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"Death Awaits in the Shadows" - Shadow Incorporated


Hello, We are Shadow Incorporated. We are a Private Military Contractor focused solely on protecting our clients and furthering our economic prosperity. We are a group of highly trained soldiers and are looking to expand our ranks. Joining us will open up opportunities which consist of but are not limited to: Product Shipments, Client Security, Search and Destroy, High Risk Assassinations, Heists, Air Freight Shipments, Heists, and other opportunities in which we may take part in.


Although our recruitment process can be rigid, it is rewarding. By no means are we constantly serious, if anything this is a group of players that wish to gain money and make friends while being part of something bigger, a brotherhood.


We have over 30 occupations, there is something for everyone.


Also, if you command or are a part of any crew (Military, Criminal, etc.), we are always happy to become your acquaintance and become allies. We are low on operational manpower so any help is needed and highly appreciated. 


Those who are worried about this being too time consuming, I only play on weekends or sometimes during the week as I have School to focus on, this is purely to meet new people and have fun on this game. It's not as serious as some military crews nor is it as strict. A lot of the times, It's just a group of people having fun as a team, unless we have a client to protect or a specific operation is under our command.


We plan on hosting Game Nights on other games a few times per month to keep our members interested and to help build teamwork and communication abilities of our crew, these sessions are open to crew members, along with the public as a way to introduce new players to the crew. During these sessions, there is no chain of command or protocol to follow, this is just a way to have fun.




  • Be 14 years of age or older
  • Own a Headset with Microphone
  • Possess Maturity
  • Have good work ethic

  • Follow orders efficiently

  • Respect to our chain of command

  • Respectful to other Crew Members

  • Be Above Level 50

  • Access to Discord Application (Smartphone or PC)

  • MOST Importantly, please have fun

Recruitment Process


  • Contact a Recruiter
  • Interview with Commanding Officer
  • Commence Basic Training
  • Commence Occupational Training
  • Begin Advanced Combat Training (Infantry Units Only)
  • Begin Flight School (Air Units Only)
  • Pass S.I.V.A.B. Test
  • Issuing of Battle Fatigues + Service Clothing
  • Graduation
  • Induction


Available Branches of Service


  • S.I Armed Forces
  • S.I Air Force
  • S.I Law Enforcement


We have other units and occupations available, however, Enlisted ranks cannot be a part of these units.


To be considered, one must fill out an application form and send a message to our Lead Kommandant, expect an initial response with 3 - 5 days.




Occupation List - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n22hwkd_HgtK6vj1fd7Vc2fCaeOTiTOkCUrXMbuuz4U/edit?usp=sharing

Enlistment Application - https://forms.gle/LaR5tAMKsQwLi4UQ7

Social Club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shdw_incorporated/wall

Contract Application - https://forms.gle/b4zvP6frRsfqmU1L7

Crew Alliance Application - https://forms.gle/oWqBoKmi7nSNHN3A6

Xbox GT - zCasar

Discord - https://discord.gg/fMG8Ubm


Remember, Death Awaits in the Shadows

- The Kommandant


Edited by TheKommandant
additional information
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

Please can you limit your bumps to once per week, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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