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Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra

E Revere

Recommended Posts

An E. RevereDoktorpolice and Francesco Bonomo collaboration, in synergy with Grand Theft Auto: Badfellas


Main Theme

It is the year 1959. Liberty City is becoming a rich beacon of capitalism in the United States after the allied victory of WWII. However, with increasing number of industrial buildings, smell of pollution and corrupt politicians also comes more violence, gangs and organised crime, a large amount of which comes from overseas.

Grand Theft Auto: Cosa Nostra follows the journey of Salvatore Leone through his association with the Sicilian Mafia, union wannabe-wiseguys and fellow psychotic guidos and guidettes.




As of 1959, Portland is going through multiple renovations and urban renewals. With businesses dying in the Norwegian corner of Lutefisk Boulevard and the Hepburn Heights Park getting paved off for new residential buildings, the borough is expected attract more migrants who can contribute to the high-rent, low-salary atmosphere of the city. That being said, there are also several union uprisings in the industrial areas who demand fairer rights and will desperately agree to any offer they are presented to achieve it, even if it means unknowingly smuggling product into the country for the mafia.


Main Characters:

Salvatore LeoneA young Sicilian mafioso fresh off the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Salvatore was brought up in an impoverished life in Sicily. His father was a member of the Italian resistance and subsequently died in the Italian Civil War. After that her mother entrusted his uncle Vittorio to take care of him. That’s how he wound up in Liberty City, arriving on boat in 1944. During his teenage years he became acquainted with the Clancio family through Uncle and started working for them. He got made in 1957 after uncovering a scam a bookie had been playing on Don Torrini. As of 1959, he's an enforcer for the Clancio family in Liberty City and takes orders from his uncle, whether it be beating up some street-mouthed punks downtown or managing hot, heavy deals with other families, from collecting debt to shakedown, Uncle can count on him for whatever errand he has. With all that said, Sal doesn’t enjoy being Uncle’s errand boy too much and eagerly awaits the day he gets put to a higher position.

Vittorio LeoneSalvatore's ever-loving uncle, and furthermore, the underboss of the Clancio family. Vittorio is singlehandedly responsible for the immense overseas power that the Clancio family possesses, having made very strong connections with many foreign organisations in the past, especially during WWII. Thanks to him, the family not only has slices in numerous international operations such as bookmaking, consumer goods, smuggling and the like, but also favours owed to them by various foreign government bodies due to providing aid to the allied powers during the war. He became underboss as soon as Don Torrini got into power. Him and Don Torrini are old friends, working together since the days of old man Clancio. Uncle is a big traditionalist. He scolds anybody who doesn’t do things the old way and does not take wisely to being disobeyed or disappointed.

Antonello Torini: Don of the Clancio crime family. Antonello came into power in 1944 with the death of old man Clancio. Before becoming boss, Antonello was a prominent soldato (soldier) within the family and was one of the forerunners of a small-scale guerilla conflict against the fascist Italian government. His skills as a gunfighter and his rapid success with raiding the national military earned him the nickname “black eyed bandit” in Sicily. But Antonello’s ferocity did not carry over to his time of rule. After becoming boss he transformed into more of a laid-back patronising old man type of person. He talks big, acts big and pretends that the world owes him something. He's recently been trying to move his organisation entirely to Liberty City.

Massimo Torini: Antonello's no-good son. Massimo spent much of his youth picking fights with his neighbours, betting, gambling, and conducting petty robberies. While he had no intention to be involved with his father's business, his delinquencies eventually brought him across one of his father's enforcers, Silvestro Franchino, whom he became friends with. His father was ecstatic about the news and put Massimo under his wing so he could learn to negotiate, intimidate, and put his fighting skills to good use. However, his "training" was put to a stop when a night of betting disputes ended up with Massimo bashing a rival boss's son's head in. There were no witnesses and despite agreeing to keep it a secret, his father sent him overseas anyways to ensure his safety in case someone found out. With a subsequent lack of common sense and an inability to speak English, Massimo is headed towards a path of struggle in the underground life of Liberty City.

Jane Hopper: Hopper is the Clancios' dock contact, an inside "man" so to speak. Legally speaking, she only works at the docks as a secretary and a translator but in reality, her position goes way further than that. Hopper is a very manipulative person with a strongly persuasive mouth and charm that can convince anybody into believing just about anything. Through a careful exploitation of feminism held by numerous union members, she was able to reach a de-facto position high enough to have a big say in events concerning the docks, and union matters as well. Being a polyglot, she was in a perfect position to handle a port where a lot of international business gets done. It's thanks to her efforts that the Clancio's can freely use the docks when they need to. Although the mob doesn’t usually involve broads in matters like these, or rather, in any matter at all, especially not during the 50’s, Hopper has a connection to a very powerful boss from way back in the day, one that is held as in very high standard by all families, which provides her the trait needed for them to overlook that. People overlook a lot about Hopper, especially her being a staunch feminist. Hopper is all about being as roughly-spoken and aggressive as possible, just to seem “manly” towards her peers. But when it comes to actual gunfights, how much she can hold up to that pretension becomes very clear.


