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Grand Theft Auto: Underworld

Recommended Posts


What happens when you combine the morality system in the newer Rockstar titles with the experimental, sandbox nature of the earlier GTAs? This was an idea I would wish to explore more in this concept.

It also expands on, yet discards the use of satire as a plot device featured in the newer GTAs (most notably V), instead opting for dystopian styles from films such as Death Wish, Akira, Escape From New York/L.A. and The Warriors combined with the gritty gang violence, choreography and black comedy of shows such as Fargo, Banshee, Warrior, Yojimbo, the Crank films and Narcos.






"In a crime-laden megacity in the near future where there is an uneasy truce between gangs, corporations and law enforcement, where the streets are hell on Earth and all manner of death and vice exist in every nook, among all echelons of this dysfunctional society. A mysterious drifter from somewhere enters the picture, motivated by a cause. Digging deeper into the criminal underground of the city, the drifter soon discovers that there is more to this mess, and there might be an entity pulling the strings."




The game will be set "20 minutes into the future" in an unnamed city (dubbed 'Anywhere City' by certain characters, referred to simply as 'The Megacity' by most characters and in the in-game map). The city itself, while situated in the United States of America, takes on a global identity reminiscent of 1980s-1990s cyberpunk settings, inspired by cosmopolitan cities such as Tokyo, Nagasaki, Rio, Shanghai, London, Berlin, Detroit, New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta, and therefore does not represent any city in particular. A high-income gap, crime-ridden dystopia filled with shopping malls, nightclubs, bars and corporate settlements, Anywhere City is sandwiched between the northern, snowy city of Golgotha (based on cities such as Sapporo, Copenhagen and the Twin Cities), and the southern, tropical island resort-casino city of Devaloka (based on cities such as The Gold Coast, Kagoshima and Honolulu), with several smaller cities and towns in located in between and on the sides.


Gang presence runs rampant throughout the map, and is felt most strongly in The Megacity. There are altogether four districts within The Megacity (Commercial, Industrial, Residential & Corpo), each having gangs exclusive to that area, with the exception of the Corpo district, where the Zaibatsu Corporation's headquarters are located and is policed by private armies and mercenary groups.


The whole map is open to the player from the start of the game, allowing them freedom to proceed with the story as they please, and giving them the opportunity to experiment with the gameplay options that they choose in the beginning of the game.





In the near future, a drifter, last name Speed, sits on a bullet train as they head towards the Megacity. A brief moment of silence ensues before a stranger sits on the opposite side facing Speed. The man introduces himself as Solomon Wakes, and starts to make conversation with the drifter, eventually asking them their purpose for coming into the city.


Here the player is given the opportunity to answer this with three different options that would determine the play style as well as the story of the game.


1. "Life's boring, and I'm looking for some action." (ANARCHY)

2. "I'm a strong believer of unity against the man, can you dig it?" (DIPLOMAT)

3. "Guess I want to make a name for myself out here." (AMBITION)





Speed will be a full-blown anarchist, working for and eventually betraying and destroying the gangs that hire them while sabotaging their businesses and operations. You will also be required to infiltrate, blackmail, threaten and sometimes kill important members of law enforcement and the politicians that run the city, or have the option to play vigilante and destroy the corrupt elements of society. Whether or not this is motivated by a desire to rid the streets of crime, or just pure evil with no clear motive, is entirely up to you, and will determine the ending of the game. This is probably the closest to the original gameplay of the older games, as far as playstyles are concerned.


Speed will display more violent tendencies in this playstyle, especially in cutscenes.



Speed will play the role of a peacemaker, and will attempt to establish diplomatic ties with the gangs, acting as a mediator between them when a problem arises. You will also have to either threaten or bribe any law enforcement or politician that gets in the way of this peace. Unfortunately, the gangs can disagree with the way you run things, and if pushed too far, you have no choice but to eliminate them from the picture. The number of gangs that you successfully made peace with will determine the ending of your game. It's like the territorial allocation feature in Mafia 3, but more flexible.


Speed will display more rational and level-headed tendencies in this playstyle.



A mix between the first two styles, Speed will be an aspiring career criminal with an intention to run an organisation that will rule the city. You will do whatever it takes to get your gang on top, whether or not it's making truces or betraying and destroying other gangs as well as paying off law enforcement. How much influence you have over the city and what gangs you have made truces with will determine the ending of the game. Gameplay-wise it is a cross between the property-purchasing of GTA: Vice City, Empire-building in GTA: VCS and the gang wars element of San Andreas/Saints Row 2.


Speed will display a Tommy Vercetti-like attitude towards things, showing rationality in certain times and arrogance and brute force in other more undesirable situations.




After an answer is given, Solomon will give his side of the story, and reveals himself as a member of The Denomination, an anti-corporate, vigilante-like organisation that has safehouses throughout the city. He tells Speed should they have any qualms about anything within Anywhere City that they should not hesitate to speak to him or the other members of the organisation. As soon as they exit the train, however, they soon realize that the entire train station is overrun by members of the Rollin' Ryders Tokko-kai. Here Solomon hands Speed a pistol and the pair gun their way out of the train station before heading out to the safehouse in the Commercial district.


From there the story can unfold in any way the player chooses, as you slowly unravel the politics and dirt within the seedy underbelly of The Megacity, eventually finding out the Zaibatsu Corporation's, and The Denomination's, connection to the madness.


There are also side storylines that the player can engage in over in Golgotha and Devaloka, and serve no other purpose than to provide them with a different scenery or atmosphere, as well as monetary or proprietary reward.





The respect system returns from the 2D Universe and is now more refined, gaining importance in this game, along with the gangs. Each district contains a total of four gangs, three of which are exclusive to that area of the game, with a small division of the Zaibatsu present in every district. Golgotha and Devaloka also have their own gangs, but they do not carry as much influence or power as compared to the ones in the city.


Gang dialogue is mixed and varied. It takes influence from the Manhunt series and gives every member of the gangs their own personality.






