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GTA VI Protagonist Speculation


Recommended Posts

Shyabang Shyabang

Protagonist 1 looking like...




Protagonist 2 looking like...



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  • 1 month later...

here is an idea for protagonists i want to see in gta 6

if it is set in vice city in the 80s have

-a hispanic, cuban or Puerto rican immagrint who is building a drug empire in vice city, mostly operates in the urban areas of the map.

-a haitan gang member who like cj is a second in command and is gaining more territory for the gang. mostly operates in the city.

-a redneck who is a member of a countryside gang called dixie co-operative (a gta parody of dixie mafia) and runs a series of moonshining, methamphetimine manufacturing, and arms dealing businesses. mostly operates in the rural areas of the map.


if it is set all across the united states in present day have

-an italian american member of the lupisella crime family in liberty city who is looking to grow independent and build a criminal empire.

-a lost mc lieutenant who is rising through the ranks and expanding the clubs operation.

-an ambitious mexican cartel member who has the dreams of power, wealth, and respect and earns those things by expanding and forming a nationwide drug empire.

-an FIB agent who strives to do his duty which is to protect the american people and is sent to many cities all over the country to take down known crime syndicates and hunt wanted criminals.

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Middle Class Roadman

Well seeing as the most likely time setting will be the 1970's I personally think the protagonist will look something along the lines of the antagonist from No Country For Old Men

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If we’re doing a modern day vice city setting, a young Haitian/Jamaican American would be very well fitting 




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Like Steve Buscemi on bath salts

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I would like to see more characters with different races other then caucasian guys. We could get black peoples, mexicans, even asian peoples.

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  • 7 months later...

One of the protagonists looks like a native American and her story line begins from an Indian reservation 

9421e1242848a82c1489be30d290823f.jpgThanks to next 'Twilight' movie, fame is about to bite Boston's Julia Jones  - The Boston Globe


There has been native Americans in RDR games, but now the R* wants to explore the culture in modern, more urban setting (right?)

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@RenegadeAngel Phillip Marlowe (Elliott Gould version) slaps but I'd very much want someone like him in a potential LA Noire sequel, like NY Noire or something. Just based on his looks and mannerism he'd work fine too a GTA title. 4YdD.gif


1 hour ago, Collibosher said:

One of the protagonists looks like a native American and her story line begins from an Indian reservation 




On topic images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSao15nMgHT8bAsYDS04aX

(Doesn't have to be someone exactly like Stuntman Mike, just his mannerism and presence).


Or, a character (hitman and thief) with the behavior of Harry Caul. 


(The Conversation is one my favorite movies of all time, so I'm biased lol)

Edited by Zapper
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tbh i bet that the main protagonist or one of them is young white guy some what similar to paul walker if its in modern day vice city,,


Paul Walker's Death: Universal Unveils Emotional Tribute on YouTube (Video)  | Hollywood Reporter

The shows of Brian O'conner (Paul Walker) in Fast and Furious


I dont know why,, i just got a feeling thats how he will be.


Wouldnt it be interesting if it was like William Foster from Falling down or Walter white of breaking bad though? New for gta at least.

Older men who accidently or forced becames drug smuggler or something like that 



Edited by Kngee1899
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  • 1 month later...

I don't really care about how the protagonist looks like, though i prefer Rockstar to do something they haven't do yet (law officer, female, etc). Personally, i'd love to see another trio, but this time, based on Burn Notice:


  1. An innocent man who was thrown to prison for crime he did not commit. Shortly after leaving the jail, he seeks to find the truth behind the crime.
  2. A rising female criminal, could be a hitwoman or con artist, with military/espionage background.
  3. A charismatic aged criminal, could be a major drug dealer.


Burn Notice TV Show Air Dates & Track Episodes - Next Episode

Edited by wise_man
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Project Americas anyone?



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Russel Adler from CoD Cold War or a Pablo Escobar ripoff

Edited by EliteGamer_6
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Yeah, Mexican protagonist would be a good idea. 

But seriously, I would like to see an Asian protagonist, that something looks cool as Bruce Lee, but only in modern style:


We had them only on 2D tittles, but would be cool to see it in 3D model. 

A british Rodney Morash look a like and russian protagonist would be awesome to see as well, but personally I think the Asian type of protagonist would be the best pick imo.


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Heavily depends on the setting but a Hispanic (not necessarily a Mexican) protagonist would be cool especially if the area has a large Hispanic population. Also seconding the idea of an Asian protagonist.

Edited by GhettoJesus
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I like the lookings of the guy on the right, needn't be a biker.




For a female player I'd vote for Gina Carano:



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  • 2 months later...


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Leather Rebel

brad pitt once upon a time in hollywood ile ilgili görsel sonucu



I reckon he'd look and act like Cliff Booth,preferably over 7ft,ripped up,muscular,just someone who's very  intimidating.

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