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E Revere

Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra

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josh coley

is this thread still getting updates cool concept by the way ;)

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On 10/9/2019 at 5:16 PM, josh coley said:

is this thread still getting updates cool concept by the way ;)

It will get updates in the future.

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josh coley

please don't abandon this

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On 11/7/2019 at 5:16 AM, josh coley said:

please don't abandon this

We won't, we've just been kinda busy with irl stuff.

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E Revere

Mission #3: This Side of the River

Inside Monte Polizzo, Vittorio is having lunch while chatting with another man on the opposite seat. After shaking off an overly-friendly receptionist, Salvatore joins the conversation and is introduced to Massimo Torrini, the son of the Don. After they shake hands, Vittorio tells Salvatore to raid a shipment that Alberico Forelli is bringing in from overseas. Upon instruction, Salvatore and Massimo head to Atlantic Quays to meet their docks contact. On the way, they stop at a Wyatt Guns to strap up. When they reach the docks, they head down to one of the docking stations where their contact, Jane Hopper is waiting for them. Salvatore is surprised to see their inside man is actually a woman, but before she has a chance to take offense, the Forelli's shipment arrives prematurely and interrupts their meeting. The Forellis are not oblivious to the rival mafiosi in their sights and immediately open fire. Hopper runs away and hides in one of the offices while Massimo and Salvatore take cover and fight off the Forellis. When all the rival Mafiosi are cleared, Hopper comes out of hiding and tells the Clancio pair she'll take it from there.


Mission Passed + $5 and gun shops are unlocked.

Edited by henrardwal
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E Revere

Mission #4: Red Light Bloodshed 

Vittorio is having a phone conversation with someone back in the old country, when Salvatore walks in and disturbs him. Salvatore taps on Vittorio's shoulder a few times, Vittorio, annoyed, tells "Scusa." to the man on the phone and, while covering the end of the phone with his hand, yells at Hopper to get into the room. Hopper comes in, visibly trying to hide her annoyance to not disrespect Uncle Vito. Vittorio tells her to tell Sal to "go do the job". The two leave the room and walk along the docks. Jane tells Sal of a union boss who has witnessed the gunfight they got into recently and he don't want to keep his mouth shut. Sal is not amused, saying "That's it? You need me to whack a guy, you coulda told me that over the phone." to which Jane responds "Except the guy has a partner that we want pinned in the process." Promptly, Salvatore is instructed to steal the partner's car, go to the Red Light District and run over the union boss. After doing the deed, you will receive a two-star wanted level, which you have to lose then bring the car to bar in Callahan Heights and ditch it there for the police to find.


Mission Passed + $6

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E Revere

Mission #5: Won't Eat You

While checking his mail, Salvatore comes across his neighbour, Teresa. Teresa wonders why he hasn't been to the Siciliano Restaurant much as of lately, and offers him to pay a visit right now in exchange for a free meal, which Salvatore accepts. While walking to the restaurant, Teresa starts telling Salvatore about her latest boyfriend, Anton, and how she had to break up with him because "he had a too wormy brain" she says. When they arrive, Sal chooses a meal, sits down and tries to enjoy it. Teresa tells him a few more strange stories, mildly creeping him out. On his way out, Teresa asks him if he heard about the new bridge, and buys him a newspaper from a Liberty Tree vending machine so he can read about it too.


Mission Passed + Restaurants are unlocked, newspapers are unlocked


Newspaper headlines:

Mayor Veener announces Multi-million dollar project to connect Staunton Island to Shoreside Vale

A Currant in the Sun makes Garden Theatre debut

Fort Staunton Museum opens

Hawaii to become the 50th state

Satellite Fanning 6 leaves Earth orbit

Edited by henrardwal
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Good job, man. Keep it up.