The Denomination

Ethnicity: Mixed

Leader: Unknown

Color: Olive Green

Gender: Mixed

Vehicles: Benefactor Admiral



The first group that Speed meets up with in the game, and becomes a de facto member of. They are comprised of cells of mostly anti-crime, anti-corporate pro-American values vigilantes wishing to stop the madness within the city. However, as Speed continues their war within the city, they soon come to learn the true reason behind their existence.



Ethnicity: Mixed

Color: Varies

Gender: Mixed

Vehicles: Declasse Gang Burrito



Loose groups of rebellious youths and amateur criminals that wander around the city, wrecking havoc and committing acts of random violence, vandalism, drug dealing and robbery. Besides that, they carry no influence whatsoever.


Dialogue implies that they are bitter and eager for a slice of the big time.







Tsuneyoshi Crime Family

Ethnicity: Asian, predominantly Japanese-American

Leader: Jyunichi "Johnny Zoo" Tsuneyoshi

Color: Navy Blue

Gender: Mixed

Vehicles: Karin Millennia, Karin 190z, Ocelot V8 Ghost, Grotti G69

Codename for Speed: Kohai



A traditional Yakuza gang that has a major influence over the nightlife and drugs in the city. They are led by Johnny Zoo and occupy turf consisting mostly of night markets and clubs. History of bad blood with The Highlanders of Tara, stemming from a brawl in a nightclub formerly owned by Elmo O' Hara. They listen to city pop and jazz fusion.


Most members in the group appear to follow traditional Japanese hierarchical honor customs, claiming that they will "die for Johnny Zoo", and some of them only speak Japanese. They use derogatory terms against the Highlanders, referring to them as "micks" and "pub-sitting assholes". 


A male member makes an offhand comment about someone "killed in an alleyway that the property developers are clamoring over", a reference to a certain series.


 The Highlanders of Tara

Ethnicity: Caucasian, predominantly Irish-American

Leader: Elmo O' Hara & Beatrice O' Shaughnessy

Color: Dark Green

Gender: Mixed

Vehicles: Declasse Banshee, Dinka Hakumai, Karin Sonica, Declasse Phobos

Codename for Speed: Lad



Old-school Irish gang in the city notorious for their psychopathy and demolitions. They specialize in assassinations, chop shops and moonshine. They are led by leader-and-enforcer duo Elmo O' Hara and Beatrice O' Shaughnessy and control karaoke bars, repair shops and pubs in the Commercial area. Formerly allies with The Tsuneyoshi Family, they now kill each other on sight. They listen to hard rock and metal.


Judging from dialogue, members are either Irish-American or born in Ireland, and there is somewhat of a cultural gap between them. Some of them are in it for money and good times, others are in it for "the cause". Like their adversaries, they use derogatory remarks against the Yakuza, calling them "orientals" and "nip bastards".


A female member of the gang is implied to have joined simply because she "hates her old f*cking retail job" and is audibly shown to have an awkward time adjusting to gang culture as well as showing hatred towards the Yakuza, saying that she "likes sushi".


Los Arcangeles

Ethnicity: Latin American

Leader: El Burro

Color: Maroon

Gender: Mixed

Vehicles: Imponte Insurrection, Grotti Cheetah Classic, Declasse 88, Imponte Phoenix Trance-AM

Codename for Speed: Guerro



A Latin American syndicate operating out of the city square and shopping malls. They have a working, albeit uneasy relationship with the Zaibatsu in igniting a gang war between Japanese and Irish mobsters. They are led by a man named El Burro, a sharp-dressed man with connections to cartels outside the States. They listen to freestyle and synthpop.


Members are depicted as Pablo Escobar or Griselda Blanco wannabes and drug pushers, claiming to want to lead the high life that was glamorized in the 80s.


A male member of the gang is implied to be a devout Roman Catholic, and often says prayers in Spanish while idle or when taking cover.


Zaibatsu Corporation (Pharmaceutical Division)

Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Eurasian

Leader: Trey Walsh

Color: Black

Gender: Predominantly male

Vehicles: Truffade Z-Type, Declasse Pharma Rumpo, Ubermacht Sentinel Classic, Burgerfahzeug Hollinwon

Codename for Speed: Gecko



The pharmaceutical division of the Zaibatsu specializing in the production of narcotics, both legal and illegal. Wants in on the drugs trade in the commercial district controlled by the Yakuza. Led by Zaibatsu COO Trey Walsh, a hopped-up pervert. They listen to jazz, alternative R&B and funk.


Members of the division are divided between regular drug pushers and tidy corporate researchers. This division can be seen by the type of vehicle each member drives.


A female drug pusher of the division claims that she was involved in a stint with Trey Walsh himself.




Sex and Reproductive Systems (SRS)

Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Scandinavian and British

Leader: Dr. Ingmar LaBrat

Color: Amber

Gender: Scientists are all-female (except Dr. LaBrat), clones are all-male

Vehicles: Benefactor Schlagen GT, Vulcar Argento, Tropos Rallye, Overflod Clandestine

Codename for Speed: THC-303



An organisation of highly secretive and seductive scientists that run wellness clinics and spas across the Residential district. They are led by one Ingmar LaBrat, a scientist-cum-playboy. They are at odds with the Zaibatsu and the Buccaneers Motorcycle Club. They listen to UK Garage and speed garage.


Members of divided between the all-female researchers, and the all-male clones, not necessarily based on LaBrat himself. Some of the researchers speak English peppered with Swedish.


An African-American clone of the gang spouts Morpheus-like koans and existential dialogue, declaring that "LaBrat is the one that gives light".


Buccaneers Motorcycle Club

Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Anglo-Saxon

Leader: Billy Bob "Bang-Bang" Jackson

Color: Light Brown

Gender: Predominantly male

Vehicles: Liberty Cycles Innovation, Western Motorcycle Company Wintergreen, Ubermacht Hollenfeuer, Declasse Gang Burrito, Declasse ThunderRod, Declasse Yosemite
Codename for Speed: Rooster



A 1% motorcycle gang that runs loan sharking and larceny rackets in the district, hanging around old houses, bars and apartments. They dislike the SRS for being too intelligent and running in on their rackets, as well as the Ryders for their bad taste in motorcycles. They are led by Chapter President Bang-Bang, a veteran of several wars. They listen to 80s R&B, classic rock and hard rock.


