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Western County RP FiveM | Professional & Realistic | Custom Vehicles | CAD | TS | Whitelist |NEW

Western County RP

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Western County RP

Welcome to Western County Roleplay's Thread!


Why should I join?
WCRP is a professional and realistic RP FiveM Based group available to members to join. You should join because we have multiple positions available, with a DOJ style gameplay, custom vehicles with custom skins, a fully functional CAD, and members who can have fun. We have multiple departments like:


  • Blaine County Sheriff's Office
  • Civilian Operations
  • Communications Department 
  • Volunteer Fire (must be full time with one of the above 3 departments)


Who are we?
Western County RP is a group of people that enjoy the realism and professionalism that roleplay consists of. We enjoy the realistic training and the organization and structure to create a strong based community.


Who runs Western County RP?
Andrew is the Director. Andrew has been part of the roleplay scene for many years. His back ground includes; assisting with the development of LLRP and IRP. Being the Director of a xbox community that is still running to this day, and real life knowledge of EMS services. Andrew has become a great leader, with a plan in mind. He is persistent and will continue to make WCRP grow and become a successful community.


We are here to create a realistic Law Enforcement and Civilian Based group that we together can call family. Join the community and give us a try! Apply using the link below, and join out recruitment discord! 


Applications: http://bit.ly/32YxynP

Discord: https://discord.gg/N6QgEYt


Andrew A.



Edited by Western County RP
Updated Information
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Western County RP

Good morning everyone! Apply today and become part of a new community. There is MORE than enough room to grow and we are looking for some leadership positions with some awesome privileges. Join today and become part of the family! :)


Even if you dont have a PC you can still join today! Become a dispatcher, find out more information in the application. 

Edited by Western County RP
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