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iiCriminnaaL 49

Overrated and underrated characters

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2 hours ago, Gtaman_92 said:

Dwayne Forge

Somehow I missed Dwayne. I agree though he's pretty underrated.


I like hanging out with him because I get the sense him and Niko have lived pretty similar lives. It was interesting that before he got into dealing that he wanted to be a cop. 

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On 9/5/2019 at 6:44 PM, SonOfLiberty said:

To be fair most people have probably never played CTW much like the top down GTAs. I have to admit sometimes I forget CTW is even part of the HD era and one could be forgiven for not rating him very highly because of the Anime presentation and the fact it's written dialogue making it harder to get a gauge of his personality.


I like to imagine if he was a spoken protagonist he'd have traits very similar to Niko with the cockiness of Luis (That's the impression he gave me). . 

I don't really think it's that hard to gauge what his actual personality is. He's a rich, snobby kid whose surrounded by idiots, making him the smart one. It's the situations he's put in that makes it easier to understand how he acts. 

Edited by LCLegend

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Evil empire



Tommy Vercetti: He's for sure quite enjoyable to direct but when you see him acquire the skumhole shack which is by far the crappiest "safehouse" I've ever seen in a GTA and to make things even more ridiculous pay for it his "guy who doesn't take a sh*t from anyone" side definitely loses a lot of credibility. His Starfish Island mansion which is supposed to symbolize his wealth and power is just an empty nutshell filled with hallway mixed with a junkyard when you see the entry hall. He's supposed to be Vice City's kingpin at the end but can't even conquer the enemy territories some of his companies are inside of. Everytime he buys a company he personally does the job to make it profitable without anything in the scenario justifies it. Like I wrote in another topic the game would be more credible and immersive if there was a sequence explaining Tommy bought a certain quantity of drug the cops are going to confiscate and his only truck-driving employee is sick before he goes to sell the drug-filled Cherry poppers ice-cream. Tommy Vercetti suffers some serious inconsistencies that are rarely mentioned. You can always reply Tommy is a fictional character and Vice City was made very fastly the facts are here.


Cesar Vialpando: He doesn't have anything extraordinary that would make him a memorable character. He's just a random and easily forgettable character at least IMO.




Carl Johnson: CJ  undeniably doesn't have all the unidimensional consistency Claude shows for example but contrary to Tommy you never see him pay to get any crappy safehouse, he conquers the enemy territories where Tommy just waits for his enemies to attack his interests and the fact he oftenly performs menial tasks to make some companies profitable is more credible when you know he doesn't own most of the businesses he works for. So yes Carl Johnson lacks of consistency from time to time but he's certainly not worse than Tommy Vercetti on this point.


Mr Truth: by fr the most memorable GTA character I've ever seen and one of the best video games characters I've ever seen in my life, like Sheogorath in The Elder Scrolls franchise but still I don't see many persons who seem to enjoy this marvelous character as much as I do.

Edited by Evil empire

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Eugene H. Krabs

Overrated: CJ, CJ, CJ, CJ, CJ, CJ, oh and CJ. And in case I didn't get my point across: CJ. If you didn't hear that the second time: CJ


Underrated: Huang Lee. Hardly anybody talks about him but he's one of my fave protagonists. His lines always get a laugh out of me

Edited by Eugene H. Krabs

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On 8/22/2019 at 4:20 PM, iiCriminnaaL 49 said:

I agree. The minor characters of GTA IV are indeed very well written and detailed.


I wish Mikhail's bodyguard had a slightly bigger role as well. I was surprised that he was the same hitman who ambushes Roman's wedding in the Deal ending.

I can’t believe I’m not saying this until now but yes, I agree that Faustin’s bodyguard should’ve had a slightly bigger role as well in addition to the characters I listed earlier. Also, as a matter of fact, I completely forgot about him up until you said something about him nearly a month ago. I’m also glad you brought him up. TBH, I think it would’ve been pretty cool if instead of being the wedding hitman in the Deal ending, he had a role LONG before, being sorta like to Mikhail Faustin as Anthony Corrado was to Jimmy Pegorino (i.e., snitching to the feds about the crime boss and being killed by Niko because of it).

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unerrated:jacob, this guy is one of the best gta characters and criminals ever, it’s always fun to hang out with him.

hernandez:for some reason that guy was never talked even though we’ce seen him almost in the whole game

Edited by Max.pain

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