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What is the main problem in Vice City?

Problems and issues  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. what the main problem is

    • The way we control Tommy
    • Graphics and sound effects
    • The lack of good characters
    • The size of the map (too short or too big)
    • History and drama (too bad or not good enough)

Recommended Posts

On 10/6/2019 at 10:28 AM, Wolff said:

They were quite long on the consoles (XBOX/PS2) though, right?

Completely forgot I was quoted here. I'm not really sure but I'd assume they couldn't have been terribly long.

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My two main problems are:


1) The Mission structure is garbage, do a series of missions for the man, takeover, buy all the places, make a nessasary amount of money from them, then the endgame happens with no bloody pay off


2) The Missions them selves, for example the mission Shakedown, you're tasked with wrecking different shops in the mall all the way across the map and ARE GIVING ONLY 5 MINUTES TO DO SO, The drive from Tommys mansion to the mall takes 4 friggin minutes and your only given the rest of the allotted time to wreck house, AAAAHHHHHHH F*CK I HATE THIS GAME🤬🤬🤬🤬

Edited by Corndawg93

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Wait, where's the " it's flawless " option?

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19 hours ago, ChengizVlad09 said:

Wait, where's the " it's flawless " option?

Not here lol.

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Evil empire

To elaborate a bit on the other options in this poll Tommy's movements look more like those of an automaton than of a human but it never bothered me very much, the graphics are agreable and grew old well, I like the sound effects, the game contains a lot of cool characters starting with Tommy and also Lance, Phil, Umberto, Diaz, Mitch Baker notably ; the characters are largely better than in 3 and nicely made. Despite all its inconsistencies I like the scenario.

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For me the gameplay itself. For example controlling small RC helicopter - impossible 11/10. :D Or I remember it like that.

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I love VC but imo the story was too short but since that's not an option the map was another issue

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