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GTA VC Infinite Ammo on Rampage Weapons (Mobile Classic)


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So basically I was bored since I've completed the game so I started a new save to replay the assassination rampage missions and roleplay as a hitman, cause I find those super fun. Well basically I did the washington mall rampage and I discovered something that I do not know if it has been done before. I died and failed the rampage, but during Tommy's death animation and before "wasted" appeared on screen, I loaded the last autosave, and it spawned me in with no "hospital visits" stat (I didnt die according to the stats), the rampage was gone for the moment but not presumed failed, and I had infinite ammo with the shotgun. Basically use this method to get infinite ammo with any rampage weapon. Your welcome guys! This might also work with other versions that have autosave but so far I only know of the mobile version having autosave. :)





Much easier than just waiting to die, literally just start the rampage, and then leave the app and refresh it. Come back and you wont be in the rampage anymore and you'll have fists equipped but if you slide to the rampage weapon, it will be infinite. Although, I haven't tried figuring out yet but it seems like possibly the rampages dont ever respawn when doing this glitch, so be careful!

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Yeah after doing it for a while I'm pretty sure this gets rid of rampages for good. Dont do this if you want 100 percent completion!

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there is one for pc too, just do a future replay on any rampage you want, f3 twice aand boom!

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