Members are typically white, Hispanic and black men in their 20s to 50s, and share stereotypes commonly associated with the 70s biker lifestyle. They are also depicted as womanizers and misogynists, which is ironic as the few female members of the gang, more often than not, are usually more capable than their male counterparts.


A member of the gang is implied to have went through a terrible divorce, and often talks about how he "ain't givin' a single cent to the old lady".


Rollin' Ryders Tokko-kai

Ethnicity: Afro-American, Blasian and Japanese-American

Leader: Jay-X Watanabe and Kelsey Amiri

Color: Magenta

Gender: Mixed

Vehicles: Sh*tzu Hakuchou Drag, Dinka Streetfighter, Dinka F-Zero, Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio, Gallivanter Baller Supercharge

Codename for Speed: Neo-Jack



They are an African-American bosozoku gang based in the residential area and run the protection and fraud rackets in the district. They are commonly spotted hanging around convenience stores and restaurants, dressed in hypebeast/Harajuku-style clothing. They are led by Jay-X Watanabe and Kelsey Amiri, both avid motorcycle tuners. They do not like the Buccaneers for their ruggedness and the Zaibatsu for being a beacon for corporate corruption. They listen to hip-hop and contemporary R&B.


Most of them are local African-American gangsters and import motorcycle lovers that reside in the Residential district, and share a common dislike for the Zaibatsu Corporation because of their supposed oppression against their community.


A male member of the gang uses 90s-2000s new jack swing and hip hop slang in his dialogue, and appears to be aware of it, claiming that it is "intelligent, not corny".


Zaibatsu Corporation (Finances Division)

Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Eurasian

Leader: Red Valdez

Color: Black

Gender: Predominantly male

Vehicles: Truffade Z-Type, Vapid Peyote XS, Pegassi Monroe, Vapid Ellie

Codename For Speed: Skink


The finances division of the gigantic Zaibatsu megacorp. They are in charge of banking and the collection of loans, as well as less legal operations such as repossession and money laundering. They are led by Red Valdez, a former confidence man-turned billionaire investment banker and CFO of the Zaibatsu Corporation. They listen to jazz, alternative R&B and funk.


Members of the division are shown to be corrupt corporate hedonists and mercenaries, gloating about their achievements and rooftop parties. They are also depicted as 60s enthusiasts, driving vehicles of that era.


A member of the gang speaks in a deep baritone, and talks about wanting to usurp Red Valdez's position.




Jerkov's Gang/ Megacity Bratva

Ethnicity: Caucasian, predominantly Russian

Leader: Vinsky Jerkov

Color: Red

Gender: Predominantly male

Vehicles: RUNE Chuburek, RUNE Zakone, Declasse Hallenbach Grand Tourer, Benefactor Streetwalker

Codename For Speed: Comrade


A group of Russian gangsters in the industrial district of The Megacity that specializes in body disposal, contract killing and smuggling operations, running abattoirs, chemical factories and jetties across the district. Heavily implied to be cannibals, they are big fans of American culture, especially hot dogs. They are engaged in a gang war with The Forty-Four Clan over ownership of the ports in the industrial area. Their leader, Vinsky Jerkov, speaks highly of America and makes many reference to Western films. They listen to post-punk and new wave.


Like their leader, members are also equally enthusiastic about American culture, and make many references to movie cliches and violence. They share a common love of hot dogs.


A member of the gang expresses great admiration for Russian post-punk musician Viktor Tsoi, and wants to die in honor of him.


The Epsilonists

Ethnicity: Afro-American and Caucasian

Leader: Venus Ordelia

Color: Baby Blue

Gender: Mixed

Vehicles: Vapid Conversion Bus, Pegassi Mod Faggio, Fathom Anala, Annis Ophelia,  Dinka Kamisama

Codename For Speed: Brother-brother/Sister-sister


First making their physical debut in GTA V, The Epsilonists now return in The Megacity as a maniacal doomsday cult, after years of public skepticism and embezzled funds reduced them to shells of their former selves. Believing the end times to be near, they conduct random terrorist attacks around the city while needlessly attempting to recruit everyone around them into their cult. This is exploited by The Forty-Four gang who direct their attacks against the Zaibatsu and The Bratva. They are led by Venus Ordelia, a criminally insane young woman who hides behind a bubbly persona. They listen to trance.


The cult is divided into two groups, the civilian recruiters and the gang-like gunmen. Recruiters are seen giving out brochures, engaging in a drum circle or circumambulating around the city in a procession (which Speed can run over entirely with a vehicle for a 'Kifflom!' bonus), and gunmen are often the ones who take part in the cult's more nefarious activities such as bombings and sabotages.


A female member of the gang is shown to obsess over Venus Ordelia, claiming to want to "be with her forever" once the gang wars are over.


The Forty-Four Clan

Ethnicity: Asian and Eurasian, predominantly Chinese-American

Leader: Jee Poon Dong

Color: Bright Orange

Gender: Mixed

Vehicles: Karin Toreno, Karin Kuruma, Dinka XLR8000,  Karin Rascal

Codename For Speed: Grasshopper



A triad-like organisation that specializes in illegal manufacturing of vehicles and smuggling. Enthusiasts of Japanese tuner culture, they are engaged in a gang war against the Russian Mafia and to an extent, the Zaibatsu. They are led by a man named Jee Poon Dong, said to be over 250 years old and also said to have 'the wisdom of a dolphin in the Yangtze River'. They listen to electronica and techno.


They are composed of mostly Asian and Eurasian gangsters in their 20s to 40s who enjoy old 90s Japanese sports cars and listening to bands like Underworld and Fluke, and act like entitled rich kids not unlike Huang from Chinatown Wars.


A female member of the gang is implied to be a former street racer, and often uses automobile-related dialogue in her taunts.


