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GTA Underground Crash At the Game Cover after the Intro

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Posted (edited)

I just downloaded Snapshot 3 and updated it to Snapshot 3.3.11, then here goes the problem. The game opens up just fine from the Logo and GTAtitles until it reaches the GTA Underground cover. I thought that the game was just taking its time to load but it went on for 15 minutes and still doesn't show the menu. I pressed ALT+Tab and saw that there was an error window that says that "weather.dat is missing" because there might be an error installing the mod or simply I deleted "weather.dat" in the data folder, which is not the case at all. I have installed the mod in a downgraded version of GTA (GTA_SA.exe 1.0 US). It is also a clean copy, no mods whatsoever. Since I am stuck in this problem for a week now, I just don't want to stand idle here and wait for the devs' reply. I scavenged the internet and was trying to find that "weather.dat" file. Nothing came up. It doesn't even exist in the original copy of GTA: San Andreas!


TL;DR, Can I grab a copy of "weather.dat"? This would help me a lot. Thanks!

Edited by SanAndreasAgent
Snapshot 3 works fine. 3.3.11 doesn't.

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I feel stupid now. Downloaded a data backup folder from the internet and compared it to my "clean copy". Turns out that my .dat files are modified in some way.

Snapshot 3 works perfectly fine now. Snapshot 3.3.11 has the same problem though. So, still in need of that "weather.dat" file.

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Just going to reply on my own post so others won't follow my stupidity.

In order for V3.3.11 to work, you just need to download this sequence 3>3.3>3.3.11

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