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Barnie Spacullie

Mafia Themed Crew for PS4 (18+) (rp/grinders)

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Barnie Spacullie

Join A Mafia Themed Grinder crew!(ps4)

Spacullie Mafia is an organized Crime Family consisting of Slick city wise guys, and criminals who like to hustle in immerisve ways. We work together, while keeping the game interesting with a fusion of casual grinding and hilarious Rp.
We are quality over Quanity, and we are not talking about your Skills.

"The Spacullie Way":
Yes we have a code. We are going for a Sleezy con man Mafia look. So that often mean vibrant monkey suits, retro track suits, OG chains on black turtle necks ect. We have no interest in rocking with some 14 year olds who just " have to wear a mask". In fact we will not even let you operate with us if you are dressed like some try hard. No colorfull dreads, or white boys with dreads, none of that unrealistic bullsh*t. We might seem picky, but this is a quality vs quanity group. We do not want anything to do with a bunch of face painted weirdos. Would you hop into your mob boss's car with clown makeup and red skinny jeans if you were selling cocaine? f*ck no. Another big part of the Spacullies is we love to party. So that means pulling over and getting drunk or celebrating a sell gone well by hitting the night clubs. It's a lifestyle baby. We try not to use unrealistic attack vehicles unless we are being practical about it. So please be chill with the oppressor because they are fundamentally against our morals if using to troll other people. You may notice that a lot of the originals actually have a mobster accent!! Ok, i am only going to explain this once. We have a sense of humor. Some of us really commit to our personas because it is absolutely hilarious. This is probably one of our strongest attributes because it attracts the majority of our members. So if a goofy Italian American mobster Accent is not something you are down to hear...." then get the f*ck outta my kitchen." If you are not comfortable trying to do a Sopranos accent yourself, it is ok, we have an Australian in the crew (ps4: calos_spyci_wena) , and our friend Gambino (ps4: Freshhsocks) sucks at doing Accents, but we let his ass slide, so do not trip. However, being able to actually do a funny Italian American Accent will damn near get you placed in the crew off tops lol. Lastly, the main thing to understand with our crew is it is all about immersion. Why let the try-hards ruin this almost perfectly crafted open-world game about Organized crime? Why let the assholes make it so you can not enjoy the small things, like enjoying a cigarette in 1st person while in passenger as your Mobster buddy drives you to go rob some cartels for cocaine. We understand these things and we also get not everyone feels this way. If you are looking to surround yourself with people who respect that you want to enjoy your open world gaming expierence, the Spacullies are here. We wont jump in your nice car, just to punch out your window so we can poke an uzi out the window like some f*cking 12 year olds.

Spacullie Mafia Lore: Originating from the Bohan District of Liberty City, the Spacullie Crime Family emerged. The Original Spacullie, Riggitoni Spacullie, was a brother in Law, of one of the Forelli Mafia's most respected members gaining him and his small family access to Organized crime on every level. With little Italian American Mafia Influence in their region due to local street gangs, Riggitoni found an oppurtunity to opportunityily to prosperity while taking over the turf of Bohan. This severed ties with his brother in law, and the rest of the Forelli crime family resulting in a 2 decade long Gang war over heroine, and various drugs popular in Bohan's nightlife.
With the turn of the 80s, Cocaine became a high damand and many Spacullies began migrating to other major Cities such as Las Venturas, and Vice City to exploit these ventures. Upon realizing the high damand in these cities the Spacullies spread too thin, allowing their original turf in Bohan to be over thrown by the Sindacco Crime Family. This massive loss became so much of a stain on the Spacullies repuatation that many out of state memebers just fled and started new lifes. The majority of the remaining Spacullies stayed in Vice City, as the drug induced, sex crazed, party lifestyle was still in full swing out there. A half Cuban Italian, Spacullie, known as Don Crespo (ps4: Doose-Duece ) helped direct grandson of Riggitoni Spacullie, Barnie Spacullie (ps4: BarnieSpacullie) turn the party Scene of Vice City into a Cocaine Powerhouse, hidden behind night clubs, strip clubs and Hookah Lounges. This partnership fostered a brotherhood that is the back bone of the "Spacullie Way".
Now it is the year 2019. Vice City is nothing but a beach city filled with washed-up "used to's" and meth heads. The luxury, and lifestyle that attracted the Spacullies is now gone, and the Drug trade was dwindling. Don Crespo informs Barnie Spacullie of the new surge of night clubs that have hit the scene in Los Santos as well as Casinos, gun smuggling, and illegal operation around every corner. Taking a risk, the rest of the Vice City Spacullie Mafia head West to Los Santos to find fortune, power and to party hard while doing it.

To join.......
Reach out to PS4 : BarnieSpacullie

We will throw you in a party, take you on some jobs see how you do, then if you are chill, welcome to the Family, fellow Spacullie.

Social Club Link : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/spaculliecrimefamily/wall


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How do I sign up? 

Just now, Chris44597 said:

How do I sign up? 

never mind i’m stupid lol.

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Barnie Spacullie
16 hours ago, Chris44597 said:

How do I sign up? 

never mind i’m stupid lol.

Its all good. I wrote a lot. Lmao

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I'd join just for the accents. Wanted to ask, are you in freeaim lobbies or assisted aim? 

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