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Happy 25th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto!

[WIP|RDR|PC] Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project


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This does look extremely interesting. You say that models and textures will be upscaled; how did you get around to doing that on a console game? I don't suppose that OpenIV actually works for RDR?

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1 minute ago, DamnedDev said:

The models and textures not yet touched yet on map. However if i can find someone to write a proper texture tool to allow higher res textures be great. As for model side of things also another tool needs to be made. Also made possible by PC emulation. With both consoles now being emulated means also the real console users can enjoy this mod aswell on lite version. Also no OpenIV will not work nor is apart of process atm.

Wait so, what does the mod currently consist of? The most notable feature in the video is the high resolution, and a reshader, but I can't spot much differences aside from that.

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You might wanna be clearer about the tools you've used to achieve this, mate. You'd get a lot more support and contributions if you share how you've gotten this far already. 

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Woah! Keep up the good work, man, this looks astonishing!


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I'll definitely keep an eye on this, always wondered if someone would make a mod such like this to RDR, takink advantage on emulator's enhancements. Thanks bro, you've done a lot yourself, maybe you should contact @jedijosh920, he knows a lot about RDR, created many mods to it - now he's even modding RDR2 lol, guy is very skilled. I'm sure he'll be able to help you!

Edited by undergroundvicious
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Amazing work brother do you have release date planned and if you do can where can we download it ? here?

And which version is going to be better or smoother ?

Edited by Hannan2021
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i would like to share my experience with RDR and on both RPCS3 and xenia. I have an r5-3600 with 212 black cooler, an MSI rx 580 gaming x, and 16GB of 3000mhz ram. I get similar fps but worse input delay on xenia. with rpsc3 the cores sit fairly busy at around 60% avg over usage where as with xenia i get 100% gpu Usage. I am hoping that through some miracle that i can run rdr 1080p 60fps with your project. 

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9 minutes ago, DamnedDev said:

If you can catch my drift what happened. 


No, I don't catch your drift. What happened?

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1 minute ago, DamnedDev said:

I can't but you know who had a hand in this halt. 


Was it Frank

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2 minutes ago, DamnedDev said:

Bruh who controls R* think hard.


Did they give you a C&D letter?

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6 minutes ago, DamnedDev said:

Not a letter but a call. I rather not speak more as they warned me to be hush but cmon really people already gonna know if it gets shut down out of no where. Just gonna put it like that if you get the drift or not.But yeah usual corp greed thinks they can bully you.


As skeptical as I am about that whole interaction, I feel like you should've known how Rockstar deals with RDR1-related things considering how much trouble was had when some dude tried to port the map to IV

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3 minutes ago, DamnedDev said:

Thing is it's same as any other R* game mod why would they care? Also it wasn't a port or anything.


I mean they have a stick up their ass about RDR1 for whatever reason. Why not finish working on Eight Sins instead of doing something that'll get you a C&D letter from a lawyer?

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