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(Xbox 360) Brand New Crew 11-Indigo Gang-11 now RECRUITING


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Some of us can't afford to drop $200+ dollars on an xbox one and there are not many good crew options for those of us still stuck in the past on Xbox 360. And its super frustrating and difficult to finish even just a regular mission much less a heist with most randoms. That's why I made this crew. If you are having the same problems hit me up in the comments, on Xbox (GT: LSDalienbrain), or discord (KaleidoscopicThinker#6528)

Our motto is: Be Kind, Kill Griefers, Make MONEY

-We are an anti-griefing crew. Absolutely no griefing OR mods/hacking by members will be tolerated and we ask that as a member you help to contribute best you can to one of our main crew goals: to kill asshats like these on sight, blow up their sh*t, and run them out of the lobbies. We'll be keeping a list on our discord of the worst of the worst. A most wanted list if you will. My hope here is to help make the Xbox 360 GTAO community just a little more tolerable as this is a huge problem on our servers and it makes the game frustrating to play sometimes.

-All levels welcome. We are very much willing to help out lower level players.

-I will be offering quick promotion for active, kind, and serious members and a democratic structure. I'm happy to reward the help in building this crew from the ground up. This is not my crew, but our crew.

-We are not tryhards. We take the game seriously as it relates to doing heists and whatever but not too seriously. You feel me? This is a video game, the idea here is to still to have fun. So no dress code, no strict roleplay, very minimal rules.

-We strongly prefer players that are 18 and older but will make exceptions for players who are younger but are able to show some maturity.

-No mic requirement. We can communicate on discord through text and/or voice.

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your thread, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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