Zaibatsu Corporation (Logistics Division)

Ethnicity: Mixed, predominantly Eurasian

Leader: Uno Carbine

Color: Black

Gender: Predominantly male

Vehicles: Truffade Z-Type, Coil Raiden, Coil Cyclone, Archer Mortar, Declasse Bedford

Codename For Speed: Chameleon



The logistical division of the Zaibatsu Corporation, specializing both in shipping and production, and trying to push their way in to the smuggling business of the Megacity. They dislike the Forty-Four Clan and the Bratva for being competition, and despise the Epsilonists for being fanatical. They are led by CLO Uno Carbine, a man who is never seen without a body bag. They listen to jazz, alternative R&B and funk.


Members are either dock workers or corporate representatives and bodyguards, and like the pharmaceutical division, this division is shown by the type of vehicle a certain type of member drives.


A bodyguard of the gang testifies that Uno Carbine "is actually a nice guy once you get to know him".






Golgotha City Mafia

Ethnicity: Caucasian, predominantly Italian-American

Leader: Enzo Cavelli

Color: Blue

Gender: Predominantly male

Vehicles: Vapid Tempest

Codename for Speed: Kid



Loosely based on the Kansas City Mafia, this group operates out in the city of Golgotha north of the Megacity, and play a larger role in the Golgotha storyline. They are led by a man named Enzo, who believes that the Camorra might come to the city to kill him and his gang. They listen to classic rock.


Members of the gang are stereotypical Italian-American mobsters who wear trench coats and leather jackets, and spout cheesy Sopranos-esque dialogue among each other.


A member of the gang talks about how he was going to inherit a butcher shop, but it got "burned down by the Camorra", a reference to Fargo.



Ethnicity: Italian

Leader: Alberto DeGrazia

Color: Silver

Gender: All-male

Vehicles: Albany Calvacade Evo



A foreign gang featured in the Golgotha storyline. Enzo's paranoid thoughts are soon proven to be true, as the Camorra come from Italy to destroy his gang. They are led by Alberto DeGrazia, a Camorra lieutenant who has a history of bad blood with Enzo. They listen to new-age and classical.


Members of the gang only speak Italian, much like the Leones in GTA 3.






Devaloka Yardies

Ethnicity: Caribbean and Afro-American

Leader: Sabrina

Color: Gold, Black and Green

Gender: Mixed

Vehicles: Albany Virgo Continental

Codename for Speed: My Youth



A yardie group based in the city of Devaloka. They play a larger role in the Devaloka side storyline and are engaged in a feud against the Rococo Crime Syndicate. They are led by a woman named Sabrina, a self-proclaimed anarchist and dub musician. They listen to dancehall and reggae.


Members of the gang are shown to hate social injustice and declare that Devaloka has "no room for Babylon".


A male member of the gang appears to be perpetually high on pot, and alternates between a high and low pitch voice.


Rococo Crime Syndicate

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Leader: Colonel McDouglas

Color: White and Red

Gender: All-male

Vehicles: Albany Chumash

Codename for Speed: Carpetbagger



A property conglomerate slash criminal enterprise from the South, who are actively trying to wipe out Yardie presence in Devaloka in order to bring in investors to their resort-casino. Featured prominently in the Devaloka casino side storyline that Speed can choose to take part in. They are led by Colonel McDouglas, a stereotypical Southern gentleman. They listen to classic rock and oldies.


Members are shown to be equally as opportunistic as McDouglas himself, though not necessarily from the South themselves.






Main Characters

Characters that play a major role in the storyline, and will appear regardless of the playstyle chosen.






The game's protagonist. A (mostly) silent drifter from out of town, possibly of Eurasian descent. His/her motives are a mystery to many, and has nobody but The Denomination to back them up. One thing's for sure is that they aren't afraid to spill some blood when things go south, or, depending on how you control them, even when things don't. The player has the option to play either as a male or a female Speed.


Solomon Wakes

"I ain't gonna insult your intelligence by telling you what you know are obvious facts, but it's a warzone out there, and someone's gotta clean it up."

A high-ranking member of The Denomination, and the first person Speed meets in the game. He is an old school vigilante who wants to clean the streets of filth. He makes it clear that he will not hesitate to kill Speed if he/she decides to go down the path of corruption. He is somewhat unaware of the true intentions of The Denomination, however, as he later finds out.


Adam Enderwood

"Yeah, hand some broad/asshole a piece and expect her/him not to shoot you in the back once it's all said and done. Great thinkin', Solomon."

Another high-ranking member of The Denomination. He is a snarky individual with a dark sense of humor who specializes in firearms and explosives, and gradually warms up to Speed. Unlike Solomon, however, he is in on the inner workings of The Denomination, and actively takes part in their... other wet work.


The Leader

"You know damn well the real reason you came to this city, don't you?"

The unseen leader of The Denomination who only communicates through intercom. He is a shadowy figure who rarely appears in the open, and even other members of the organisation do not know what he actually looks like.


Lygas Petraitis

"This one... this one's the perfect candidate."

 One of the major antagonists in the game. The CEO of The Zaibatsu Corporation and a pusher for eugenics. He uses his corporation as a front for his illegal activities. Always scheming, he constantly monitors Speed and their actions, and anticipates the breakdown of his corporate divisions.


Elenor Veliu

"You impressed the Don, congratulations. Any last words?" 

One of Lygas's personal bodyguards and a major antagonist in the main storyline. A tall, dark-haired assassin who works security for the Zaibatsu Corporation, and specializes in silencing dissenters and critics of the corporation. Her silence is contrasted with Rey's talkativeness. Depending on the gender chosen, she either appears in Speed's apartment as part of a hit directed by Lygas or towards the end of the game when Speed storms the Zaibatsu HQ.


Rey El Dorado

"Forget Queensbury, I ain't givin' you a quick death, on account of Petraitis."

Another one of Lygas's personal security detail and another major antagonist. He is a brawny mercenary and an experienced boxer, and extremely chatty at that. Despite their differences, him and Elenor work well together. Depending on the gender chosen, he either appears in Speed's apartment as part of a hit directed by Lygas or towards the end of the game when Speed storms the Zaibatsu HQ.