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On 8/12/2019 at 1:56 PM, henrardwal said:


Saloon Jumping Blues Radio (SJBR) hosted by Glenn Henson

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Blue Rondo à la Turk

Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - Moanin'

Doris Day - Put 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon & Throw 'Em In The Deep Blue Sea

Lloyd Prince - Personality

Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin'

The Isley Brothers - Shout

Little Willie John - Fever

Barrett Strong - Money (That's What I Want)

The Chords - Sh-Boom

Liberty and Affection Radio (LABR) hosted by Liam Foucault

Connie Francis - Together

The Crew Cuts - Sh-Boom Sh-Boom

The Chordettes - Mr. Sandman

The Penguins - Earth Angel

Ethel Waters - Stormy Weather

Al Bowlly - The Very Thought of You

Doris Day - April In Paris

Vera Lynn - Always In My Heart

The Blue Room Radio (TBRR) hosted by Ralf Newman

Louis Prima - Mr Ghost Goes to Town

Chet Baker - Almost Blue

Doris Day - Dream A Little Dream of Me

The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You

John Coltrane - Equinox

The Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Hank Williams Sr. - Ramblin' Man

John Coltrane - In A Sentimental Mood

Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Radiofonica Palermo Sogno (RFPS) hosted by Marte Pegnotto

Tic Ti - Tic Ta - Claudio Villa

Les Quatres Barbus - Ouverture du barbier de Séville

Mario Riva - Domenica E' Sempre Domenica

Natalino Otto - La Più Bella Del Mondo

Renato Carosone - Tu Vuò Fa' L'Americano

Mario Lanza - O Surdato 'Namurato

Carlo Buti - Violino Tzigano

Mario Latilla - Evviva la Torre di Pisa

Dean Martin - That's Amore

Peggy Lee - Chi-baba Chi-baba

Double Clef Classical Radio (DCCR) hosted by Julian Carrillo

Maria Callas - Ave Maria

Igor Stravinsky, The Columbia Jazz Combo; The Columbia Chamber Ensemble - Tango

Ferruccio Tagliavini - Ideale

Luisa Tetrazzini, Enrico Caruso, Josephine Jacoby, Pasquale Amato - Rigoletto Quartet

Anna Netrebko - In Quelle Trine Morbide

Igor Stravinsky: The Firebird

Giuseppe Verdi - Un ballo in maschera; Preludio

Cold and Cool Radio (CACR) hosted by Zachary Kisling

Quincy Jones - The Birth of a Band

The Andrews Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Dinah Shore - "Murder", He Says

Andrews Sisters & Danny Kaye - Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)

Dinah Shore - Love That Boy

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues

Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley

The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

John Coltrane - Blue Train

Jazz Nation Radio (JNR) hosted by Leslie Singer

Benny Goodman - More Than You Know

Frank Sinatra - New York, New York

Quincy Jones - Tuxedo Junction

Big Joe Turner - Juke Joint Blues

Bobby Darin - Mack the Knife

Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream

Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy

Abstinence On The Rocks (AOTRR) hosted by Christian Overgard

Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk

Steve Wingfield - At The Hop

Link Wray - Rumble

Steve Wingfield - Blue Suede Shoes

Duane Eddy - Moovin'n'groovin

Link Wray - Raw Hide

The Ventures - Walk - Don't Run

The Rock-A-Teens - Woo-Hoo

Liberty Love Rock Radio (LLRR) hosted by Carl Hilliard

Elvis Presley - A Fool Such As I

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode

Bill Haley and his Comets - Shake, Rattle and Roll

Chordettes - Lollipop

Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel

Little Richard - Tutti Frutti

Bill Haley - Rock Around the Clock

Dion - Runaround Sue

Screamin Jay Hawkins - I put a spell on you

Johnny Horton - Battle Of New Orleans

Marty Robbins - Big Iron

Gene Henslee - Rockin Baby

Dion - The Wanderer

Liberty City Free Radio (LCFR)

Dan McNally's Breakfast Gathering - Musical discussion/chat show hosted by Dan McNally

Soupy Tales  - Comedy show hosted by Miles Sopman

Red and Blue Chat - Political talk show hosted by Alexis Eros

Liberty City News - News/talk broadcasts hosted by several reporters.

Electron Committee - Talk show about scientific advancements and technology hosted by Bernie Lange

Some of these songs are recognizable from Mafia 2.

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E Revere
26 minutes ago, Chase2002 said:

Some of these songs are recognizable from Mafia 2.

Well, they are set in the same time frame. The songs I gathered for the radio are what was good throughout the 50's, same as Mafia II does. You can find some of them in L.A. Noire, as well.

Edited by henrardwal
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E Revere

The first mission was rewritten by @Francesco Bonomo, who has my sincere thanks. Also, due to some reconsideration, I've dropped Mike Toreno to be replaced by a different character. Stay tuned to find out who it is.

