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Replace picture in OpenIV sometimes not possible ?


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hey guys, if anyone has the time. can you please look at this OpenIV question  ? 

 it seems there are gtav ydt ydr files that are embedded and don't have the possibility to be replaced in OpenIV..

 i tried to replace a dds picture file without any luck.
can i ask anyone to take a look at it and say if you could replace the dds file ?
 hopefully you have more luck and can tell me what i am doing wrong here,. 
it is really simple.
 just search in mod folder mspecialraces , for this file in OpenIV :


and see this dds picture used inside :  

prop_ron_drop_sign ,

 than just replace it with a similar but different dds picture. or adjust the old one. just have a different picture for the result. 
 and tell me if you were able to replace the file. i could not ! strange enough. 

i tried to do this but the old picture stays in the result. 

i have replaced dds pictures before. and all works fine, just not at this one. and maybe a few more. 

you can replace and save the new picture,. but the old picture would not leave in the result and keep showing up.


just curious if someone else has the same issue with replacing texture picture in OpenIV. 


hope to hear soon , thanks. 

Edited by elmentor
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You can't edit YDR embedded textures directly in OpenIV yet. But, you can export model to openFormats replace textures and import it back into OpenIV.


Here is a video for GTA IV, but for GTA V actions will be similar:


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thanks for the reply , this looks promising !

I searched on Google how to download OpenFormats , but no links that I could find except OpenIV , that I already have from the website.  

 can you give me a download link where I can find OpenFormat ? 

 I want to jump right in this today 

 hope to hear from you soon,

thanks !


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I am also a little bit confused by the video , half of it is in Russian and I don't speak Russian so well except for a few words ( I once had a Russian girlfriend ) 

it looks like in the video the program used is openIV , so I don't understand what you mean with export to openformat . 


but I still have good hopes when you say the mission is still possible what I try to do. 

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openFormats is part of OpenIV.


4 minutes ago, elmentor said:

so I don't understand what you mean with export to openformat . 



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haha yes i just found this myself now too , but super thanks for fast reply !

i let you know if the mission worked ! 


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ok in your video

 i managed to export the pictures,. 

i replaced the dds, 

but i got stuck on the import , how exactly.

 in the video it was not very clear and looked too different from what i have here and russian too.

how exactly do i import the replaced dds file back into openiv  ?

 i watched the video 20 times in 0.5 speed  , but could still not figure it out from there. 

 i want to send some screenshots but dont know how to do that from here 

 in your video on the moment of import i see sudenly name bronx files which did not show up before . 

 that confused me as well, you also deleted some files , and that was not very clear to me in russian what you exactly deleted

and then the import it self , i got stuck , not clear where or what . hope to hear from you soon

i feel this is gonna work out , but i need some help from a friend.

 thanks a lot  



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IT WORKED!!!!!!!



superhappy here

i kept searching and trying

spent hours and days 

 but you gave the final solution 

 thanks a lot !!!!!

you are the best !!





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  • 2 weeks later...

can you do me a favor ? 

i made a quick 3 min  tutorial about how to export from zmodeler3 to gtav

but obviously i am not doing it right , 

 could you look at it and maybe please advice me what best i could do here, 

or point me to a good tutorial since i could not find any good tutorial about this online 

 hope to hear from you soon , thanks .


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