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Can analogue throttle/acceleration be implemented in the Renderware titles on PC?

muh linucs

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This must have been answered somewhere in the Ginput thread. If throttle is mapped to the triggers (or any other analogue input, as far as I know), only the acceleration-rate is being controlled, not the speed of the vehicle per se. The car will reach its full speed even if only slightly holding accel.

GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas all had analogue throttle on PS2 unless I'm entirely mistaken. Was the support completely removed from the PC version code?

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  • 5 months later...

This is fairly interesting. I have an analog kb, called Wooting 2. It supports, both dinput and xinput. Using 1.0 version, right out of the box - well, .exe is modded with Silentpatch and everything that goes with it, I have Cleo and as well as Modloader, Skygfx and couple of other minor tweaks - I cannot achieve gradual acceleration and gradual braking. Everything else works just fine though. While on foot, it works flawlessly as it supposed and interestingly enough, I can steer left and right gradually, but when accelerating and braking, it's just pedal to the metal as usual, pressed keys are either "on" of "off". When trying to use Ginput, things start to get buggy, sometimes the mouse won't work while pressing keys at the same time, or trying to go simply left or right would make player go around in circles as if being controlled by mouse. In attempt to map acceleration and braking accordingly inside my Wootility program, I simply couldn't find any Xbox button that will match acc and braking, so it might be that PC version is missing it..



So, I'm far from savvy when it comes to these things, but from what I know, that could be indeed the case, that this particular part is not there. Damn, I always loved that feature on PS2, it was so awesome, but with KB being my preferred choice, I'm so disappointed with missing that feature even with the completely analog keyboard...

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  • 2 weeks later...

It would be nice if it was. That feature made playing on PS2 so enjoyable. I connected my PS2 controller to use with the PC versions and it just feels really awkward and nowhere near as engaging. But the question is what controllers are out there that connect to the PC and support analog buttons? I don't know if the PS2 controller adapters have that functionality with them.

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