Edited by henrardwal
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E Revere

Mission #6: Genie Under The Lid

Salvatore enters the office in Atlantic Quays to find his uncle on the phone and Jane using the typewriter. Upon seeing Sal, Vito motions him to wait.


Vittorio: Gigi, he's here. I'll call you later, eh? [puts the phone down] Salvatore, my boy! You've come at a very good moment. I have great things to share with you. Why don't you have a seat?

Salvatore: What's going on, Uncle? I don't think I've seen you this happy since your wedding.

Vittorio: [smiling] If [Sicilian] our family [English] is doing well, then so am I.

Salvatore: Good. So what's the news, anyways?

Vittorio: Those idiots, the Forellis just made one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. Ascuta chistu (get this), they rubbed out one of the made guys of the Francari family outta New Guernsey.

Salvatore: I think I know what you're about to say.

Vittorio: Yeah. Can you believe it? Hah hah hah. Now a lot of people are startled and are looking up to us to exempt some discipline on them.

Salvatore: Lemme guess. The Commission called a meeting and the Francaris wanted an alliance with us.

Vittorio: [Sicilian] Exactly. Their guy is awaiting you and Massimo at a place called Ristoranti Goloso in Belleville. His name is Eugini Pirri.

Jane: Wait, you mean The Genie?

Vittorio: [Sicilian] Be quiet! [English] Salvatore, Massimo is waiting outside for you. [Sicilian] Have fun.


Salvatore shakes his hand once to say bye and leaves the room.


Jane: Mr. Leone, will you excuse me a moment? I gotta have a smoke.

Vittorio: Since when do you smoke?

Jane: Hold on. I'll be right back.


Jane catches up to Sal and stops him.


Jane: Wait, Salvatore!

Salvatore: [turns around] Oh, Jane. What do you want?

Jane: I wanna ask you a favor.

Salvatore: Favor? What kinda favor?

Jane: Nothing big. Just.. Can you take this?

Jane pulls out a crushed and seemingly deteriorated toscano cigar, places it in Sal's hand and closes it.

Jane: Give it to that guy, Eugini, you're gonna meet.

Salvatore: Wait, what is this for?

Jane: I gotta go. Just give it to him. He'll know what it is, alright? I'll see you later.


Jane runs back to the office. Salvatore is confused, but takes the cigar anyway and puts it in the pocket of his jacket. Then he walks up to Massimo, who's sitting in a red Mafia Sentinel, having a smoke, and waves at Salvatore.


Salvatore: Massimo, ciao. Good to see you again.

Massimo: Salutami. Vittorio tell you what's our job?

Salvatore: No, he didn't. I just thought we go'd go for a ride. Why not Belleville Park? It's mighty sunny today.

Massimo: Cosa? Uh, yes. We are going to Belleville.

Salvatore: Good. I'm sure you'll like the scenery. Let's take that ferry over there before it leaves. I'll drive.


Salvatore parks the car at the ferry and lights up a cigarette too.


Salvatore: You know, Massimo? This is a real nice whip. Who got you it?

Massimo: Whip?

Salvatore: Car. I mean car, automobile. It's, looking, very, good. Capisce?

Massimo: Oh. Si. I didn't bought it, Patri did. I selected the model and colour.

Salvatore: You see, I kinda expected that cause I been hearing he gives you a lotta money for just standing around. 

Massimo: Patri doesn't mind cause he like to spend money too, just like mama.

Salvatore: So being a squanderer runs in the family, huh? Like peas in a pod. 

Massimo: Chi?

Salvatore: Like father like son? I'm saying you got good genes, boni geni.

Massimo: Oh. I understand.


The ferry reaches Newport. Salvatore flicks his cigarette and begins driving after the ferry's platform has been lowered.


Salvatore: You gotta tell me something, Massimo. How long you been in Liberty City for, exactly?

Massimo: [Sicilian] Six months [English] in total, I guess.

Salvatore: And during none of that did no one ever taught you full English?

Massimo: When money has become [Sicilian] the universal language, [English] why should I learn another? When not talking to mafiosi, I take the "whip" to races. [Sicilian] The people I compete with [English] look at the cash, then they say okay. No need to talk.

Salvatore: I wouldn't care about it so much if you wasn't representing the entire family. I know most guys you meet probably understand Sicilianu but one day it's gonna bite you in the ass. I ain't saying you gotta become a poet, just get better at it some.

Massimo: [Sicilian] Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. Mind your own damn business.

