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Resetting 2-Step Vertification on Social Club Account is a complete NIGHTMARE!


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I sent a ticket to Rockstar Support from another social club account I created because I couldn't sent a ticket from my actual Social Club Account because I need the 2-Step Vertification code in order to get access into my account, so I sent a ticket and asked if they can reset the 2-Step Vertification cause I wiped my phone and didn't realise my 2-Step Vertification of R* Social Club doesn't carry over when I just re-download it. And Kaleb said :


Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.

We would be glad to help reset the Authenticator for you, but before we proceed, we seek your help to gather the following pieces of information for verification purpose:

  • Platform name (PSNID / Gamertag / Steam ID)
  • Date of Birth associated with the Social Club account

Note: The reply to this message would need to be via the email which was used to create the Social Club account, and not by logging into the Support site and updating this ticket, for us to verify the ownership of the account.

Once we have all the required information, we can go ahead and help you reset the 2-Step Verification of your account.

Best regards,
Rockstar Support"

So after that I emailed from the actual email that was used to create the account, and then I got this E-mail:


##- Please type your reply above this line -##

Hello and thank you for contacting Rockstar Games Technical Support. 

In order to assist you in solving your problem, we ask that you please visit our website at support.rockstargames.com. 

There you can submit a support request with options for assistance from our dedicated Rockstar Support team. 

You can also check server status, search our knowledge base, ask questions in our support community, and review the status of your support requests. 

Thank you again for contacting Rockstar Games Support.


So what am I supposed to do now? I cannot reset the 2-Step Vertification on my account.

IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME PLS! This would be appreciated so much, if anyone has an email of a Rockstar Support Employee so that I can contact him so that he can resolve this for me! Please, it would mean the world to me!

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