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Ask questions about merchandising to an ex-Rockstar employee


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Hello guys , recently i've had a chat on Reddit with Brad-ley (the guy with the unopened Pisswasser Beer crate) and he told me a friend of his worked at Rockstar and he may answer some questions about merchandising . He also handed me the responsibility to make this post and to forward your questions to him .


You can now ask any question to me and i will then forward it to him , which will forward it to this friend . Then i'll post the answers here . 


Two important things to consider are that :

- his friend worked (approximately) from 2008 to 2010 so you shouldn't ask about things too old or too new .

- he worked at Rockstar North .


Also , it's important to know that while he may answer your question , merchandising and promotional material wasn't his job , so i can't ensure that he'll answer anything .


From the moment this post goes live , i'll accept questions for two days , but after that i will forward the questions and stop receiving them .


The last thing i have to say is that , considering the number of collectors on here , each one of you can only ask one question , to avoid bothering them too much .


Having said this , may the questions start .

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My question is. For the Xbox 360 custom editions, what versions did they make, I remember there was the IV Elite, TLAD Elite, Then they made a EFLC PS3 that was held in a contest, I want to know who was the designer for the xbox's and PS3. http://www.igrandtheftauto.com/news/balladofgaytony/253/win-a-custom-eflc-ps3-slim-from-rockstar-games/



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 I would like to ask him if he has any stories about any obscure merchandise that exists out there that we might not now about? A lot of the merch that exists we have covered, but in case he has some interesting stories to tell about..

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Thanks for you questions ! They will forwarded to Brad-ley during the morning of the day after tomorrow .


Of course you'll have to be a little patient because Brad-ley's friend probably won't answer instantly .





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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello again , Brad-ley's friend received the questions and recently answered . Unfortunately i have to inform that he couldn't answer most things , so you may be a little disappointed .


Now that the disclaimer is over , let's get to the questions :


- Answer to ROCKSTAR MANIC : the ex-developer isn't sure who designed them , but he said that it (possibly) was an employee from the marketing team of Rockstar North .


- answer to johndoe365 : the ex-employee says that there may have been some still undiscovered and employee-exclusive merch given away but he isn't sure . He has however said that employees often gor rid of the merch (by means like giving it away , etc. ...) .


- Answer to my question about the reasons to the absence of a GTA IV Soundtrack Box Set : he said that he isn't sure but it probably was because the music licenses to release songs was shorter than the ones to have the songs in the game .


Tell me whay you think about this experiment below .


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Thanks sucks we couldn't get a name but thanks on that. Can we ask more? but before what exactly did the source work to give you the right questions..

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