Salvatore: Whatever, pal. [Sicilian] It'll be you who gets sh*t from the don when that day comes. [English] And I'll be standing next to yous holding the toilet paper for him.

Massimo: [Sicilian] If you wasn't Vittorio's relative, I'd smack you across the face until it resembled a tomato. Now shut your f*cking mouth.

Salvatore: Like I said, I don't really care. [Sicilian] It's your problem, not mine. I just want you to remind your father of that.

Massimo: [Sicilian] Don't worry, I will. Now not another f*cking word until we get there.


Once arriving at Ristoranti Goloso, they leave the car and go into the restaurant. A man waves at them and motions them to come sit down, and they oblige.


Genie: Hey, you're Torini's son, Massimo, right?

Massimo: Yes.

Genie: I'm Eugini Pirri but people can call me Genie. And you are?

Salvatore: Salvatore Leone. Good to meet you.

Genie: Likewise. [half-raising his hand up for the waiter] You guys want anything?

Massimo: No, I'm good.

Salvatore: Not unless they give a glass of water.

Genie: Let's get down to business then.

Salvatore: Hey, sorry to interrupt but you do know that the Forellis' neighbourhood is five blocks or so from here, right?

Genie: Nah, don't bust your balls. They wouldn't dare kill yet another made guy. Not even them's that stupid.

Salvatore: Maybe not but it sounds like someone else is.

Massimo: Shhh.

Genie: Excuse me?

Salvatore: Nothing. I was just saying we might get hit.

Genie: Keep your cool. Nothing's gonna happen. Besides, the sooner we get down to business, the sooner we get outta here, right? Anyway. So I'm told that Calabrese f*ck Alberico's been breathing down your necks too, huh?

Salvatore: That's right. He's a piece of sh*t. I almost got killed fighting his people over a damn protection racket.

Genie: Is that so? Well, I don't usually mix up personal with business but the made guy of us they wasted was, coincidentally, my brother.

Massimo: We're sorry for your loss.

Genie: Thanks. And I'm hoping, by getting this done, we'll make them sorry too. So, Mr. Torini, what terms are you offering?

Massimo: We say you expand up to Aaronsville and get [Sicilian] fifty percent [English] of Forelli business shares.

Genie: Uh, what is that, fifty?

Massimo: Si.

Genie: I'm afraid that's not gonna cut it. The Commission says we gotta get at least sixty percent. It's us they downed a made guy of.

Massimo: Yes, but... Have... You... You have... Uh, aviri un colligament'i terra cun iddi.

Salvatore facepalms.

Genie: Uh, [Italian] what's that?

Massimo: Fiumu. Simu separati a u fiumu.

Genie: What? Did you say river and, something?

Salvatore: [Sicilian] Massimo, did I say this would happen or did I not, huh? 

Massimo: [Sicilian] Silence. You're breaking my concentration.

Salvatore: [Sicilian] Now, isn't your daddy gonna be pissed? What are you gonna tell him? "I forgot how to speak halfway through?"

Massimo: [Sicilian] Shut up, Salvatore!

Salvatore: [Sicilian] You know, maybe I should ask that waiter to come around and give us a towel-

Massimo pushes Salvatore and tells him to shut the f*ck up, for the last time in Sicilian. Salvatore raises his fist while reaching out for Massimo's collar with his other hand and the whole restaurant stares at them.

Genie: Well, I'm sorry. Did I come at a bad f*cking time? I hope I'm not keeping you. If you ain't taking this seriously, I might as well leave.

Massimo: No, you can't go!

Salvatore: Wait wait wait. Okay. Let's just get the deal over with.

Genie: Thank you. Jeez. Let's hurry it up before you retards attract any more attention.

Massimo: [Sicilian] Okay, we're sorry. We'll-

Genie: And what the f*ck is that, anyway? Are you speaking a dialect? Don't tell me he's speaking a dialect.

Salvatore: Yeah. It's Sicilian. His English ain't very good.

Genie: Well, excuse me but how the f*ck am I meant to understand that? I'm from Genoa, not Sicily. And I ain't even touched Italian since I was four years old let alone a f*cking dialect.

Salvatore: Look, why don't you just tell me what you want to say and I'll tell him back in how he understands?

Genie: Yeah, it don't look like we got much of a f*cking choice. But next time, bring someone who can actually talk to the guy you're meeting.