Gang Leaders

Gang leaders in The Megacity, Golgotha and Devaloka, each with their own distinct personality.


Jyunichi "Johnny Zoo" Tsuneyoshi

"I know Elmo's pulling something screwy this time... Kohai! Go and send these mick bastards their last tab, on the house!"

The oyabun of the Tsuneyoshi Crime Family. Formerly friends and allies with the leader of the Highlanders, Elmo O' Hara,  they are now engaged in a bitter rivalry and gang war against each other. Now owns many clubs and lounges, including a nightclub called Tír na nÓg, originally owned by Elmo and his gang. Is shown to be somewhat of a coward, preferring instead to leave the shooting and murdering to his men while he goes to the nightclubs.


Elmo O' Hara

"Gobsh*tes, all of 'em! I'm not gonna leave this table until all those feckless Yakuza bastards are dead!"

The leader of The Highlanders of Tara, originally from Belfast as a contract killer who rose through the ranks of his organisation. Has an enforcer and right-hand by the name of Beatrice O' Shaughnessy, who he shares a platonic yet strong relationship with. Formerly friends with Johnny Zoo until a bar brawl between the two gangs in his nightclub resulted in it being annexed by the Yakuza. Has a bad temper and speaks in a thick Irish accent in contrast to Beatrice's regular American accent.


Beatrice O' Shaughnessy

"Give it a rest, boss. Don't let that sh*t with Johnny go to your head."

The enforcer of The Highlanders of Tara. She is an expert in demolitions. The more level-headed of the two, she provides a voice of reason to Elmo's anger. Born and raised as an Irish-American in The Megacity, she also has a hard time understanding Elmo's anecdotes of his time in Belfast.


El Burro

"People have called me by other names, but El Burro would do for most. Now, where were we?"

The baron of Los Arcangeles. Real name unknown, he is a businessman who is never seen without his cowboy hat, who also has connections to important drug cartels South of the United States. His name is derived from the way he disposes his enemies back in his home country; grinding their bodies into feed for the donkeys. He initially strikes a deal with Trey Walsh and the Zaibatsu to inflame the gang war between The Yakuza and The Highlanders, but soon comes to realize that they might be secretly working against his organisation.


Dr. Ingmar LaBrat

"...Designed in all its intricacy, with the framework of Aphrodite in mind and utilizing the grindstone of Priapus."

The leader of the SRS. A former reasearcher at the Zaibatsu Corporation hailing from Stockholm, he leads a team of female scientists who perform experiments on fertility and cloning. He also has a line of sexual dysfunction medication that he sells across The Megacity. He dislikes the motorcycle gangs in his district, especially The Buccaneers, for being "awful, boorish specimens of the homo sapiens", and holds a grudge against the Zaibatsu for kicking him out of the company.


Billy Bob "Bang-Bang" Jackson

"Chapters don't mean sh*t in this town when you're sharing room with a posse of Ivy League rejects on one end and a bunch of puffy-coat tooting ricers on the other."

The chapter president of the Buccaneers MC. Has seen a lot of military action in Asia, South America and the Middle East. Currently involved with skirmishes against both the SRS and the Ryders. A biker longing for the days where everything was diesel, he dislikes change to the status quo. Owns a Western Company Revenant that he cherishes a lot.


Jay-X Watanabe

"The Ryders run this district, run and tell that!"

The president of The Rollin' Ryders Tokko-kai. He is a former Zaibatsu engineer who runs an organised group of local black gangsters that share a common love for import motorcycles, tuning, big clothes and bass music. His girlfriend, Kelsey Amiri, is the vice-president of the gang. They are engaged in a feud with the Buccaneers, for their differences, and the Zaibatsu, who like Dr. LaBrat, he has a grudge against.


Kelsey Amiri

"Easy, boo. That motherf*cker is toast once I'm done with him!"

Vice president of The Rollin' Ryders Tokko-kai and the girlfriend of president Jay-X Watanabe. Like Jay-X, she enjoys tuning motorcycles and causing havoc around the district. Claims to be unable to live alone without Jay-X.


Vinsky Jerkov

"You know how they do it in these American westerns, comrade? When we want to solve problems, we duel, yes?"

Leader of The Megacity Bratva. Enjoys watching cowboy films and American culture. Feeds his men and community hot dogs made of humans, played for laughs in the storyline. He runs smuggling and body disposal operations along the ports of the industrial district, shipping American cars back to the Motherland and turning cadavers into sausages. He is at war with the Forty-Four Clan over ownership of strategic warehouses and jetties along the district, and the Zaibatsu for trying to run in on his organisation.


Venus Ordelia

"Your life is meaningless without the dogma of the Epsilon Program. Consider converting today!"

Cult leader of The Epsilonists. Taking the appearance of a perky young evangelist zealot, this seemingly innocent exterior is a facade for a much more sinister deeds. Believing the rapture to be near, she masterminds most of the city's terrorist attacks, and goes out of her way to destroy businesses belonging to the Zaibatsu and the Bratva, under false direction by Poon Dong, while trying to spread the influence of her cult around the city.


Jee Poon Dong

"In the great and proud honor of our ancestors, Grasshopper, do kindly put a bullet through that f*ckin' Russian's skull!"

Chairman of The Forty-Four Clan. Said to be over 250 years old, with lineages trailing back to the old dynasties. He has a sick sense of humor and, like his adversary Jerkov, never backs down from a fight, despite his old age. He runs smuggling and illegal vehicle production operations along the industrial district, and is currently at war with Jerkov over certain properties.


Enzo Cavelli

"Come over to the safehouse tonight, kid. I'm goin' crazy over this Camorra Cosa Nostra bullsh*t!"

The Leader of the Mafia Crew based in Golgotha city. He wakes up one day with many of his operations internally sabotaged and begins to develop paranoid thoughts. He eventually seeks out the help of Speed to find the perpetrator of the attacks, leading back to the Camorra.


Alberto DeGrazia

"You've always been a stronzo, Enzo. You are nothing but a pawn even now."

