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GTAV money

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I’ve come to the conclusion of F*CK GTAV! I’ve been playing for 2 months and can’t break a million and have searched and searched for how to make good money. I know you all aren’t banking 65 billion by doing stupid missions but nobody seems to want to help me out so screw it this game isn’t fun like this.

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Have you finished the game already??  If so, it's too late.  You have to finish the main missions and then search the internet for the tricks of the assassination missions and the stock market, then BAM!   An easy $1B.  I think my guys finished with just under $2B each.

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In story mode you can do the internet based stock trading, but a simpler method is to use the non internet based stock market.  Vangelico the jewelry chain suffers wide price fluctuations after the first heist.  Richard Majestic the movie studio stock acts in a similar fashion once Michael earns the intro to Solomon Richard.  Bottom line is you have no money to invest until after you complete the Trevor missions that introduce him.  The heist shares aren't distributed yet and you can't purchase property before then.   After that buy either or both of these stocks at their low points which can drop to the 50s but if you want to conservate under 100.  Check your portfolio upon switching to a new character as often that can cause a fluctuation or when loading a save.  A billion dollar profit requires about 25 or so aggressive trades.  (That is investing nearly all your ready cash and buying extremely low and selling at a doubled price.)  Conservatively, you can always sell off stock on small bumps up in the market (10 to 20 point change).  Accept the fact that even if you have invested all three characters at a rock bottom price, you might not be able to sell off the stock for a huge profit for all three at the sametime.  As I said changing characters can affect stock prices.  

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