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I need some help; Mod loading problems


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Hello all I was wishing that I can get some help concerning my game anyways so here’s what happened I do have some mods installed but I am aware of the mods that makes the game lag and so far I only have a good mods that supports my PC so that is not the issue the issue is that from the first mission all the way to being left with ryder and big smoke mission The loading screen starts to load black and I would wait and it would keep loading black and CJ is still stuck in Los Santos having no missions to do because of this reason I know that it also happens when he date Denise And takes her to the bar it loads black but when I am not doing missions there’s no black loading screen the Load would work on anywhere I enter , So please help me out and please don’t tell me to uninstall my game because I don’t wanna lose my mods it wasn’t easy working for them and I would really appreciate some helpful tips . Anyways help me out because it had been days now. My laptop is the windows 98 And I did check the compatibility and fixed all that and follow tips and YouTube and all but nothing seems to work. 


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Mis spelling
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Did the game work Before you dumped the Modifications into it?

Did you install the Mods ONE at a Time, play the game to ensure it Still worked?

Those are the basics.

So Sad...

The GTA San Andreas forum is NOT for Modding, Modding questions, Modding problems, nor Modding discussions.


Please, repost in the proper section of the GTA Mods Forum:




Then there is the matter of

Please tell our friends in the Modding forums:
  • Which Version of the Game do you have?

1.       Console. (which one)

2.       PC DVD v1 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

3.       PC DVD v2 (you are playing with the DVD in the Drive?)

4.       STEAM Registered Down Load v3 [Must be connected to the internet]

5.       Mobile (Android or iOS)

6.      IF you have a  Stolen, (Warez, Torrent, Pirated), Game: No fixes to be found here, too many reasons not to work. Ask at the Source Site. The Forums Do Not support Stolen Games. Buy the real one.



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