Ranks of the Clancio family:

Antonello Torini – Don
Vittorio Leone – Underboss
Ignazio Dante – Caporegime: A humble businessmen with an import/export and smuggling business. Ignazio deals in the trade of many materials, ranging from booze and guns to clothing and jewellery to tomato sauce. There are a lot of places in Liberty City that are dependent on his supply to function. Also, he has a disdain towards Vittorio due disagreements over sharing of wealth.
Sally Durando – Caporegime: A Number Wiz. Runs a profitable bookmaking operation out of Portland and Staunton Island. Does not like people moving into his business. Not even people from his own family. Only talks to four people. Highly respected and dangerous. Killed his own brother for stealing $124. Why? Because it’s like cancer. You have to cut it out before it robs your of your life.
Alfonso "Crazy Al" di Tullio – Caporegime :
Gaetano “Gigi” Gotorelli – Enforcer: Vittorio’s most trusted ally. Gigi has been working under his wing for a very long time. The trust and respect between them is so immaculate that they even have secrets they keep from the family. Gigi is like a ghost figure. The only people who see him regularly are his family and boss. If it’s anybody else, it usually means they’re soon to die.

Salvatore Leone - Soldato
The Carrera Cousins – Soldato: They were both named Giuseppe by their mothers. They’re distinguished by their nicknames Small Joe and Big Joe. They both work for Ignazio’s smuggling operations. Big Joe, 25, tags along on his business deals while Small Joe, 17, is reserved for small errands. Big Joe also has a personal feud with Sammy Schiro.
Brunello “Bruno” and Vittorio “Vito” Sebastianelli - Associates
Massimo Torini – Associate


Ranks of the Forelli family:

Alberico Forelli – Don: A shoot first, ask questions later fella. Alberico is a man who has little care for concepts like tradition and honour and would gladly defy them if it means making a buck. Even his relatives in Calabria don’t like him.
Salome “Sally” Locattini – Consigliere: Childhood friend to Alberico. They came up in the mafia together. He’s been a paranoid individual ever since he once killed a made man without being greenlit by the commission. His cocky attitude became a big influence on Alberico’s tendency to jump the gun.
Federico “Derick” Gianfranco – Caporegime: Federico "Derrick" Gianfranco: The soft-spoken boogeyman of the Forelli Family. A native of Saint Mark's, he is known as your typical gentleman who frequents a coffee shop in the neighborhood; where he gives orders to his crew of killers and businessmen. Before becoming a Caporegime, he was a very popular choice for carrying out hits, which has earned him both the respect from his peers and fear among his enemies. Despite being a loyal member of the Forelli Family, he openly disagrees with Alberico's violent business model, as it is bad for business.
Sammy Schiro – Enforcer: Originally from a family of Arbëreshë origin. Schiro is the toughest dumb muscle in Liberty City as well as the best fighter in Derick’s crew. Schiro is the strong silent type but that’s because his vocabulary is too small to think of anything worthwile to say. He lets his fists and bullets do the talking. His favourite weapon is the baseball bat and he likes to make hits personal. Boosted cars at 13, started doing hits for the mob at 17. Your typical Jimmy Conway. He embraces both his Italian and Albanian heritage but does deal with racism because of his Albanian blood, mainly from the Irish.
Antonio “Tony” Catto – Soldato: Native of Saint Marks alongside his best friend, Sammy Schiro. Runs a small-scale racketeering business, highly influenced by Gianfranco. He's generally disliked Little Italy. For some reason, Alberico distrusts him and suspects him of swindling the family in some way but he has no concrete evidence and keeps quiet due to his respect to Derick.
Girardo “Gerry” Forelli – Soldato: Runs a cathouse in Aspatria. Girardo is a divorcée with a kid he doesn’t want, influencing his sad outlook on life. He never wanted to get into crime but was forced into it by his brother. He despises Alberico but is stuck with him. He spends his days working so he can distract himself sulking at the misfortunes of his life. He can’t even make time to look after his son and makes the cathouse dancers tend to him.

The Docks and the Union
Frank Lynch - Leader of the Liberty Atlantic Shoremen's Association
Jack Gray - Union rep

Jane Hopper - Secretary and translator; union consultant (informal)
Balto Salazar - Dockworker
Porter Estrada - Dockworker
Michael Bowman - Stevedore
Harry Holcomb - Sailor


Other and unaffiliated:

Raymond Bolton - Former FBN agent turned PI
Verano Leone - Student at Liberty Campus; Vittorio's son and Salvatore's cousin
Lauritz Fredsen - Bomb expert, preferred by most criminals in Liberty City

Enrico Altanasio - Arms dealer and trafficker





In 1959 -as Ammu-Nation hasn't been founded yet- the lead, prominent gun-runner in the states is Wyatt Guns, which has several stores that can be found around the city. Furthermore, rarer weapons can be purchased Enrico's Artigliere, an independent gun shop which carries regular military weapons as well as home-made custom ones.


