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What is the main problem in Vice City?


Problems and issues  

114 members have voted

  1. 1. what the main problem is

    • The way we control Tommy
    • Graphics and sound effects
    • The lack of good characters
    • The size of the map (too short or too big)
    • History and drama (too bad or not good enough)

Recommended Posts

1 minute ago, testarossa 86 said:

but the whole neon light thing inside malls, yes it was a thing in the 80s, but it didn't get over the top like in those pictures until very very late 80s and early 90s.


[citation needed]


Idk I feel like people remember the neons at malls in the 90s because they were a leftover from the 80s, like how the floral stuff you mention + wood accents from the 80s were a leftover from clearly 70s styling. Nothing is truly modern

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Who voted for "The lack of good characters"

I would like to have a friendly chat with him90dac9d810cf59497387189849fa493e.png

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I voted how we control Tommy.  Maybe not entirely accurate.  But my issue is, this is Miami, that beach is gorgeous, the sun is glorious!  But we can't swim.  It's always been a sticking point, there's no where in San Andreas which compared to that beach, but we could swim.

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For me it's the map. It's just not so good. The design of this Vice City is terrible, and it's just awfully small.

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I don't think I have any complaints about Vice City, definitely a good classic. The main flaw of this game is probably the lack of swimming, that is all.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Great game, my favorite out of all GTA's but it definitely has problems:


The story simply stops after a while and the game wants you to buy various businesses to continue. Buying businesses and seeing Tommy take over is great but their missions are too disjointed from the main story. Why does Tommy instantly try to rob a bank when buying Malibu? Why am I driving taxis around when Sonny is harrassing me time and time again and will surely come visit me soon?

The whole Love Fist and Bikers parts are also pointless, why does Tommy help Love Fist? I get he is trying to make money with the Malibu heist but what does helping people who clearly annoys him achieve?


The final mission blows, you hype up Sonny throught the game only to get rid of him without fanfare? The cutscene is great but when it ends Sonny is nowhere to be seen and you are teleported to your office somehow? I don't mind the mediocre Lance fight but Sonny? He simply shows up again and dies in seconds, that's it?

I would make it so when the Lance dies Sonny shows up with his men and when the men are shooting at Tommy, he escapes. Tommy runs after him and chases him around the mansion. How cool it would be to try to find him in the hedge maze while he is taunting at you, popping up, throwing grenades and disappearing again. And there isn't even a cutscene of neither antagonist dying, what a wasted opportunity.

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Richie Makyura

I don't like some guns sfx, but graphics are fine, this and LC and VC Stories imo have better model faces than San Andreas for some reasons (too much pixels).

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The map size is fine, but the whole west map kind of feels badly designed, kind of like Shoreside Vale in 3. 

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