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Cannot find mission "Zeroing In"


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Hey 2019 and I’m looking for anybody to help me with this same issue

ive completed car skool but still no Cv missions 

earlier I had this issue when reaching the very last robbery/Mafia missions not appearing after MADD DOG (jumps off casino roof) so attempted to reset to an earlier mission to repeat still without luck. This is when I’ve discovered these missing missions. 



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First: Did Carl BUY the Wang Motors?

The Steal Car missions are available after completing driving school and Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. and buy the Wang Cars showroom for $50,000 to unlock these missions.

Zero has developed a tracking device which notes the location of a vehicle on your wishlist based on cellphone calls made by the driver. Everytime the driver makes a call, her location appears on the radar as a red blip. Follow her, and don't let her trail go cold! Once you have found her, clip the back end of her car - like you learned in driving school - to spin her out of control. Steal the car and take it back to your garage in Doherty. It will now appear in the Wang Showroom.


If that did not "fix" your game, then, Some details about your game specifics  please,

  • Which Version of the Game do you have?

1.       Console. (which one)

2.       PC DVD v1 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

3.       PC DVD v2 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

4.       STEAM Registered Down Load v3 [Must be connected to the internet]

5.       Mobile (Android or iOS)

6.       Stolen, (Warez, Torrent, Pirated), Game: No fixes to be found here there are too many reasons for the game to not work. The Pirate may have corrupted the games files. The Pirate removed the security code to allow the game to play without the DVD, and may have elimanated necessary code line to make it quicker to upload.  Ask at the Source Site. Or buy the real Game.  [This Site does not support Piracy.]


You don’t need to quote this large post, just posting   answers will be fine.


If the game is not fixed and you have mods installed:

The GTA San Andreas forum is NOT for Modding, Modding questions, Modding problems, nor Modding discussions.

Please, repost in the proper section of the GTA Mods Forum:




Edited by lil weasel
correct spelling and update information.
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