Salvatore/Massimo: You have a land connection to the Forellis. We are separated by the river. That makes your operations easier.

Salvatore/Eugini: Fair point but that also means we gotta use more resources.

Salvatore/Massimo: How about 55% and we throw in some of the depots at Christown with their storage?

Salvatore/Eugini: Okay, you caught my attention. I'll see what the old man thinks but if he ain't convinced, you're gonna have a busy session with the commission.

Salvatore/Massimo: I have no objections to that.

Salvatore: Alright. I guess that settles it then?

Genie: Sure. Am I glad we got that over with.

Massimo: Bené. Have a good day, Signore Pirri.

Genie: Now I'm gonna go talk to the old man, see what he thinks. Now do me a favor and don't do what you did here ever again, anywhere. Let's leave before you two gets us any more attraction.


The cutscene focuses the outdoors of the restaurant. A Compact with a black and white paintjob pulls up outside and four men get out of it, one with a casual suit and three with raincoats, one bulky, one on the skinny side and one medium size. The camera slowly moves back to Eugini, who spots the men.


Genie: Wait. don't get up. And don't look behind you.

Salvatore: What's going on?

Genie: That's Alberico! Well, well f*cking done, you two. He must've got wind that we're here.

Massimo: What's he doing?

Genie: He's talking to three other guys... Now he's gotten back into the car... He's giving pieces to each of them.

Salvatore: You said he wouldn't f*cking dare.

Genie: Well, clearly I was mistaken. That insolent f*ck!

Genie is about to get up and pull out his piece. But Salvatore manages to stop him in time.

Salvatore: Hey, don't be an idiot. You cause a gunfight in here, half the cops in the city will be looking for us. We ain't exactly been subtle up to this point, have we?

Genie: Well, it wasn't my fault, was it? What do you suggest?

Salvatore: We need to do this nice and easy. Now, I got an idea. Wait for my signal.

Genie: You saying you're gonna go outside? How're you gonna do that with those tough guys in front of the door?

Salvatore: Just trust me, okay?

Salvatore: [gets up from his seat] Well, fellas. It was nice doing business with you. I gotta use the bathroom but we can conclude our meeting when I get back.


Salvatore goes to the bathroom and sneaks out through one of the windows. Outside, he walks behind the Forelli mobsters and signals Genie and Massimo to come outside. They oblige and the three Forelli mobsters walk towards the door as they notice it. Salvatore knocks out the medium size mobster by punching him in the back of the head, takes his pistol and throws it away, also causing the other two look away from the door. Taking advantage of the distraction, Genie and Massimo run out and tackle the big, bulky guy and start choking and fighting him. The skinny guy tries to draw out his pistol but Salvatore immediately runs towards him and catches his hands before he can aim the gun at Salvatore. They struggle for a while but then Genie comes and hits him in the leg, allowing Salvatore to aim the gun at his leg and shoot before throwing the gun away. Meanwhile Massimo is punching and kicking the big bulky guy to the point blood starts to come out of his mouth and nose.


Salvatore: Who do you bet's gonna appear first, the cops or the Forellis?

Genie: C'mon, my car's over here. [Genie leads Sal and Massimo to his Mafia Kuruma, but then sees the Mafia Sentinel] Actually yours looks faster.

Massimo: Wait. How you know that's my car?

Genie: It's got you written all over it.

Massimo: What?

Police sirens start to close in and a Forelli mobster, seeing the beat up Forellis from his balcony, calls in reinforcements.

Salvatore: C'mon we don't have time for this, just go.

Genie: Okay. I'll take the wheel.


The cutscene ends and you're now in the Mafia Sentinel, speeding away from Belleville and towards Torrington while being pursued by the Forellis. Genie tells Sal to do something. Salvatore opens the window and a drive-by sequence begins. You must either shoot the tires of the Forelli cars or take down their drivers. Upon reaching the middle of Torrington, Sal shouts at Genie "Hey. What the hell are you doing? This is Torrington. You're driving us closer to the Forellis, not farther." to which Genie responds: "How am I supposed to know? I ain't from here!" and finally Salvatore tells him "Drive southeast, got it?" Then the cops join the chase as well. Now, Sal's job gets just a little easier due to the cops and the Forellis taking shots at each other too. The car reaches the highway at northern Staunton Island and circles Liberty Campus. Salvatore says "Hey, what the hell? I said drive southeast. Massimo, I don't need your help. Go give him directions" Eventually, they pass by the turn to Little Italy, which sets out six more Forelli cars after them. With Massimo's direction, Genie takes zigzag-like routes through the streets, causing three of the Forelli cars and two cop cars to crash. Salvatore takes out the rest of them as well. Then he enters a side street and stops near a garage (the place containing the LCS Staunton safehouse). He gets out of the driver's seat and enters the rear left seat. Breathing heavily, he says "Sal you drive. I gotta catch my breath. Jesus Christ." Salvatore takes the wheel, loses the heat then drives them to the Newport Ferry Station.


