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The real % Breakdown of The Lost and Damned


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Alright deadbeats, time for the TLAD edition of this thread series I've been doing. 


TLAD works the same as IV, each group of content is given a unique total value meaning different kinds of objectives give a different amount of % rather than everything being given the same % weight. In some cases where the content types are shared between TLAD and IV, the values are the same, but TLAD has a more interesting structure, including one particular oddity. Also because TLAD has less content than a main series game, things tend to be worth a lot more than usual.



:22 Story Missions - 65%:

In IV story missions were only worth 60% total, and technically that's true here too. There are 22 missions worth 2.73% each (~2.727272723), but you also get an extra 5% for a single mission, namely 'Hit the Pipe. When you complete 'Hit the Pipe' you get the usual 2.73%+5% or 7.73% total. Now, why you get this amount for that one mission, I have no clue. It could be that they had 5% left over from cut content like cage fighting and decided to dump it on another objective, and 'Hit the Pipe' is basically the exact midpoint of the story, being mission 12 of 22, and the first after Billy gets busted, starting the second act of the game. It could just be that Rockstar realized how obnoxious and terrible this mission is and felt bad so they gave us extra credit for it. Who knows. This makes it similar to the mission 'Autocide' in Vice City which provides double credit, and makes it THE most valuable single mission in terms of % in the ENTIRE series. 


So the real structure here is 60 (22 x 2.73) + 5 for 65 total. 


1 - Clean and Serene
2 - Angels in America
3 - It's War
4 - Action/Reaction
5 - Liberty City Choppers
6 - Bad Cop Drop
7 - Buyer's Market
8 - Politics
9 - Off Route
10 - Coming Down
11 - This sh*t's Cursed
12 - Hit the Pipe
13 - End of Chapter
14 - Bad Standing
15 - Heavy Toll
16 - Marta Full of Grace
17 - Shifting Weight
18 - Roman's Holiday
19 - Diamonds in the Rough
20 - Collector's Item
21 - Was It Worth It?
22 - Get Lost


:2 Strangers - 5%:


These work the same as IV, they are worth 5% total but since there are only two characters, they're worth 2.5% each rather than 0.5% each like in IV. You also still have to complete all missions for a given character before getting your %, which only applies to Malc here since Dave only has a single mission. 

1 - Dave, 1 mission
2 - Malc, 2 missions


:1 set of 50 Seagulls - 3.34%:


Instead of 200 pigeons for 2.5%, you get 3.34% for 50 seagulls. Odd number of course, Bike Races and Gang Wars are worth the same, adding up to 10% of the total. 


:1 set of Friend Activities - 5%:


Friend Activities are worth 5% total just like IV but isn't split between friends since you get all friends when you call any of them. So you don't have to do these multiple times by calling each friend, just do each activity once with Terry and Clay (and Jim), you could call Terry for air hockey and Clay for pool. That's fine. The list is: Air hockey, darts, drinking, eating, pool, show, and strip club.

:4 Games - 5%:


This is exactly the same as IV, 4 games each worth 1.25% for 5% total. The difference here is that bowling and Qubed have been replaced with air hockey and arm wrestling. 

1 - Pool
2 - Darts
3 - Air hockey
4 - Arm wrestling



Everything else here you have to complete the whole set before you get percentage, similar to the pigeons/seagulls and the car thefts, most wanted, etc in IV. You may feel it's unfair only to get a measly 3% for doing 25 gang wars, especially since they get pretty difficult as you go on and hey, I'm not going to disagree. 

:1 set of 12 Bike Races - 3.34%:


:1 set of 25 Gang Wars - 3.34%:


:1 set of 10 Bike Thefts - 5%:


:1 set of 5 Jobs for Stubbs - 5%:


For reference, in IV Street Races, Car Theft Emails, Car Theft Texts, and the 9 Assassination Contracts were only worth 2% total each. So you do at least get a little more for your work here. 





22 Story Missions
2 Strangers
1 Set of 50 Seagulls
1 Set of Friend Activities
4 Games
1 Set of 12 Bike Races
1 Set of 25 Gang Wars
1 Set of 10 Bike Thefts
1 Set of 5 Jobs for Stubbs


34 Total


Which makes TLAD the GTA with the lowest total number of objectives to be completed for 100%. 


That's that. As always thanks to anyone who reads and takes in the info. 



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  • 11 months later...

After completing the mission 'Hit the Pipe' you also unlock the ability to call Terry and Clay for backup. In IV you also receive 5% total from unlocking all friend abilities so I figured the extra 5% increase in the stats might come from that.

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2 hours ago, perennial said:

After completing the mission 'Hit the Pipe' you also unlock the ability to call Terry and Clay for backup. In IV you also receive 5% total from unlocking all friend abilities so I figured the extra 5% increase in the stats might come from that.

Interesting thought my man. Could be.

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