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The Journey

What do you think Michael, Trevor and Franklin were up to in 2008?

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The Journey

What were they doing while the events of GTA IV were happening?

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Franklin - still being a wannabe gangster


Trevor - Still nuts as always


Michael - Still being a doormat to his ungrateful and disrespectful family

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Just chillin

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Complaining about the economy 

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Abel Tesfaye

Michael:Sarcasming everything while watching his Jacqueline.

Franklin:In prison

Trevor:Eating people

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I think they were all doing exactly the same things they were doing at the start of GTA V

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The Mysterious One

Here's what I think:

  • Franklin - Likely just banging and hustling. Probably getting into trouble with Lamar as Lamar doesn't seem like he had changed much in a matter of years, or maybe started getting worse as time went on. Likely was with Tanisha and probably was in a better relationship with her.
  • Michael - I would think that things were better than how they were during the events of GTA V. Probably living the retired life a criminal. Tracey and Jimmy had to have been in high school at that point and I would believe that things between him and Amanda were better in their marriage, but it's possible that things could have started getting rocky at that point. I could only guess that the affairs started happening a few years before the events of the game. It had only been four years since the "last score," so it would seem that living the high life was better for all of them, but I would say within the next couple of years was when things started to get bad for his marriage and his family life.
  • Trevor - In my mind, he had to have been on the run and moving from town to town to lie low from any authority. After the job that gone bad, he probably left Ludendorff and then took off to other parts of the country, whether it was Carcer, South Yankton, etc. He was likely on the run throughout that entire decade and picking up hitchhikers and doing you-know-what to them. I could only imagine it was probably 2010 or 2011 when he found his way to San Andreas and then stayed there.

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