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The Journey

Bohan appreciation thread

Recommended Posts

The Journey
Posted (edited)

Everyone is always down on Bohan, but I think it is amazing. It is a caricature of all of the bleakness, gloominess and grittiness Liberty City has to offer. It has nothing like Westdyke or Meadow Hills or Beachgate, etc. 

From South Bohan to Little Bay, let's show some love to the most underrated borough in LC.

Edited by The Journey

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I like Bohan, but I wish it had a gunshop or some cheap arse clothing store even cheaper than the Russian shop. It's a little small, but it's always cool to step outside the safehouse and put shotgun shells in in the preacher's head across the street. In saying that I love its run down atmosphere.


I always see criminals being chased on foot by cops and it's probably the most dangerous feeling of all the boroughs.

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I like this place . A middle of nowhere , full of criminals : Spanish Lord , Albanian . Just go around and mess with them and I think this place suit better as a hideout for Niko than the penthouse in Algonquin .

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It just needed Yankee stadium 

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Posted (edited)

I think it's a sh*thole but that's what's cool about it, it really feels like an authentically rundown area. After the Broker safehouse burnt down and I was forced to live there with trash and rundown buildings, gang members, homeless people, prostitutes and crazy street preachers all around when I walked out my door and had to commute everywhere (queuing for and paying a toll included) and then make the journey back to that sh*tty apartment every day I genuinely couldn't wait to leave - which is great, very well designed unpleasant and relatively cut-off slum area. 


There is some fun stuff there too of course. I love how in South Bohan there's so many buildings you can enter to run through or go up to the roof and jump between buildings and lots of cool alley areas, fun for police chases. Also the best jumps in the game are there, the Albanian gang is there and the Triangle Club is pretty cool. And Chase Point with tons of prostitutes (and an unfinished road overhead where you can park at the edge to use their services and then watch them fall to their death when they get out of the car lol) and the car garage to make $$$. I like the sh*tty beach too and the random scenic park for a little bit of pleasantness. 


Small but essential part of the map imo, key to story progression and an asset to the map to have a markedly worst most run down and dangerous borough of all with few to no redeeming features.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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Posted (edited)

Holding down that bridge that was in construction was really fun during Cops ‘n Crooks in multiplayer.

Edited by TheOriginalGunslinger

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