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Which car to buy


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Hey guys,

i want to buy a new car but i dont know which one. I think about Bravado Gauntlet Classic, because its great for customize. I also think about supercars, i think xa-21 is nice and i also think about Vigilante but ist very expensive. So whick car you guys think i should by. It can be every car you like you dont need to choose between this 3 i think about. Thanks for answers.

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The only person that can decide is you. We can't tell you this car and that car is awesome because it all depends on what you like and want. And which are important: speed or looks, or both. 

Edited by SilverRST
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I want fast supercar or car with many customizable options.

And yes you cant decide for me, but you can give me your opinions and then i will decide which car i like. 

Edited by AP23
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XA-21 is a good option as it's fast AND has lot of options for customization.


Same goes for the Nero Custom and Itali GTB Custom. They are customizable at Benny's.


If you wait until Thursday, Rockstar will probably release the Progen Emerus, which is likely going to be the new fastest supercar.

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Beside the already mentioned Itali GTB Custom (looks/customization) , XA21(performance/looks) and Emerus (performance) I like to add the Pariah(looks, top speed, best performance for beginners), the Schlagen GT (customization/looks) and two of my personal favs(not very popular though) : Grotti Visione and the Seven-70 (both bc of Design).


If you're looking for classic cars: there are many really nice ones. 

Same for muscle and the other classes. And beware of AHF Cars 

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7 hours ago, AP23 said:

Hey guys,

i want to buy a new car but i dont know which one. I think about Bravado Gauntlet Classic.

Then you are a smart man. Buy it and never look back.

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Standard Deluxe 59

The Gauntlet Classic will always be a good choice in car. Great sound, great customization and fantastic modelling.


The XA-21 is easily the best looking and best sounding super car in the game and it features rather extensive customization options. 


The Vigilante can't be used in races and you also won't be able to go in passive while in it as it's a weaponized vehicle. 


But if I were you I'd buy a Gauntlet first and then an XA-21. 

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Thanks for answers guys. I think i will buy Gauntlet classic and then xa-21 or emerus. Sorry for my bad english btw


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