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GTA V - Tales From Alderney | IV Alderney State Map mod (Download soon..)

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GTA V | Tales from Alderney

 DLC Map of Alderney State




Remember Alderney City way back from GTA IV? Jimmy Pegorino, TLAD, whatever the f*ck, it's coming back to GTA V thanks to Menyoo & Liberty Rewind mod. 

I have taken a small piece of the early version of Liberty Rewind mod, all credits to him for that. The map contains certain neighborhoods all over the state, Hispanic Gangs, African American dope dealers, other minority gangs spread all over Alderney all the way to Westdyke and a piece of a great downtown part in Leftwood. 

More updates to come, but every neighborhood is to be loaded with Menyoo's Spooner thing, thing is i'm still trying to figure out some stuff, until then - A DLC Map of New Jersey (Alderney), and few Menyoo Xml files which contain the neighborhoods, the peds, cars, objects, everything. 

More details will be provided at GTA5-Mods where the map is to be uploaded.

Until then, share your opinion, watch the trailer, I did it for fun and roleplay puropses.





































Edited by almightyvasi

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Wow. I so wish the entire IV map was converted to GTA V. This is great.

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6 hours ago, Lordani_66 said:

Wow. I so wish the entire IV map was converted to GTA V. This is great.

Thanks man, actually threre is one mod called Liberty Rewind but it carries alot of bugs and crashes, you can't actually enjoy the game. The idea behind this thing, I took a small piece from this mod and gave this map some color, similar to the real life NJ, my state. download link soon as I close some corners.

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