Brass knuckles

Baseball bat


Crowbar (this can also be used for break-ins)




Browning Hi-Power

Smith & Wesson model 29

Colt Python

(Revolvers' plating and grips can be modified in any Wyatt Guns store) 

Submachine guns:

Franchi LF-57

Beretta Model 12

Thompson M1A1



Remington model 870


Remington model 11-48


Can be equipped with a scope.

M1 Garand

M1903 Springfield


Molotov cocktails

MK2 Grenades

Special weapons:

These weapons cannot be bought in weapon stores and can only be acquired through raiding military shipments and deliveries.


M14 (this weapon can be fitted with a scope and be used as a sniper rifle.)

Colt AR-15

Heavy weapons:

These weapons are mission-specific, meaning they're scripted to appear in determined missions only and not allowed for use in freeroam.

M20 Super Bazooka

M2 Flamethrower



Edited by E Revere
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awsome thread bro especially with it being set in the 50's however i would rather it be in an hd era liberty city with countryside

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So, a concept thread set in the 3D universe, heh? Feels like a quite unique idea considering the fact I haven't seen a concept thread like that in ages.

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9 hours ago, gtafanboy210 said:

awsome thread bro especially with it being set in the 50's however i would rather it be in an hd era liberty city with countryside

The map isn't finished yet, neither is the concept. This is still work-in-progress, when it's time to write down the missions, the upstate area of Liberty will have a role in the game as well. Thanks for the feedback.


2 hours ago, TheerT said:

So, a concept thread set in the 3D universe, heh? Feels like a quite unique idea considering the fact I haven't seen a concept thread like that in ages.

Appreciate it!

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Saloon Jumping Blues Radio (SJBR) hosted by Glenn Henson

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Blue Rondo à la Turk

Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - Moanin'

Doris Day - Put 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon & Throw 'Em In The Deep Blue Sea

Lloyd Prince - Personality

Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin'

The Isley Brothers - Shout

Little Willie John - Fever

Barrett Strong - Money (That's What I Want)

The Chords - Sh-Boom

Liberty and Affection Radio (LABR) hosted by Liam Foucault

Connie Francis - Together

The Crew Cuts - Sh-Boom Sh-Boom

The Chordettes - Mr. Sandman

The Penguins - Earth Angel

Ethel Waters - Stormy Weather

Al Bowlly - The Very Thought of You

Doris Day - April In Paris

Vera Lynn - Always In My Heart

The Blue Room Radio (TBRR) hosted by Ralf Newman

Louis Prima - Mr Ghost Goes to Town

Chet Baker - Almost Blue

Doris Day - Dream A Little Dream of Me

The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You

John Coltrane - Equinox

The Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Hank Williams Sr. - Ramblin' Man

John Coltrane - In A Sentimental Mood

Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Radiofonica Palermo Sogno (RFPS) hosted by Marte Pegnotto

Tic Ti - Tic Ta - Claudio Villa

Les Quatres Barbus - Ouverture du barbier de Séville

Mario Riva - Domenica E' Sempre Domenica

Natalino Otto - La Più Bella Del Mondo

Renato Carosone - Tu Vuò Fa' L'Americano

Mario Lanza - O Surdato 'Namurato

Carlo Buti - Violino Tzigano

Mario Latilla - Evviva la Torre di Pisa

Dean Martin - That's Amore

Peggy Lee - Chi-baba Chi-baba

Double Clef Classical Radio (DCCR) hosted by Julian Carrillo

Maria Callas - Ave Maria

Igor Stravinsky, The Columbia Jazz Combo; The Columbia Chamber Ensemble - Tango

Ferruccio Tagliavini - Ideale

Luisa Tetrazzini, Enrico Caruso, Josephine Jacoby, Pasquale Amato - Rigoletto Quartet

Anna Netrebko - In Quelle Trine Morbide

Igor Stravinsky: The Firebird

Giuseppe Verdi - Un ballo in maschera; Preludio

Cold and Cool Radio (CACR) hosted by Zachary Kisling

Quincy Jones - The Birth of a Band

The Andrews Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Dinah Shore - "Murder", He Says

Andrews Sisters & Danny Kaye - Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)

