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GTA San Andreas Realizm 2019 by BerjantoTR

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San Andreas Realizm 2019


The Goal of Realizm 2019 is turn the game more detailed and more realistic than the original one.










    Here's, Introduction of The Realizm 2019 which has been edited by me


           And this is, The Showcase of the some sounds of Realizm 2019 




Since my childhood, I always wanted to make a mod for any gta game (especially san andreas). Unfortunately, I couldn't. Because, I didn't have enough knowledge about how to make a modifications without there is any trouble. My game continuously was crashing, crashing and crashing.


And finally, I have made a exhaustive mod for GTA San Andreas game which is my favorite one thus far.


I have downloaded and added a lot of mods for Realizm 2019 from most popular modding sites with the modloader. This means; installation of the mod is quite easy for the one who download my mod. Just copy and paste. I hope, you like my mod :)


Ingredients of Mod

  • Various Cleo Modifications
  • HD Textures (Entire Game Files)
  • HD Effects
  • New Vehicle Mods and Handlings (except boats)
  • New Weapons
  • New Sounds (Cinematic Sound Effects)
  • New Sub-Missions
  • GTA SA Rampages (Like in VC, LCS, III)
  • Limit Adjuster
  • Project 2DFX
  • GTA V Wheels Pack
  • Handbrake and Change Gear Animations
  • First Person View
  • __________________________   And More....

The Mod Size:     10 GB (5.2 GB with WinRAR)

Uploaded To:      My Google Drive Account



-- The download link is, in the description of video --

Go to The Download Link

I will update my mod regularly. I will not leave alone it.

Feel free to say suggestion, reports. I'll take care of them.


BerjantoTR, Best Regards...


Edited by BerjantoTR
Some weird colors and wrong photo size

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Don't forget to put 0 instead of 1 for this line which in the mix sets.ini. I have fixed the mouse problem with DINPUT8.DLL. This will cause the problem in game menu again, if you don't put 0 there.


Edited by BerjantoTR

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Hmm...I smell modpack....

  • Like 2

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bruh moment

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Modpack, oh no...

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Modpacks are not allowed in GTAForums, sorry. Read the modding forum rules in the big dark blue button above.

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