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Planes and rudders problem when using just keyboard controls.


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Hello, maybe somebody will know any solution to my problem. So basically a few days ago I bought the Pyro. It is a good plane. Although what I was disappointed by were the controls. So far for using aircraft I have used keyboard-only controls. I don't like controllers and mouse flight controlling feels veeery inconvenient in this game. The problem is that I realised that keyboard-only controls are "discriminated" in a specific way. In other words, if I try to pitch up/down and roll right/left simultaneously the left/right rudders just act differently than when I JUST roll. Basically they retract a bit and are not fully rotated or however you would call it. Even when I land and test it and just press down arrow and right arrow at the same time I see that the side rudders just dont want to move to their maximum-turning position when i also want to pitch up/down. Obviously it results in a great reduction of maneuverabiltiy if I want to roll while pitching up (for example to perform a loop-switch swiftly). The most awkward thing is that I tested the rudders' behavior with my mouse. And if I move my mouse to the right/left (so the plane wants to roll) and I pitch up/down using the keyboard's button - the plane actually behaves as expected, which means that it rotates and pitches up at full speed and rudders are maximally turned. Does anyone have more knowledge on this subject and maybe knows a solution? I tried to look into game's settings but found nothing that could help... The issue apparently have occured in every plane but before buying the Pyro, where it is really blatant and exceptionally annoying, I haven't paid that much attention to this. For example in Hydra it occurs as well but is much less visible because of that particular plane's mechanics.

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