Dinah Shore - Love That Boy

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues

Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley

The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

John Coltrane - Blue Train

Jazz Nation Radio (JNR) hosted by Leslie Singer

Benny Goodman - More Than You Know

Frank Sinatra - New York, New York

Quincy Jones - Tuxedo Junction

Big Joe Turner - Juke Joint Blues

Bobby Darin - Mack the Knife

Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream

Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy

Abstinence On The Rocks (AOTRR) hosted by Christian Overgard

Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk

Steve Wingfield - At The Hop

Link Wray - Rumble

Steve Wingfield - Blue Suede Shoes

Duane Eddy - Moovin'n'groovin

Link Wray - Raw Hide

The Ventures - Walk - Don't Run

The Rock-A-Teens - Woo-Hoo

Liberty Love Rock Radio (LLRR) hosted by Carl Hilliard

Elvis Presley - A Fool Such As I

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode

Bill Haley and his Comets - Shake, Rattle and Roll

Chordettes - Lollipop

Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel

Little Richard - Tutti Frutti

Bill Haley - Rock Around the Clock

Dion - Runaround Sue

Screamin Jay Hawkins - I put a spell on you

Johnny Horton - Battle Of New Orleans

Marty Robbins - Big Iron

Gene Henslee - Rockin Baby

Dion - The Wanderer

Liberty City Free Radio (LCFR)

Dan McNally's Breakfast Gathering - Musical discussion/chat show hosted by Dan McNally

Soupy Tales  - Comedy show hosted by Miles Sopman

Red and Blue Chat - Political talk show hosted by Alexis Eros

Liberty City News - News/talk broadcasts hosted by several reporters.

Electron Committee - Talk show about scientific advancements and technology hosted by Bernie Lange

Edited by henrardwal
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Big Fat Paulie

I gotta admit, I love seeing a 3D Era GTA concept and I do love the 1950's setting.


I'm definitely going to keep my eye on this one.

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The physique mechanics make a reappearance. Your stamina, fat, strength, weapons skill and driving skill will increase throughout the game depending on how well you manage them. Managing your fatness and strength also returns but it's much less obnoxious compared to GTA San Andreas. You will not get obese from a single trip to Burger Shot or gain abs with a few hours of lifting. The progressions of these stats will be by 20% on the occasion just like in GTA V. Depending on your eating habits, as in what you eat, how often you eat it and how much of it you eat in a single meal you may get slightly overweight or skinny, as said before the progression will be increase or decrease by 20% after a while rather than slow and awkward like in SA. And depending on how often you visit the gym, your strength will increase or decrease by 20% every occasion. The rest works pretty much the same as GTA V.

As for clothing, it's basically the same. You buy them from stores and there's not much else to say.

Posting Services

As it is 1959, there's no way to order something by going across a few websites. People use good-old traditional snail mailing methods. Sometimes you can get mailed a prestigious magazine or a newspaper which you can choose to subscribe to, provided you can pay for it of course. Except for special orders from gun stores, this feature is mostly reserved for missions.


Some of the posts you receive may be letters as well. These letters will pretty much replace the email system of GTA IV but will have a significantly larger role. You got some news from your relatives in Palermo? You can choose to reply positively or negatively. But for storyline-related letters, your reply might shape and alter the course of the story to take a slightly different path.


Newspapers can be bought at any stand or store you may come across in the city. They replace the news websites from the HD universe and, similarly, have news stories that progress and get reported as you make progress in the game. Each issue have several pages of stories you can read through but the main and important ones -usually related to your actions and the story- will always be on the first few pages. There are several newspapers to choose from but the most prominent ones are The Liberty Tree and Liberty City News, the former takes an objective stance on stories while the latter tends to include exaggerations.


Alongside newspapers you can also check out magazines. You can find one about pretty much anything. Celebrities, sports, cars, movies, the stock market. Most of them can be purchased for about $0.50 on average except for the one titled "Our Own Reality" - Being the most popular magazine across the, maybe the entire state or country, it costs a good $1.20.


With a crowbar, houses or stores can be broken-into at night and be robbed. It can also be used to pry open doors of locked, expensive cars. Using it will prompt a brief mini-game where you have to make swift, wiggly movements with the mouse and the movement keys. Your strength will also affect how well you operate a crowbar, making it faster or slower depending on your statistic. While this mainly serves for missions or side-missions, there's nothing stopping you from doing it in free-roam to mess around. 


Odd jobs

Vigilante: To start the mission, you have to wait inside a police vehicle and listen to the dispatch. Occasionally the dispatch will report a crime nearby you, by pressing the action key you can take the dispatch call and start the mission. The missions will progressively get harder and harder as you pass levels. Upon passing 5 missions, 5 shotgun shells will now spawn inside police cars. On 10 missions, the mission will be passed and maximum armour will be increased by 50% and 12 revolver rounds will now spawn inside police cars. This is only optional and not required for 100% but passing level 20 will spawn 25% armour inside police cars, level 30 will raise that to 50%, level 40 will raise it to 75% and level 50 to 100%.

Paramedic: Paramedic plays out the same but you have to pay attention to the HRM and make sure the patient you drive doesn't flatline. If he does, however, you will have to stop the ambulance and press the action key in a timed sequence to re-start the patient's heart.  The reward is infinite sprint.

Firefighter: Aside from vehicles with people in it, you can now extinguish buildings too. For some buildings, spraying water from outside will not have enough effect prompting you to get out of the fire truck and use the hose or a portable fire extinguisher to get indoors of the said buildings and extinguish them close-up. The reward is immunity to fire.

