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Lex the t-rex

xl amoux lx Recruitment (xbox)

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Lex the t-rex

xl amoux lx - WOLF, hunt together. In numbers we conquer, lone we fall. This crew is like a family, although there isn't that many members at the moment we are still a family. We help each other no matter what, whether that's struggling in a fight or in need of help with CEO or MC we still help. If you need someone friendly to talk to we have our trusted Officers and Commissioners, or myself, to help with any situation. Require help with training? ask any member with the Full Member label, they will help you as best as they can.

Want to feel safe roaming the vast world of GTA online? Want to take on foe you couldn't before hand? Do you want to have a helping hand or someone to roam around and have fun with?

If yes is the answer to any of those questions then this might be the crew for you.


How to get in:

To get into the crew just contact myself either by commenting on this thread or by sending me a message via discord  ( Zander#7640 )

A tryout will be arranged as soon as possible, the quicker you're part of this family the better. You can't get around the tryout and not do it as it is mandatory.

    -The tryout consist of a 1v1 to test your strengths and weaknesses, this will show us the areas you mostly need to improve on. This is also your entry ticket, lose and you'll unfortunately lose the opportunity to join the crew.

located at the beach, the rules are simple: first to ten (20 is an option), no CEO/MC, no BST, no off radar, stock sniper rounds and the most obvious one Snipers Only!

If it's preferred a 1v1 of your choice can be requested.

Do not worry, if you are the money making type of player you can still get in. The tryout is still mandatory, as mentioned earlier it is also testing your areas of strengths and weaknesses.




As this is a Tryhard Crew there are a few expectations that have been set in place.

 -You must be level 150 or above as at this level you have unlocked all required equipment, have max health and have reasonable experience of the game.

 -You must be or act 18 years old or older, we don't want any immature people starting arguments with the members, were all meant to get along, yes arguments are expected as are fallouts, but if your  'giving it all the bigg'n' 24/7 we won't want you amongst us.

 -You must be on GTA V a reasonable amount, if your not on the game ever to help out fellow crew members or enough to help them your position aside us will be questioned.

 -You must be ranked professional or legendary. (this is not aimed towards the money making kind of players although it would be helpful if you could hold your own in a fight just long enough for backup to arrive.)

 - It is required you have discord as that is where the crew chat sits and its where we all communicate. 


Extra information:

Players who break the rules within the crew will start of with a warning, if rules continue to be broken it will result in a two day ban, of rules are continued to be broken that player will be kicked and blacklisted.

This crew does have a ranking system, when you first join you will be labelled as a probate, the probation lasts 6 weeks. it exists so if you have any regrets of joining you can leave whenever but you need to alert one of the officers, commissioners or myself. It is also there so we can check whether you deserve to be in the crew or not. once the probation has ended you will either be assigned the Full Member or the Trainee role depending on whether you want to be trained or are either good enough to be rewarded the role or a money making player. The roles following are, Representative, Officer, and then Commissioner in that order, in these roles you will be expected to find potential recruits, watch over the crew, take authority if needed and others to be listed. the higher you are ranked the more permissions you are given.

A reward system is to still be put in place but i am working on that.


That is all for now, we hope you do want to be a part of this family and join us, if not that is fine. For those who do want to join and have done speaking from a future stand point, i hope you enjoy your stay and i hope you feel welcomed to this family.

Keep playing, stay strong, have fun.


xl amoux lx - WOLF, hunt together. In numbers we conquer, lone we fall.






Edited by Lex the t-rex
console identification

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.


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