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What Mods Would You Want to See?

Message added by Spider-Vice

Please avoid posting spoilers in mod suggestions/wishes. If you absolutely have to, please use the "eye" icon in the text editor to wrap the text around a spoiler. Thanks.

Recommended Posts

8 hours ago, Legion of Hell said:

Is there any mod that disable the New Austin sniper?


I tried the one from lenny trainer, but it doesn't seems to work

Josh's trainer.

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I'd love to see some kind of star wars crossover. Like just add in a bunch of random alien npc characters in the bars and park some space ships around. Add in some SW weapons and armor and some alien beasts. Bam. Total conversion.

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On 8/11/2019 at 10:29 AM, cp1dell said:

I don't have has many gripes with RDR2 as I did with GTA V. The only things I can really think of are fixes for John's hair and facial hair (length two is the same as length one), fixed/traditional time cycle and weather lengths, and maybe something to freeze the weight loss/gain until Chapter Six since eating to gain weight is such a confusing system.


Oh, and disabling weapons being automatically drawn when you go to start a mission. I want to manually select them like the game shows you to early on. Seems odd that later on in the game, it decides you don't have to take weapons from your horse--it'll just do it for you. And removing the off-hand holster. Restoration of the "HUNTED" graphic when being chased by bounty hunters, instead of lawmen.


Nothing else really springs to mind. I found the game pretty much perfect other than a couple minor things.

To add on to this, I'm hoping that someone can write a script that bypasses the language filter for horses. Or maybe we'll have to wait until OpenIV support to edit the file that lists the prohibited words. I'm an unimaginative sh*t so if I buy a horse from a stable, I just name it its' breed just like when you catch them out in the wild. And I couldn't name mine "Thoroughbred" on the PS4 presumably because it contains "rough?" Who f*cking knows. Maybe it can be edited outside the game with a save editor, who knows.


I see there are at least two scripts now that attempt to fix the timescale and weather issue. Anyone bother to voice their experiences with these mods, and how well they work?


Bought the game months ago but I'm literally waiting for OpenIV support so I can fix that damn epilogue hair for myself.

Edited by cp1dell
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  • 3 weeks later...

Is there a mod that disables the invisible sniper in New Austin pre-prologue?

GTASeries showcased a workaround


It involves replaying the mission in Chapter 4 "Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor" but I don't really want to replay it everytime so I'm looking for a mod for it.

JediJosh's trainer has it as an option in his trainer but it's too tempting not to use the rest of the trainer if I have it installed.

So is there a separate mod that disables it?

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Didn't get one for GTA V, but I really hope we get a Hardcore Mode script/mod for RDR2.


Max health and stamina cut in half, health and stamina regenerate slower, dead-eye doesn't fill up automatically you need to kill enemies or use items, everything costs twice as much and sells for half as much as well as payouts being half as the original, loots/drops/rewards (ammo and money) are reduced, and honor gains are reduced.

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  • 1 month later...

I want to play as Tommy Vercetti from Gta Vc :D

Edited by eyeballs
i made a typo
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  • 2 weeks later...

Gold Rush MOD


Search at rivers for gold nuggets!! Different locations, rivers more richs than others, animals attacking you while searching, bandits ambush you,... 😍 Using the gold prospector encounters functions and animations, i think someone will be able to make a must have mod for a western game!!


Thanks 🙂


Firecamp where you want, not where the game wants 😄 

Edited by socorrista22198
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I would love to get more iconic firearms. I saw that someone had already uploaded custom models for some new revolvers to nexus as moders recourse.

I would love to see a colt navy/army cap&ball revolver in SP.

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  • 1 month later...

i dont know anything about modding. i just like to watch mod videos on youtube. i would like to see new guns. like guns that are realistic to that time and even unrealistic guns. like an ak47 or something like that. i would also like to see cars and aircraft. and also some new interiors. basically it would be cool to see rdr2 turn into gta 6.

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A bounty hunter mod with random and infinite objectives, using npc already existing on the map (exactly the same as the assassin mod for GTA IV)

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  • 3 months later...
  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

The functionality for this is there, to disable the "Unlocked" function for dual-wielding, as well as the function to remove the Off-Hand holster from your current outfit. The issue is that the former needs to be done each time you load the game, and the latter requires you to re-remove it every time the player is given a "status update" (when weight changes etc. are applied) which is all sorts of instances. After a cutscene, waking up, dying etc.


I would love a script that could toggle off the "Dual Wield" (this removes the second holster from the weapon wheel) every time the game is loaded, as well as executing the function of removing the Off-Hand holster every status check/update, or if such native doesn't exist, just every minute or so. Removing it every couple minutes with a trainer is a pain, and knowing it can be automated is worse.

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