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The Survivors: Mercenaries [Mini-Game] - Level: Market Available

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(Logo created since 04/09/2019)


The Survivors - Mercenaries is a fun deathmatch mini-game where you have to survive through different stages around the areas of San Andreas.

Revisit some of the moments of The Survivors franchise and play as any character you want.

Each level can be played by any character you choose, each character has it's own weapon.

You have to survive through waves of enemies to progress.

Levels are cleverly closed by objects and have hidden weapons and other pickups in them.

Each level will have it's final boss that you must defeat in order to complete the mission.

MA09ZLh.png Get games at a great price and support charity! Or subscribe to a monthly Humble and get games every month! MA09ZLh.png




Each level has it's own playable characters, here is the list of all the characters.
It's all of the classic The Survivors characters mixed with some of the The Survivors 2 and The Survivors 3 characters.



Starting Weapon: Tec9
Health: 150
Armor: No


Starting Weapon: MP5
Health: 100
Armor: Yes


Starting Weapon: 9mm
Health: 100
Armor: No


Starting Weapon: Shovel
Health: 50
Armor: No


Starting Weapon: Deagle
Health: 200
Armor: No


Starting Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Health: 100
Armor: Yes



After completing a level with a certain character, you will gain a password at the end of the level.

Use this password to unlock the winrar package and you will gain access to these exclusive characters with special weapons.



"SLAM" from Survivors 3
Starting Weapon: M4
Health: 200
Armor: Yes
Unlock this character by completing Level: Market with the Grandma character.

Cpt. George
Starting Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Health: 100
Armor: Yes

Unlock this character by completing Level: Market with the "SLAM" from Survivors 3 character.


Katie's Ghost
Starting Weapon: Flamethrower
Health: 200
Armor: Yes

Unlock this character by completing Level: University with the Katie character.


The Guy That Throws Grenades
Starting Weapon: Grenades
Health: 100
Armor: Yes

Unlock this character by completing Level: San Fierro Station with the Rick character.



  • Do not cheat or use any kind of mods.
  • DO NOT spoil the passwords to anybody.
  • Recommended to use the PROFESSIONALKILLER cheat code.


Choose who to play as by clicking on the images. Remember to check the character stats above!




Download the SD Files for more action music!



(coming soon)



(coming soon)






  • 11 Aug 2019 - Started development, writing down all the levels, designing the levels, the characters, etc.
  • 04 Sept 2019 - Topic created, Level: Market finished and uploaded
    • Level: Market is now available to play as "SLAM", Katie, Rick, Grandma and unlockable characters "SLAM" from Survivors 3 and Cpt. George



If you want to get like 4-5 games for the price of $1 and support charity and maybe even me, click the image above!



Support my work by checking these links out


Edited by leoncj

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Death Row Gaming

Keen as to suss this out my bro. I'll let you know the feedback when I give this a jam.


Looks solid as tho 🤙🏽💯 Can't wait to jam it.

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