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[WIP|RDR|PC] Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project


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8 minutes ago, DamnedDev said:

I still like modding and it's fun shouldn't be censored.

I mean that doesn't answer my question but okay

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58 minutes ago, DamnedDev said:

The Project is halted completely. If you can catch my drift what happened. I will make a update video explaining what happened and such. I'm a bit depressed and upset.

This is really bad news... Hope someone gives them the finger and don't give a **** about their threats someday. Modding is not illegal, you have no profit from it or can harm any sale possibility with this project. They are ridiculous on this "DoN't ToUcH oUr iP oR wE'll SuE U" policy, it's about time to get some real rage on them, and get this sh*t exposed.


Are they becoming the new Nintendo? I'd like to know what law you're breaking here with this mod. 

Edited by undergroundvicious
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Well this sucks. I was looking forward to getting my hands on a build. It would seem that running RDR1 on Xenia and rpcs3 is the closest we will ever get to rdr1 on PC.

This thread should probably be locked soon otherwise people will start begging for it to be released in a torrent like what happened in RDRV.

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3 minutes ago, DamnedDev said:

Not yet working with DreamRebel on legal stuff. My case is pretty strong and could win and change their mind. They done shady stuff getting my private info and contacted my family. I've been contacting people to spread word. I'm not letting them them bully me and keep my mouth shut. I complied and stopped progress but hopefully I can sort out this.

Yes i would think so. I find it very curious that rockstar and take two have a problem with this. As far as i know their policy on mods is "You can mod our games but you cannot port rockstar assets between IP's". To point out how liberally they use this rule Liberty Rewind is a mod for GTA 5  that as far as i know was released prior to RDRV being shut down and to this day it can still be downloaded. Your mod isnt even a conversion of an existing rockstar IP like RDRV or Liberty Rewind, its just a graphics and performance mod.

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2 hours ago, RedDread said:

As far as i know their policy on mods is "You can mod our games but you cannot port rockstar assets between IP's”


I dunno man, GTA UG has sh*t from bully and manhunt so I think they just don’t want nobody touching RDR

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If RDR1 is officially, finally coming to the PC, packaged with the yet to be announced PC version of RDR2? ... yeah, then I can understand this whole situation (a bit). However if there is no such plan at R*/Take Two to bring over RDR1 to the PC then I have no idea why they'd do this. Sorry that you put all this effort into this project for nothing in the end.

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13 minutes ago, universetwisters said:


I dunno man, GTA UG has sh*t from bully and manhunt so I think they just don’t want nobody touching RDR

Pretty much. It's clearly because they fear it would impact rdr2 on pc

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Very sorry to hear that the project got halted, let's hope temporarily.

I have a question though, there were rumors that the game's code was such a mess that that it even ran on ps3 and xbox 360 was a wonder and that why rockstar never ported the game over to PC. Did you find things that confirm this while making the mod? 


Thanks a lot for making this project, I just finished RDR again on my xbox and it still can't be beaten in terms of story and atmospheric music for me. 

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16 hours ago, DamnedDev said:

Except i'm not remastering as that implies huge re-work of game. For legal purpose the project is a "Mod". And will us existing game with tweaked stuff and new textures and some updated models here and there. But "Media" caused this to begin with. They click-baited calling it something it isn't for clicks and views. But yes they should had brought this to PC.

Except you're explicitly stating you're remastering it in the original post ("The target of the project is set out to remaster and optimize the game to run and look better"). And a remaster is exactly this - tweaking stuff, adding new textures and updating models. Of course this was going to attract attention from Take Two. You might have a legal footstep (IANAL, so I dunno), but stop blaming the media for something you said and started yourself.

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On 9/10/2019 at 8:51 PM, DamnedDev said:

No i did not say that or anything they did not me. Media is at fault for Click Baiting. The way i used was different manner they used it in a way where it made it sound like i was doing a total rework of game. Shame i must edit it to clarify that. It's a no brainier i talking about the visuals.

Yes you did. You literally said it was a remaster in the top post. I quoted the part where you specifically say you are remastering the game. I quickly googled a bunch of articles and none of them are saying you're remaking a game, only that you're tweaking the visuals and remastering it. Like you said you are. That's literally what a video game remaster is. Look at other remasters like Zelda Twilight Princess HD - the only thing they touched were the visuals, the rest of the game is intact. When you "talk about remastering the visuals" you're remastering the game. How are you not understanding this?? Man, I think you have a good defense here, but don't throw the media under the bus like they didn't understand or whatever.

Edited by Flubber11
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6 hours ago, DamnedDev said:

Wrong remaster to Publisher means full remake. Media did on purpose for clicks. But I get what your saying on Zelda. I just need them to clarify I'm only updating game and everything game functions and runs and based on is exact same anything visual just being pushed on existing engine. Talked to few legal people saying remaster without clarifying can cause confusion on other parties. I have people who ask me daily if I'm reworking whole game and such Media painted the picture of it. I just want correct info published.

A remaster is not a full remake. While Rockstar (I mean, "Publisher") lawyers might not give a sh*t about the difference,I and every single media outlet that wrote about this thing all understand that a remaster is not a remake. I still can't find a single credible outlet that has written about this that says anything but exactly that though?


That said. Remaking game assets and putting them in an emulator isn't illegal and never has been. Nintendo would've been all over that sh*t like two decades ago if that was the case, but instead the Mario Bros modding scene kept on trucking.

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Send me an invite to your Discord once things settle down, I'd like to offer some help if I can wrap my head around the structure of this project...

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I'm still questioning the integrity of the C&D. I mean, what proof is there other than a text message and the account of one guy (who, for the record, is on his 7th or so account) who's been known to lie about things. As for the text message, who's to say it wasn't from a prepaid phone you can get at a convenience store? I'm just saying to start taking things with a grain of salt because something's fishy

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3 minutes ago, DamnedDev said:

It did happen and not gonna hop in drama at this time.


I mean do you have any other proof of it happening that could be more credible?

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Just now, DamnedDev said:

Legally I can't as they could use it against me. I'm not looking to get screwed by a large company at this time.


I mean surely they can use that text message against you so, if this is to be believed, you already shot yourself in the foot.

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