Taxi Driver: Exactly the same as the previous instalments. Your required number of fares to pass is 50. The reward is: All taxis get improved handling (which includes hopping) and become bulletproof. And a Borgnine spawns at the Taxi Depot in Trenton.

Delivery Boy: Started by entering the Faggio at the Siciliano Restaurant. Complete 12 levels of deliveries and your health increases by 50%.

Trash Dash: Drive around the city collecting trash. When near a trash spot, back the truck up to the box and press the action key to load it up. The reward is: The Trashmaster you used during the mission becomes heavy and damageproof - Though it will only respawn if you achieve 100% completion so you better store it.

Import/Export: At the depot in Newport, there's a list of specific vehicles that you must steal and bring back. Each of these vehicles have an address near them and selecting them will mark them on your map. Though you don't necessarily have to use a marker. If you just happen to come across a car that's wanted by the import list you can just steal it there by approaching it with a crowbar and prying the door open. After delivering ten cars and all twenty cars respectively, the Hellenbach DT-405 and the Futuro will spawn near the marina.

Burglary: If you're inside a Benson at nights, you can rob houses and bring their furniture to a safe location to get a payout. First, make sure there are no alarms nearby. Alarms have to be disabled if you don't want police attention. Low-quality alarms can simply be pried off of their circuits with the crowbar. High-end ones, however, require you to use several tools together in a mini-game to disable them. After disabling the alarm you can now move on the door. To open the door, simply hit it with the crowbar to jam it in then make swift movements with your mouse to pry the door open. The rest plays out the same as in GTA San Andreas. After finishing five levels your handling of the crowbar will receive a significant boost.

Minigames, time trials and misc.

Hip-Burns: Checkpoint-sweep in Hepburn Park using a Mesa Beagle.

All Hands on Deck: Checkpoint-sweep in Atlantic Quays and the Portland Atlantic Depot using a Bobcat.

Sighting the Coastline: Checkpoint-sweep through the groves on the northern coasts of Staunton Island using a Camper.

88: Checkpoint-sweep through Francis International Airport using the Futuro.

Wichita Lift: Checkpoint-sweep near Cedar Grove using the Tropic.

Street Races: 3 in Portland, 5 in Staunton and 2 in Shoreside Vale.

Ram!: Get into the Trashmaster in Torrington and cause $2500 damage.

Woop!: Get into the Mr. Whoopee in Aspatria and destroy 15 cars.

Shooting Range: Complete all of the five shooting range challenges at Enrico's Artigliere.



Find all 100 opera pieces hidden around the city. Around the beginning of the game, you will get mailed a sole news story about a stolen composition, if you can find all pieces of the composition and mail them back to the sender, a new original opera song will be available on DCCR. Also several weapons will spawn at your safehouse after finding each 10.

Complete all 30 Unique Stunt Jumps.

Complete all 20 rampages.

Edited by henrardwal
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This is a fanfic, so feel free to do whatever you want despite what anyone says. But don't you think some of your characters aren't really age appropriate for a 1959 setting? Mike Toreno doesn't strike me as being anything over 45 in 1992, meaning he'd be nine in 1959. Similar thing with Jane Hopper and Massimo Torini too.


But hey, nothing in canon solidifies their ages I guess. Maybe by the time SA and LCS roll around most of them are somehow youthful geezers.

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48 minutes ago, HOW'S ANNIE? said:

This is a fanfic, so feel free to do whatever you want despite what anyone says. But don't you think some of your characters aren't really age appropriate for a 1959 setting? Mike Toreno doesn't strike me as being anything over 45 in 1992, meaning he'd be nine in 1959. Similar thing with Jane Hopper and Massimo Torini too.


But hey, nothing in canon solidifies their ages I guess. Maybe by the time SA and LCS roll around most of them are somehow youthful geezers.

You make a good point and I was aware of this while writing it. But most of these characters aren't elaborated or expanded upon. And Rockstar making brand new characters out of throwaway characters isn't something new, just like with Vic Vance or Jim FitzGerald. So you can think of it as something like that. The only one I was kind of doubtful about was Mike Toreno because I'm not sure he fits the atmosphere but I'll try to make it work and if it doesn't, I'll just replace him with a new character. My goal in this concept is expanding the lore of LCS that was not explained in LCS itself, that being:


"Torrini! I should've known." Salvatore implies he has known Massimo Torrini before and confirms that he had some sort of conflict with him.


"People [Jane Hopper] I personally fought for. Honest people." Salvatore implies there was a time where he and Jane Hopper were aged enough to have personal interactions of some sort.

This is what I based it on.


Appreciate the feedback!

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slimeball supreme
On 8/12/2019 at 8:07 AM, henrardwal said:

Aldente Forelli: Don of the Forelli mob out of Little Italy, the most powerful crime family present in Liberty after the Clancios. His organisation runs several fronts all over Staunton Island, the most notable one being The Garden Theatre in Aspatria.