A Camorra lieutenant from Italy who is revealed to be the one behind most of the attacks against the Golgotha City Mafia. Enzo soon reveals that, in the past, he pissed off a few Camorra lieutenants, including Alberto, which led to this retaliation.



"Ya na work fe dat Babylonian ras clot Colonel McDouglas, ya got dat, mi yout?"

Leader of the Devaloka Yardies, and a popular dub musician in the area. An anti-establishment anarchist, her gang destroys everything that relates to the idea of an oppressive force. This poses a problem for the Rococo Crime Syndicate, who have a casino and resort in the area. Speed would eventually have to come to a decision whether or not to side with her and her gang in the climax of the Devaloka storyline. 


Colonel McDouglas

"Business is business, and if I don't get what I want, I make a deal. And if I still don't get what I want, then we might have to reconsider our moral impulses on the matter."

Leader of the Rococo Crime Syndicate, and owner of the resort and casino in Devaloka, currently being attacked by the Yardies. A property tycoon from Louisiana, he is a Southern Gentlemen who, despite referring to Speed as a "carpetbagger", shows great respect to him/her and pays accordingly for his/her services. Speed would eventually have to come to a decision whether or not to side with him and his gang in the climax of the Devaloka storyline.


Zaibatsu Corporation Execs

As their name implies, they are on the top of the corporate ladder at the Zaibatsu Corporation. They take their orders directly from Lygas Petraitis himself.


Trey Walsh

"Hookers, blow and more blow. That's three of the perks of being a powerful corporate exec."

The director of the Pharmaceutical division and COO of the Zaibatsu Corporation. He is a drug and sex addict who makes decisions out of impulse and paranoia rather that rationality. Lygas has considered terminating him, but kept him around simply because he has powerful friends. He strikes a deal with El Burro of Los Arcangeles to continue the gang war between the Irish and Japanese, in order to claim the drug markets in the commercial district for the Zaibatsu.


Red Valdez

"I could convince you to buy a bucket of manure for a million dollars in the most ingenuous way you could ever think of, and you'd probably fall for it. But f*ck that, I'm too old for that sh*t now."

The director of the Finances division and CFO of the Zaibatsu Corporation. A former confidence man, he is given a job at the Zaibatsu and eventually progressed to the position he is at now. Using his prior knowledge in fraud and financial espionage, he attempts to take control of the protection, fraud and larceny rackets in the residential district from the motorcycle gangs and the SRS.

Uno Carbine

"We both know the story of the scorpion and frog. I'm the frog that drowned it."

The director of the Logistics division and CLO of the Zaibatsu Corporation. He is rarely seen in the open unless he has to take care of business, and has a team of bodyguards with body bags ready at his disposal. He intends to take over the smuggling operations in the industrial district. Has a personal call girl named Ulrika Afrique.


Ulrika Afrique

"So you're gonna waste Uno huh? That's pretty sexy!"

Girlfriend of Zaibatsu CLO Uno Carbine and high-class escort. Depicted as an unfaithful gold digger who sleeps around and shows no affection towards Carbine. Can potentially become a booty call for Speed, or another murder number, depending on how he/she decides to destroy the division.


Playstyle-Exclusive Characters

Depending on the playstyle, there are certain characters that Speed can only encounter in the game if they decide to go down a certain path.


Alderman Thomas Saint II

"You and me. We're the same. Only difference is you wave a gun, I wave the public opinion."

A hardliner politician who is hard on crime and corporate corruption and intends to clean the streets, permanently. First meeting Speed at gunpoint, Saint gives them the intel they need to go after the gangs in the city, as well as to further his own political career. Whether or not this succeeds depends on how the player controls Speed. Only appears in the Anarchist run.


Aero "The Orator" Stamper

"I remember when there was still unity among factions in this city... I got shot nine times for it, *laughs* but I still managed to do it."

A former gang leader who united all the gangs in the city roughly 40 years before the game's current year. Old, wounded and somewhat of a cynic, he soon comes to see the potential that Speed has to do the same thing he did in directing all the gangs in the city to a common cause, in this case a war against the Zaibatsu. Stamper gives Speed the insight they need to achieve this. Only appears in the Diplomat run.


Ursula Jenko

"Looks like business is runnin' pretty well, boss. You can sleep easy for the next 48 hours, if my calculations are correct."

A down-in-the-dumps yet gifted lawyer and former defender of some of the big names in the criminal underworld. Wanted dead by some and shunned by the others, Jenko eventually finds solace working for Speed's criminal enterprise as his/her secretary. Only appears in the Ambition run.










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City Pop? Freestyle? I'm liking the soundtrack so far, can't wait to see a proper listing. Also the thread is coming along great! Unique ideas and conceptualizations all around.

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I wouldn't expect a GTA2-styled concept thread like this, oof

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On 9/4/2019 at 5:28 AM, universetwisters said:

City Pop? Freestyle? I'm liking the soundtrack so far, can't wait to see a proper listing. Also the thread is coming along great! Unique ideas and conceptualizations all around.

Agreed. I wonder if the soundtrack's going to include Tom Novy's "Back to the Streets" and Conor and Jay's "Carry Me Off"?

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@Ivan1997GTA I think you might get slightly disappointed if you read this section, but tracks from GTA 1 to 3 will be available as ringtones for your communication devices in the game.





A staple in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA: Underworld includes a vast array of licensed soundtracks, featured in in-game radio stations, areas of interest as well as exclusive tracks featured in the karaoke minigame. The game also includes an original score, an idea borrowed from Grand Theft Auto V, though now played more sparingly compared to the former and only during important storyline missions and sometimes while on foot. Original tracks from GTA 1, 2 and 3 are also available as ringtones for the holographic earpieces that Speed uses in-game to communicate between the bosses.




Since the game takes place in a cyberpunk-like dystopian landscape inspired by 80s-90s action films of those genres, it would be more apt that the original score be more industrial and psytrance-influenced in nature, peppered with a lot of ambient snippets and Ryuichi Sakamoto-inspired minimal orchestral pieces.


