce

after this mission your minigun will be replaced with flamethrower

and you will have to do it all over again

so i strongly advise you to do it after that mission

that way you don't lose the minigun

and if you do it before the "friggin the riggin" mission

and do everything again

you will complete the slash tv side mission !

and get the cox mascot suit

this is helpful if you are going for 100% completion

if you had any problems

please tell me by replying

and now

have fun

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