I don't think Aldente is a real name

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14 hours ago, slimeball supreme said:

I don't think Aldente is a real name

Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Mission 1: Monte Polizzo 
The camera slowly fades in from black showing the neighborhood of Saint Marks in it's full glory in the Summer of 1959. The camera pans in a slow and steady pace as it captures the authenticity of Italian Heritage in Saint Marks. It shows the shops on Baillie Avenue, the beautiful homes of Manoldi Avenue, and last but not least, the densely-populated Saint Dominic Street. Once the camera reaches the last building on the corner of Saint Dominic and Portland Boulevard, it stations itself in an angle and focuses on a black Mafia Stallion approaching. It parks in front of an apartment building, then the driver proceeds to honk the horn two times. The camera cuts to the inside of the building but only showing the exiting door as it is being opened by a man. Once the man steps out, the theme song begins playing and the camera spins around slowly until it faces the man's face. Introducing a young Salvatore Leone. Before entering the vehicle, he takes a moment to take out a cigarette and light it. He takes one deep drag, looks around the area, then enters the vehicle. Inside the car is his Uncle, Vittorio Leone. They give each other a mutual look as a way of saying hello, and Vittorio drives away. 

The camera focuses around the area of the vehicle, showcasing the rest of the neighborhood. At the 46 second mark of the theme song, the camera pans upwards and hovers above all of Liberty City. At the 51 second mark of the theme song, the title sequence fades in, GRAND THEFT AUTO: COSA NOSTRA. 
Now the camera begins panning over the other parts of Portland, as well as, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Then will cut back to Salvatore's location. The Mafia Stallion parks in front of the Italian Restaurant, Monte Polizzo on Loomis Drive in the Cicero neighborhood (now Chinatown). Both Vittorio and Salvatore exit the vehicle and walk towards the entrance, but Vittorio stops Salvatore in his tracks and tells him in his native Sicilian tongue "Wait here."

Salvatore will lean against the Stallion while finishing his cigarette as the theme song nears its end. In the mean time, the camera slightly pans around Salvatore's surroundings showing the people in their late-50's fashion, and the many visually stunning vehicles of the era. The theme song ends and Salvatore flicks his cigarette butt towards the street. Vittorio steps out of the restaurant and approaches Salvatore, speaking English with a heavy Sicilian accent.

Vittorio: Salvatore, I need you to visit Pasquale's Restaurante. His protection payment is due. Accept nothing less than $25. Capisce?
Salvatore: Yeah, I got it.
Vittorio: Okay. Go on.

Go to Pasquale's

The restaurant is located on Parkside Drive in the same neighborhood. You can go on foot. Once you arrive at the restaurant, Salvatore will automatically enter. A cutscene plays. Salvatore approaches the cash register where an older man is stationed.

Pasquale: Aah, Salvatore. How you doing?
Salvatore: Not too bad, Pazzo. Not too bad.
Pasquale: How can I help you?
Salvatore: Well for starters, you can pay your protection money.
Pasquale: Oh, right. That's today. Uhh, I don't got enough, Sal. But if you can come back another time, I can pay you, no problem.
Salvatore: Sure. And my mother f*cked an idiot instead of my father. Don't give me that bullsh*t, Pazzo. Just pay up so we can go on about our day.
Pasquale: Alright, Sal. No problem. [someone enters the establishment behind Salvatore] If you can still speak properly after getting seven types of sh*t beat out of you, then we can talk business. [Salvatore turns around and notices a man who is ready to brawl] Momo, handle it.


Fight the attacker

Now Salvatore must fight. The controls will appear on the upper left corner of the screen. The first man is weak and is easy to beat him. After Salvatore wins the fight, Pasquale screams out "Joe! Get out here." Now Salvatore fights Joe who is slightly more challenging. After Salvatore wins, Pasquale once again screams out "Oh f*ck. Anthony! Take out the trash." Anthony has more life. Salvatore must time his attacks, attacking only when Anthony is catching his breath. After winning, Pasquale knocks on the wall behind him. "Guess we gotta turn it up a notch, huh Sal?" A man with a knife comes out and attacks Salvatore. An even more difficult fight that requires timing. After winning, Pasquale calls out everyone else "Mikey, Sammy, get the f*ck out here!" Both men are carry knives and will attack at the same time. After winning all of the fights, Pasquale screams "Useless Stuneti!" Annoyed at the imcompetence of his men. At this moment, Vittorio walks in the restaurant.

Vittorio: So this is why you were talking long, eh Salvatore?
Salvatore: This piece of sh*t made it difficult.
Vittorio: Now, Pasquale. [Sicilian] Why did you have to complicate things.
Pasquale: No complications. I just got tired of paying the freight you charge me.
Vittorio: So that makes it okay to attack my nephew who is only doing his job?
Pasquale: Nothing personal. But someone else offered me protection for less.
Vittorio: And look at how good your protection was.
Pasquale: A bunch of useless bastards.
Vittorio: This is why I charge what I charge. With just one of my men, look at the damage.

