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Should horses be nerfed? lol


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Does anyone have a horse with a brain larger than that of a gnat? Every horse I get is an idiot, not to mention skittish as hell.


I know real horses get skittish of snakes, among other things, but not 30 seconds after you've already gone by and for the next minute or so after that.


I don't know if they've been making adjustments to the horses but mine seems to have gotten dumber and a lot more skittish compared to the weeks following the day I got it.


This is online.

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The Dedito Gae

Should disconnects be nerfed?


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It varies based on the threat. If its a snake it will whine a little bit but will continue to follow your commands. Wolves affect them a little and only affect them greatly when they get close. Bears have a much bigger impact where it slows down a bit and is looking behind it but should still steer you true so long as you don't let it close the gap. What they're afraid of most is cougars, if they get even remotely near you that horse will buck you off and bolt.

Its better than in Red Dead Redemption 1, cause in the first game predators will attack your horse. Cougars were a plague and can one shot your horse if they get the chance, which is a very real possibility if one pops out of bush nearby unexpectedly. Attacking your horse before you could even react. In RDR2 they just run up and intimidate your horse to get it to buck you off.

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Failed Again


Muskrats, are way too loud when their killed


Damn I'm turning into one of the people that say, " I like cake".

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Just get a war or draft horse. These won't skittle so easily.


But I seriously only get bucked off once a week at most. You just need to make sure you have a high bonding level with your horse and don't run into obvious threats

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I use an Arabian which is the most skittish of the horses but I rarely ever get bucked off. The key is keeping threats that scare your horse from getting close. You maintain the distance your horse will never bail on you when you need it most. I fought Wolves, Bears, and even Cougars and my trusty steed rarely bailed.

Edited by Ghoffman9
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