Woody Jackson, known for his work in Grand Theft Auto V and both Red Dead Redemption games, will compose the more orchestral elements of the original score, and his influence can be heard in both the more emotionally/comically-charged missions as well as when Speed travels to the more 'colder' or natural parts of the game, such as the city of Golgotha and its surrounding tundra. The result is something similar to either films like The Revenant or Fargo.


Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross will compose part of the soundtrack as well, with the former being known for being the main man of the Nine Inch Nails and as a duo, known for composing soundtracks for films and TV shows such as Gone Girl, Animal Kingdom and The Social Network. They will compose the more industrial and Burial-esque, dark ambient-influenced scores in this game.


Juno Reactor, a psytrance group, will compose the more energetic scores for the game, such as during shootouts between police and the gangs or in more intense missions.  Their 1995 song, Guardian Angel, was featured as the theme for the anime Texhnolyze, a big influence for this concept, and is also featured as a radio track in one of the game's stations.





GTA: Underworld has 17 music radio stations that broadcast all around the map with no restrictions whatsoever, in contrast to the signal loss in GTA 2, and plays music from a wide range of genres, from classical, ambient and quiet storm/AOR, to industrial metal and trance, and even foreign genres such as city pop and Soviet-era post-punk. The game also has two talk show radio stations that feature the series's signature Dadaist satirical style, while maintaining somewhat of a coherence (and even foreshadowing) to the storyline, and is affected as the game progresses. It now follows a shorter, episodic format for each radio show similar to WCTR in GTA: San Andreas to create a sense of continuity as the story progresses, as well as to keep things interesting.


News 7 is the official news broadcasting outlet in the areas the game is set in, and broadcasts news relating to events that happen in the main storyline.


A number of radio stations from 2 return in this game, but now play different genres compared to their older counterparts, such as Lithium FM now being a hard rock/punk station as opposed to its earlier eclectic format, and Heavenly Radio being a trance station rather than a Christian/gospel station.


Music from the stations can also be purchased from vinyl stores around the map, and some of them are available to Speed at the start of the game. Speed can listen to these tracks anywhere and anytime via the 'Music' option on his/her earpiece, and can also make playlists.


Depending on the music played, Speed will react accordingly while listening to music either on the radio or on the earpiece, much like the protagonist in GTA Online. For example, he/she will headbang to more intense tracks whereas for slower tracks he/she will simply nod their heads to the tempo.


Head Radio

"Driving jams and old school rock, only on Head."

Genre: Classic Rock

The music of choice of:

The Denomination

Golgotha City Mafia

Rococo Crime Syndicate


It's Unleashed! 96.4FM

"Only the best heavy metal America has to offer!"

Genre: Heavy Metal

The music of choice of:

Buccaneers MC



KE-SL The Quiet Storm

"Old school disco and slow jams, you're on the quiet storm."

Genre: 80s R&B

The music of choice of:

Buccaneers MC


Lithium FM

"Taste the lithium!"

Genre: Hard Rock, Punk Rock

The music of choice of:

The Highlanders of Tara

The Denomination


Futuro FM

"The official station of the Zaibatsu Corporation, playing only the smoothest funk, jazz and modern soul."

Genre: Funk, Jazz, Alternative R&B

The music of choice of:

The Zaibatsu Corporation



Largo 92

"Music to mitigate your innate fury against other road users, brought to you by the Zaibatsu Corporation."

Genre: Classical

The music of choice of:



Airavata FM

"Music that makes sense in a lucid state of mind."

Genre: New Age, Ambient, IDM

The music of choice of:



Funami FM

"City pop and jazz fusion from Tokyo's heyday."

Genre: City Pop, Jazz Fusion

The music of choice of:

Tsuneyoshi Crime Family


The Banshee

"Abrasive music of the future, not for the faint-hearted."

Genre: Metal, Electro-industrial

The music of choice of:

The Highlanders of Tara


Libertad 89.7

"80s-90s Latin and freestyle hits for the block party."

Genre: Freestyle, Synthpop

The music of choice of:

Los Arcangeles


Osmosis Radio

"Classic garage and bassline tunes to cruise the freeway with."

Genre: UK Garage, Speed Garage

The music of choice of:


(Tracks below are assumed to be in a continuous order, mixed at 130BPM and pitched accordingly to the standard of speed garage mixes.)



"Hip hop and R&B, where new school meets old school."

Genre: Hip Hop, R&B

The music of choice of:

The Ryders


KG-BH The Kremlin

"American and Russian post-punk, straight from the Russian community in Crimea."

Genre: Post-punk, Deathrock

The music of choice of:

The Megacity Bratva


Heavenly Radio

"Music as played from the pearly gates of your divine judgement."

Genre: Uplifting Trance

The music of choice of:

The Epsilonists

(Assumed to be continuous, mixed and pitched at about 140 BPM)


Wangan Underground FM

"Hottest electronica, breakbeat and techno in the city!"

Genre: Electronica, Techno, Psytrance

The music of choice of:

The Forty-Four Clan


Lo-Fi FM

"Get your piece of the golden age of America."

Genre: Doo-wop

The music of choice of:

The Rococo Crime Syndicate


Salvation in Paradise Radio

"Dub, reggae, dancehall, straight from the studio in the city of Devaloka."

Genre: Dancehall, Reggae

The music of choice of:

The Devaloka Yardies



"Proudly presented by the Zaibatsu Corporation, Z-Talk features a wide range of shows, ranging from pressing issues to our latest catalogue and products."

Genre: Talk Show


The shows in Z-Talk tend to be of a darker tone than most talk shows in the series, discarding the humor and satire in certain shows and adding drama and surreal/Kafkaesque/existential horror elements instead.


Eugenics - The Future Of Humankind (7 Episodes)

Hosted by Zaibatsu researcher and sociologist Dr. Harlan Saxon, the show goes into detail the futility of the human race to be able to live in peace and harmony, and how they will eventually secede and a new race of Ubermensch will take over the reigns of the previously fallen civilization, using the Romans and the Imperial Japanese as prime examples of this phenomena. As the story continues to progress, new episodes are added, and feature a mysterious caller with no name (heavily implied to be The Leader of The Denomination), who warns Saxon that 'change is coming', and makes indirect references to Speed's rampage across the Megacity. Before the final mission, one last conversation between the two occurs, with the caller 'wishing [Saxon] the best in the next life'.