Pasquale: I suppose you're right.

Vittorio: I know I'm right. Now, pay me.

Pasquale opens the cash register and takes out $25 ($200 in modern times) and hands it to Vittorio.

Vittorio: Thank you, Pasquale. I'll be back same time, next week. Hopefully there won't be any more trouble.
Pasquale: You'll get no more problems from me, Mr. Leone.

Vittorio signals Salvatore and they leave the restaurant. Outside, Vittorio speaks to Salvatore in English.

Vittorio: Good job beating up those men. Pasquale won't do that sh*t again. Take this [Hands Salvatore $7 ($60 in modern times)]
Salvatore: Thank you. Who do you think Pasquale was talking about?
Vittorio: I don't know. But I'm gonna find out.
Salvatore: Okay. Anything else you need me to do?

Vittorio: No, that's it for today. Go home and relax. I'll call you.

Salvatore: Okay. I'll see you.


Go home

Salvatore may drive the Stallion back to his home in Saint Marks. The car can be saved in the parking spot in front of the building. Enter the building and head to the second floor. Salvatore's apartment is to the left. His neighbor, Teresa Flori, leaves her apartment and talks to Salvatore.

Teresa: Oh, hey Sal.
Salvatore: Teresa! What do you say?
Teresa: Ehh. Same sh*t, different week. Broke up with my boyfriend today.
Salvatore: Wait, didn't you two start dating two weeks ago?
Teresa: Yeah. The connection just ain't there.
Salvatore: I see. Well, best of luck to you.
Teresa: Thanks. Take care, Sal.

Salvatore enters his apartments where he will be introduced to where the game will be saved, the closet with clothing options, where the postings are placed, and where the phone is and how its utilized. After that, the mission is over.


After the mission, you'll recieve a phonecall from Vittorio.

Vittorio: Salvatore.
Salvatore: What is it, Uncle V?
Vittorio: I need you back here at Monte Polizzo.
Salvatore: Okay. No problem.
Vittorio: Bene. Come in through the back door. Ciao.


A VL mission indicator will appear on your HUD.





Mission #1: Monte Polizzo

Salvatore is seen leaving his house at St. Marks to get into the passenger seat of a waiting Mafia Stallion to join his uncle, Vittorio. The car pulls away and begins driving towards Harwood. The camera raises up towards the sky and begins cinematically showcasing several areas of Liberty City while the theme song plays. At the end of the cutscene the car is seen pulling up at a restaurant called Monte Polizzo. The two men get out and walk towards the building. Vittorio goes in and tells Salvatore to wait outside. After a few seconds, Vittorio comes out and tells Salvatore to visit a restaurant nearby to collect on protection money.


After the cutscene ends, you're prompted to go to the restaurant which is a few blocks away. You can choose to walk or take the Mafia Stallion. After you enter the restaurant, another cutscene begins. Salvatore walks up to the counter. After the owner asks him what he would like, he says "Your protection money would be good.". The owner panics and calls some men to come and take Salvatore down. At first, only one, weak man comes. After you beat him up, another one shows up. And after him, another one shows up with a knife. And after that one, the last two enemies will come in together. Annoyed at the incompetence of his men, the owner will curse and call them useless stuneti.


After the fight, Vittorio walks in, seemingly being recognised by the owner. They argue for a bit, regularly switching between English, Italian and Sicilian before finally coming to an agreement. Vittorio gives you 7 bucks for your hard work (which would be 60 today, don't forget inflation) and tells you that you can go home for the day. Upon arriving home, you're greeted by your neighbour Teresa who catches up with Salvatore, telling him that she broke up with his new man. Inside the house, you're introduced to your saving, clothing, posting and phone features.


Mission Passed + $7 and you receive a letter from Double Clef telling you about the stolen composition.

After the mission is over, you'll receive a call from Vittorio who'll tell you to come back to Monte Polizzo to meet him.



Edited by henrardwal
The first mission was rewritten by Francesco Bonomo on 26 February 2020.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Mission 2: Lowlifes


Salvatore goes to the back door of the Monte Polizzo to meet Vittorio. Vittorio has taken over the manager's room as a temporary office and is sitting at his desk when Salvatore walks in.


Vittorio: Salvatore, welcome. Have a seat. [Salvatore sits] So Pasquale talked. The crew that swayed him from our protection belonged to the Forellis.

Salvatore: The Forellis? What trouble have they got with us?

Vittorio: It's hard to say. I've seen Alberico grow up. He has always been a volatile and unpredictable man with no sense of honour, not like us.

Salvatore: Yeah, but the commission's gotta come together, right? I mean, he violated peace and attacked another family. We can't just let him sit all cosy in Fort Staunton. We gotta bring the fight to him.

Vittorio: Calm down, Salvatore. There'll be time for all of that. You just leave it to me. Anyway. I've done some homework. The people that pressured Pasquale usually hang out in a carpark in Bedford Point. [Brings out a bat from under the table.] I want you to take this, head over there, and teach those lowlifes a lesson.

