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Iron Raiders MC - GTA Online Motorcycle Club (Xbox One)


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  • Your patch will not be given to you, you MUST earn it by completing both the hangaround and prospect phases
  • Inactivity in any form is not acceptable, if you intend on taking time off or won't be able to make it to an event, be sure to inform an officer first
  • All members must be at least 17 years of age upon joining
  • Griefing, or the use of any items associated with griefing (such as the Oppressor, etc.) is strictly forbidden
  • Access to Discord is mandatory
  • Do NOT join the server if you have no intention to participate or ignore instructions
  • We have both British and American members, and as such we operate using both BST and EST time

If you are unable to stick to these guidelines at ALL times, Iron Raiders MC is not the club for you


"Ride the Broken Road."
Est. 2019


Who are we?

Iron Raiders MC is an outlaw Motorcycle Club roleplaying community founded on July 2nd, 2019. We are a brotherhood that welcomes anybody and everybody interested in biker culture, you will never be discriminated against and you will be treated as one of our own during your tenure in IRMC. We do not have a level or financial requirement in order to join, all we ask is that you own a motorcycle, that's it!

What do we ask of you?
All we ask is that you follow our community guidelines at all times, make yourself known within the community and recruit if necessary. Inactive members will be removed from the community if a good enough reason is not given.



  • You MUST be active in both the club's Discord server and in-game at least twice a week and attend events as often as possible.
  • Your active crew must always be your respective branch within IRMC. You are also not allowed to be a member of any other motorcycle clubs.
  • A mic is required at all times. Any audible background noise is not allowed.
  • Play as your gender.
  • Be dedicated to the club.
  • Don't make an ass of yourself.


What will your duties be?

Upon joining up with Iron Raiders MC, you will immediately be recognized as a hangaround for the club and will be allowed to undertake jobs at your own discretion, usually guarding club businesses. If you decide not to partake in any jobs, you'll instead be welcome to hang out at the clubhouse. Though please be aware that during the hangaround phase, you are strictly forbidden from riding a motorcycle or taking part in any rides until you reach the position of prospect. The more active you are during this stage will help you get noticed by the patched members easier, and will set you on the path to becoming a prospect!

As a prospect, you'll have made your first step to earning your patch and proving yourself worthy of being an Iron Raider. You are now entitled to own your own motorcycle for use within the club, albeit uncustomized (you may change the colour) and are welcome to ride with the club. You'll also be assigned to a patched member who you will work with very closely in order to learn what it means to be a member of IRMC, and once you've learned all there is to know, you'll undertake four trials in order to prove that you're finally worthing of donning our patch. These trials will include, combat trials and working with senior officers within the club in jobs pertaining to their position within the club. Once all four trials have been successfully completed, you will be formally welcomed into the club!

What do we do?

The schedule for IRMC may differ from day to day, as sometimes we'll be working on businesses, and other times we'll be chilling, riding together and getting to know one another. Of course, we do have official events, such as an official ride on a Saturday afternoon and church on a Sunday evening. During our rides we might also stop for fight club, or pay a visit to the casino for a game of blackjack, the possibilities are endless!

How to join

Joining is as easy as easy gets, simply join our Discord server and request an invite to our hangaround branch using the links provided below. Once you are in the server, be sure to provide your social club username and read the server rules thoroughly and you'll be on your way!


Social Club

Edited by OcarinaOfSlime
Change in crew rules
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