Medication Meditation (4 Episodes)

A show about the Zaibatsu Corporation's latest medical line of products. Hosted by pharmacist Dr. Irene Delaxius and a man named Lazzarus (later revealed to be an elderly and now-insane Lazlow Jones in the game's future setting). The show introduces drugs and narcotics created by the Zaibatsu that Speed can take in-game to recharge certain cores/give them special abilities, and both Delaxius and Lazzarus partake in their consumption, to several positive, and sometimes negative effects. In the final episode, Lazzarus takes a drug called 'Recitica', and suddenly recalls cheerful memories of his time as a DJ of V-Rock in 1980s Vice City, and begins crying on-air as he comes to a realization that he is now a raving old man living under the Zaibatsu Corporation's shadow. Delaxius notices this and proceeds to call in security to escort him away.


Home Run! (3 Episodes)

A show hosted by radio jockey Peter Butcher. The show, originally about sports news, is used as a platform to speak up against the evils and crimes of the Zaibatsu Corporation, using many sports-related euphemisms to describe atrocities committed by them. In the final episode, as Butcher watches a live stream of his favorite baseball team scoring a home run in the state finals, a duo of Zaibatsu assassins, revealed to be Elenor Veliu and Rey El Dorado, walk in on the show and proceed to brutally beat him to death with baseball bats found in display cases near the entrance of the studio. His beatdown and death is later, after a strangely lengthy ten-second delay, cut out and replaced with intermission smooth jazz soundtrack.


Fables & Tales (4 Episodes)

A 'lost tape' of four fables found in the Zaibatsu archives, narrated by an unnamed female narrator. Audio quality appears to be similar to other old-timey shows in the series such as The Time Ranger or Moorehead Rides Again, giving it an almost surreal and eerie aesthetic. The stories can range from darkly comedic, such as a psychopathic hippie goat who burns down a market belonging to a fat pig, with him inside, for 'not being down with the groove', to straight-up horror, such as a family of rabbits that slowly go insane underground and end up cannibalizing one another, fearful of being out in the open 'lest being caught by the humans and turned into stew'.


Community Public Radio (CPR)

"No-bars, straight-to-the-biscuit talk, funded by our listeners."

Genre: Talk Show


The game's more traditionally comedic talk radio station, with parodies and guest appearances from gang leaders in the city.


Nightclub talk with Johnny Zoo (5 Episodes with 4 possible Finales)

In this show, an reporter named Hudson Allgraves interviews Yakuza mob boss Johnny Zoo about the nightclubs, bars and restaurants he owns across the Commercial district. A series of comedic mishaps ensue, and Allgraves's naivete gets him stuck in rather embarrassing situations, such as consuming a mind-altering Yakuza-manufactured drug and stripping naked in front of a group of female university students or stumbling across a 'pleasure room' in one of the nightclubs, much to Zoo's amusement and annoyance. He also briefly goes into detail the Highlander-Yakuza gang wars, which Zoo tends to deflect as soon as they are mentioned. Depending on the fate of the gang leaders in the commercial district, the show can end with either Zoo or Elmo O' Hara giving a final tour around the Tír na nÓg while mourning the deaths of their former friends, Allgraves awkwardly trying to continue the show because of the deaths of all the gang leaders in the district or another tour with Johnny Zoo around the construction site of his new nightclub, implied to also double as a body disposal ground.


Community Outreach (4 Episodes)

Hosted by social worker Jean Amies, what was originally intended as a show to devise community-centric methods to improve the quality of life in the Megacity devolves into a heated political debate and eventually a massacre within studio grounds. Guests include Richard Lee Kingsley, a Zaibatsu representative who provides an almost authoritarian approach to the crime situation in the Megacity, Iris Pandetta, a liberal that suggests the creation of universal restraining orders against everyone in the city so that 'income will be distributed more fairly', Alain Fletchette, a far-right gun lover who recommends shooting everyone within a 2 mile radius to mitigate crime, and Venus Ordelia, Epsilon cult leader that deflects all questions and rebuttals and only brings attention to her cult as well as asking people to donate or join it.


New Kicks! (3 Episodes)

Hosted by shoe enthusiast and former DJ of KR-EZ, Richie T. Biscuits. The show follows Richie as he visits shoe shops around the city and critiques and reviews them, although most of the time, he just insults people's choice of footwear on the streets. He also talks bitterly of his departure from the aforementioned radio station and saying how 'those motherf*ckers are wack ass motherf*ckers'. In the final episode, because of his tendency to berate others, he is eventually beaten up by members of the Ryders in the Residential district, while ironically, and finally, complimenting their choice of footwear as they are kicking him on the ground.


Trident: The Musical Hellhole (4 Episodes)

A parody of Pitchfork, the show follows music enthusiast Marco Del Gado as he visits live shows and clubs around the city, and plays demos by certain up-and coming artists. More often than not, he finds the music terrible, and often throws objects such as bottles, chairs and even Molotov cocktails at the musicians, and running away from the venues. He eventually stumbles across a band that claims to 'combine post-post-post progressive hardcore with alternative harsh noise folk trap music'. After playing a short cacophony of sounds, Marco admits that the band 'was pretty good' and asks them if they wish to sign up under his label. 






The karaoke minigame features songs that are not featured in any of the radio stations, but are available for purchase at the music stores. This is one of the only instances in the game where the player can hear Speed's voice.


They have a predominantly 1980s theme, and range from genres such as early shoegaze and soft rock to more soulful and urban contemporary hits. A number of the tracks were also featured in previous games of the series.






As an easter egg to the older games, Speed's holographic communication device contains instrumental short snippets of tracks from the first three games that he/she can set as ringtones. Joyride by Da Shootaz is the default ringtone for Speed's device.






Edited by DownInTheHole
moved some songs from head radio into a new station that plays underground 80s-90s heavy metal, which I will update in due time

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