Salvatore: [Takes and inspects the bat] Alright. But you're gonna talk to the commission, right?

Vittorio: Look, Salvatore. It's a sensitive matter and I can't share any details with you. Just get this done, capisce?.


Salvatore drives to the ferry station and takes a ferry to Staunton Island. He drives to the parking lot and gets out of his car. A small cutscene starts where Salvatore is walking towards a Forelli crew and encounters a group of four Forelli mafiosi talking to each other and attacks them. Eventually, Salvatore beats them up. The remaining mafioso screams for help, but Salvatore kills him. Suddenly, a group of six mafiosi armed with pistols appear, one of them shouting "What the- kill him!". They open fire, however Salvatore quickly takes cover behind a car. They're unable to hit him, so one of them goes up to Salvatore. Salvatore swings his bat at the mafioso, knocking him out, and takes his pistol. Salvatore takes the rest of the armed mafiosi out. He then runs to his car and drives away after hearing police sirens closing in.


After losing the heat, he gets to the nearest payphone and calls Vittorio.


Salvatore: Hey, Uncle. It's me.

Vittorio: Salvatore. Have you taken out the trash?

Salvatore: Yes, Uncle.

Vittorio: Bene. Meet me back at the restaurant, and use the front door this time. Ciao.


Mission Passed + $5 and Ferries are unlocked

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Cosa Nostra is my favorite country in Latin America. Interesting concept! Followed 

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4 hours ago, MurdaCopsEveryday said:

Cosa Nostra is my favorite country in Latin America. Interesting concept! Followed 

This has nothing to do with the Cosa Nostra country.

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13 hours ago, Pixelation games said:

cool. now i'm making a mod about cosa nostra,one question how many missions there are?

I have not decided a specific number yet but I should estimate around 60, give or take.

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11 hours ago, DoctorPolice said:

Besides, there's no country in the world called "Cosa Nostra"

Capital san jose? Prettyy sure :D

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5 hours ago, MurdaCopsEveryday said:

Capital san jose? Prettyy sure :D

You're thinking of Costa Rica. 

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18 hours ago, Evil empire said:

I like the concept, for which game do you intend to create the mod?

It's not a mod. It's a lone concept.

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Francesco Bonomo

I'll definitely give you the props you deserve @henrardwal. This is a brilliant idea, especially, since it's set in the 3D era. I also love the simplicity of your mission structure. Quick and to the point but detailed. Keep up the good work and I hope to see this completed and flourished.


A word of advice, do not force yourself to continue. If you need a break, by all means take it. You want to put in your very best into this concept. I know from experience. But I know you don't need my help. I wish you nothing but the best.

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Gonna keep my eye on this one as well. Always liked Sal Leone and going back on his story even further and exploring his background could end up being very interesting. Excited to see where this goes!

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Nice concept, just one qualm I have though.


The DEA was only founded in 1973, almost 14 years after this game's setting. The equivalent for 1959 would be the Federal Bureau Of Narcotics.


Nice references with Jane Hopper and Mike Toreno, although I would certainly prefer them to have different names, unless of course they are meant to be symbolic.


All in all, great concept dude.

Edited by DownInTheHole
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Amazing concept! If I had to guess, there aren't any bridges in between Liberty City islands. Obviously, the Callahan Bridge wasn't a thing in 1959, and I doubt that the Shoreside Lift Bridge that connected Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale existed back then. (Unless that was the plan, since the map obviously isn't finished yet)


I think the only way to travel between islands is by boat or via ferries. Since there's no ferry station in Harwood like in LCS, I'd probably guess that the locations of the ferry stations are:

  • Atlantic Quays, Portland (around the same area as Vincenzo Cilli's warehouse)
  • Newport, Staunton Island (around the same area as Asuka Kasen's place)
  • Cochrane Dam, Shoreside Vale (around the same place where Paulie Sindacco tries to escape in "Dead Reckoning"; or if the dam didn't exist in 1959, then maybe the location would be called Cochrane Shores)


And another idea: similar to the Ocean View Hotel and the Vercetti Estate in GTA Vice City, after completing certain missions, Salvatore's hideouts would be filled with various memorabilia.

Edited by Ivan1997GTA
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19 hours ago, Ivan1997GTA said:

Amazing concept! If I had to guess, there aren't any bridges in between Liberty City islands. Obviously, the Callahan Bridge wasn't a thing in 1959, and I doubt that the Shoreside Lift Bridge that connected Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale existed back then. (Unless that was the plan, since the map obviously isn't finished yet)


There are indeed no bridges in Liberty City, which is why Salvatore takes a ferry in mission 2.

19 hours ago, Ivan1997GTA said:

And another idea: similar to the Ocean View Hotel and the Vercetti Estate in GTA Vice City, after completing certain missions, Salvatore's hideouts would be filled with various memorabilia.

That's a good idea.

Edited by Doktorpolice
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