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I get this everytime I try to load my game. Is there any way I can fix it, I was so close to 100%?

I didn't install any mods, I didn't input any cheats, I didn't touch the savefile. I just played normally, and as soon as I buy the printworks and save in there, this happened. Please don't tell me my save is corrupt without a way to fix it.

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El Penguin Bobo

Hate to say this, but your save file is probably long gone buddy. I had the same thing happen to me, 100% save is gone...


To this day, I nor anyone else has found a fix for this BS bug.


Tried everything, tried using different save files from my playthrough, still nothing...Only idea I have is to start a fresh new game and hope that it won't corrupt again.

EDIT: Try changing compatibility mode to Windows 7 if you haven't already, start a new game from there, see what happens. 

Edited by El Penguin Bobo

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Delete the .set file from your game's safe file folder (GTA Vice City User Files)

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Yeah, like @El Penguin Bobo said, you're save file is probably corrupted. Just for asking, both game and savefile's versions are the same, right?

1.0 saves don't work on 1.1 game version, I don't know if for the opposite is true but I bet it is.

Anyway if that's the case, check out this topic: 




Was that save working before? And if so, did game files changed meanwhile (patch installed for example)?

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