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Roleplay (Bewdy Squad)

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Do you want to join one of the most realistic, immersive, and interactive roleplay communities? Then Bewdy Squad Gaming is just the place for you! With a dedicated developer team and determined leadership, the BSG community is trying to expand in order to host larger and larger roleplay sessions that take place almost every day around 8pm EST. 

I am HMG94, currently a Sergeant and ATO/FTO within the Sheriff's Department. One of many departments to choose from such as; Local Police, Sheriff's Department, State Troopers, Park Rangers, Firefighters, and Paramedics -- Each with their own subdivisions! 

Police and Sheriff's have Traffic units, Rapid Response, Detective, DUI/DWI, Aviation, etc.
State Troopers, like real life, double as Highway Patrol and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) - equivalent to the DOT.
Park Rangers respond to a variety of calls, but will focus on 'Wildlife & Animal Control' as well as the usual Game Warden stuff. So hunting/fishing violations are handled by them. 

Utilizing custom vehicles based on their real life, law enforcement, counterparts, CAD/MDT, Discord & TeamSpeak, Postal Codes, and extensive Penal and Ten Codes the Life Roleplay by BSG is one a premier roleplaying community with an emphasis on realism, interactivity, immersion, and community. You will have the option to be an LEO, Rescue, or a Civilian - who have tons to do.

Our Civilians are the most important part of the community, relying on imagination to have fun in a way that doesn't always result in the law or rescue services having to respond. They hang out with friends, grab a drink, go hunting, fishing, or swimming, etc. They basically live out an actual life which lends itself really well towards immersion being a large part of what we're about.

NOTE: Emergency service positions are not guaranteed, as you are put where you are needed the most with consideration toward your requested department.




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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your thread, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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