Genie: You know, back when we was yelling at each other at that joint, I didn't think I was have the experience of a lifetime.

Salvatore: Yeah, I didn't think I'd save your ass either.

Genie: Smartass. And Massimo, you got a good punch to you, I almost felt bad for the guy you knocked the f*ck out.

Massimo: ...

Genie: Well, lighten up a little, won't you? Anyway. I'm going back to my lovely hotel at Shoreside Vale. The old man'll let Don Torini know what he thinks at the next Commission meeting. See yous later.

Salvatore: Hold on. I almost forgot about this. Some dame, works for us at the docks, Jane Hopper, asked me to give this to you.

Salvatore takes out the toscano cigar from his pocket and hands it to him. Genie stands still, and blankly stares at the cigar.

Salvatore: What happened, mac? You hypnotised or something? You gonna take it?

Genie: Huh? Oh. Yeah.

Genie takes the cigar and goes to the ferry station on foot, while observing and constantly sniffing the cigar.

Salvatore: Your High-Prince. I'll take the ferry on foot. Less conpicous that way.

Massimo: Salvatore. Despite what happened here today, I say you come to my place at Saint Mark's. You drive the whip well. These days, it is not easy to find [Sicilian] good drivers. We'll have you at one of the races. Ciao.



To proceed to the next mission, you'll have to go home and check your mail first.

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Francesco Bonomo

I’m glad my advice helped you @henrardwal Your new mission is both great and entertaining. Keep up the good work. 

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Tao Cheng
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E Revere

At home, you'll receive a letter from Sal's mother, Liviana.




Dear Salvatore


Hello, son. I hope you're doing good. Miceli and Teodorico sent their best. Things have been looking up for us. The textile business has been getting a lot of customers recently. Miceli just upgraded his office. How have you been? Vito told me you've been working very hard. I'm happy for you, but just as concerned. I know I haven't seen you in person in fifteen years but I'm still your mother. Don't follow him around too much, Salvatore. He's a good man but he likes to make blood when it's not necessary. He doesn't tell me a lot about your work, naturally. I know you're doing vile things. It's unavoidable in your line of work but If you can avoid that messy side of your work, please do it whenever you can. If you can find the good, fun side, do that instead. Enjoy yourself. Vito has always thought he's impenetrable, but he has no idea. Even if you make it to the next century, there will always be someone luckier than you. Never forget that. Stay out of trouble as much as you can.



Your mother



You can choose to respond positively or negatively. However, both options will result in the same reply.



Dear Mother

It's ecstatic to hear from you. You don't have to explain yourself. I know you write to me because you care. I know what you mean about Uncle. He's a real difficult man sometimes. But you know I got to what I got to do. Don't worry about me. Just look after yourself and focus on your textile business. I can assure you that nothing will happen to me. I wish I could come back and visit you but it'd be too costly - besides I don't think I could handle seeing what's become of our town anyway. Tell Teodorico and Miceli I said hi.



Afterwards, you'll receive a call from Vittorio. Vittorio compliments Sal's performance on the last job and asks him to come to Atlantic Quays for the next one. Salvatore asks for a little break to cool off, reasoning that the last job was too heaty to move right from into another one. Vittorio is reluctant but Salvatore manages to convince him. Then he calls Massimo to tell him he's thought about what he said, and he wants in. Massimo is very pleased and asks Salvatore to bring a car he ordered from Atlantic Quays to a racer meet in Harwood.


You may go to Atlantic Quays and get the car whenever you wish to begin the next mission.


Important Newspaper Headlines:

Bloody shootout in Staunton

Trade Unions threaten to strike yet again

CBT Construction Group expands to the East Coast

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Francesco Bonomo

Giving this a bump. More people should be going through this concept. Hope to see more soon. 

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This is quality.

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